Avis India Provides Luxury Car Rental Services

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Avis India is the best Car Rental service provider in 16 major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Collate, Bangalore, Japer, Gurgaon, Naiad, Ahmadabad, Manali, Udaipur, Shimla and some other cities. We provide all kinds of cars on Car Rental like Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes S class, E class, Maruti Wagon R, and some other luxury cars on very affordable rent.

Avis is a best and truly global brand in the world. It is easily provides all types of luxury car on rental in160 countries in the world. Avis network provides car on rental in 16 major cities in India. After that Avis India will grow its network to smaller town and the entire tourist place in India.

Mercury Car Rentals Limited (Avis India) is joint venture of Avis Europe and the Oberoi Group. The Oberoi Group is a well hospitality provider industry which respected for setting very high standards of customer orientation and care throughout the tour and travel industry. Its provide quality car rental services to guests of Oberoi and Trident hotels.

Avis India is a best supplier of Luxury Car Rental in India with optimum facilities in India. You can book your dream Luxury Car on rent at very affordable price at Avis India Autel Autolink AL519. It provides several different segments of car include all types of luxury, high, low and medium profile cars. The main focus of Avis on any car rental has been best and qualitative services provided to the clients. Often times we provide discount on car rental to clients so always customers and clients satisfied with our services and feel comfortable MaxiTPMS TS401 Scanner

Avis India is also provides self driven luxury cars on rental in India. We provide best cars in luxury segments you feel that it is buying a car for yourself. You can take advantage and feel very good after using our services. We do not accept any responsibility for any third party services or service providers like hotels, airlines, transport etc.

The self driven luxury cars are fully outfitted with GPS technology, handy route maps and destination guides so you can enjoy with your holidays convenient and hassle free. The handy route maps and destination guides makes you're traveling easiest. You would surely get an advantage of self driven offer.

Book your car on rental

For rentals of a week or longer time, you may get better rates from any other local companies, if your plan to drive a lot , if you break down or get into an accident, we usually provides the best support services of the majors. If you want to book a car on rental and you also want to know an idea what rates are available then you go through Avis India website and know details about car rental facility. Our company often offers exclusive discounts, and you'll avoid booking fees.

If you are booking online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservations. Our online booking procedure simple and website is really fast. For booking your car please visit our website:

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