Myanmar Opens Market For Import of Used Cars

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Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country that was earlier known as Burma, has been under military rule in one form or another since 1962. Struggle for democratic government continued and in January 2011, the country's ruling generals convened the first meeting of Parliament in more than two decades, a move they claimed completed the transition to a multiparty democracy. Though real democracy is still not attained but will be in matter of few years autel maxicheck pro. People will the Sunshine of freedom and prosperity.

Myanmar is taking steps towards growth and development. Tourism is a promising industry to earn foreign exchange due to its natural beauty and interesting political history. Myanmar is rich in natural resources and has strong agricultural base. It also has vast timber, natural gas, and fishery reserves and is a leading source of gems (rubies) and jade.

Myanmar government is making policies to enhance the economy and infrastructure for more growth and international trade.

One such step is that the Authorities have decided to issue import permit to car owners whose cars have been in service for 40 years or more for surrender of the old cars to the Road Transport Department in Rangoon for smelting along with handing over a vehicle registration book. After surrendering the old car, the owner will be given a car import permit. This is to remove the slow moving, fuel inefficient, pollution spreading vehicle of the road and bringing in better vehicles at a low cost to help improve transport and road systems. People also assume some reduction in duties to further encourage the import of used vehicles.

This is great news for Myanmar people and used car exporters around the world. It will not only improve trade between the countries but bring in better used luxury cars, SUV'S, buses at good prices to enhance tourism industry at the highest.

Japan is a great exporter of used vehicle around the World. Thousands of Japanese used cars are exported every month from Japan to countries like Kenya, South Africa autel maxisys ms906 price, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zambia, Dubai, South America etc. Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, etc. are very popular around the world for their high technology and durability. Now Myanmar has allowed the import of used cars from Japan and some other countries. People of Myanmar can select from latest used models of Japanese brands with high fuel economy and comfort. Hybrids and electric used cars are also available for export from Japan.

Soon Myanmar will have new look on the streets. Sparkling cars, high speed, noise free, pollution free and amazing exteriors. People will experience smooth and safe transportation. Myanmar should also open import of used agricultural machinery and construction machinery, this will help build better infrastructure and high production in the farms and help in overall development of rural as well urban areas and generate lots of employment for the locals. Our best wishes to the people of Myanmar for success and prosperity.

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