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Introducing the Top 3 Wall Chargers Available On t


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As we all know Wireless charging technology is improving every day, bringing on a whole new era of technology.

With so much hype in the technology world there are so many choices when it comes to phone accessories. How do you establish which one is for you and your device? From Wireless docking stations, Wall adapters, charging pads and many, many more options becoming available all the time, its pretty hard to keep up with it all.

To help you out here is our top 3 favorites for you to try.

1) The Samsung Wireless Charger

Introducing the sleek, stylish and very attractive looking Samsung Galaxy charger, compatible with all Samsung smartphones and Qi-compatible devices.

Not only is the device good to look at, but it is also requires no cables, simply add your device to begin charging.

It also contains a built-in LED indicator light to alert you if the device is not correctly placed on the charging pad as well as when your device is fully charged.

Most definitely a must buy for any Samsung device owner.

2) The iPhone Wireless Charger

Introducing the elegant QiStone+ the completely wireless portable charger for your iPhone that looks and feels like a stone making it a timeless piece to add to your Apple, iPhone collection.

With a huge capacity of 4000 mAh, iPhone Wireless Charger can keep your devices fully charged all day and night, providing you with ease and convenience wherever you go.

It not just able to charge your phone wireless but is also able to charge any other Apple or QI device via the USB cable.

With wireless chargers that look this appealing why not stand out from the crowd and purchase this beauty.

3) The iPhone Travel Wall Charger

Introducing the versatile and extremely practical BlueFlame Four-Device wall charger for all you Apple devices.

Take your Apple devices anywhere with you, with all the power you need in palm of your hands.

Keep your devices running smoothly there is simply no excuse to not have your favorite device with you 24/7

The Travel Wall Charger also has the capacity to charge up to four devices at one time and the best thing is it automatically stops charging once the battery is full, saving energy.

Practical, multi-functional what more could you ask for as an Apple owner?

With chargers like this to choose from your choices are so simple and easy.

I know which one I would choose.

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