Install Auto Floor Mats and Increase Productivity

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Sticky floor mats can help keep a surrounding area clean by removing surface dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Many auto body shops, labs, offices, hospitals, and construction sites use sticky mats at their entrances to help control contamination and particulate matter. The affordable sticky mats offered by Open House Carpet Protection, Inc. are composed of multiple layers of tough polyethylene film that are coated with adhesive material launch crp123. When their surface is covered with dirt or is no longer sticky launch x431 pro, you can easily peel off the top layer and discard it. Each pad consists of 30 white sticky mats that are available in a variety of sizes.

Open House Carpet Protection, Inc. was founded in Skaneateles, NY in 1996. They are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high-quality auto floor mats, residential carpet film, sticky mats, or plastic carpet runners, collision wrap, and more. They have become the leading seller of surface protection products in the U.S. due to their affordable prices and environmentally friendly factory operations. Their team of friendly representatives are standing by to answer any questions that you may have.

By installing collision wrap on your vehicle, you can protect yourself and your passengers from rain, dirt and snow. Collision wrap is a self-adhesive back plastic weather barrier film that is ideal for vehicles that have broken windows or sprung doors. They are UV resistant and can easily be removed from your vehicle’s body without damaging its paint or leaving residue. Open House Carpet Protection, Inc. also sells durable auto carpet protection film that sticks to the floor of any vehicle. It won’t slip from any applied pressure and is weather resistant. These mats are perforated and several sizes are available for easy installation.

Open House Carpet Protection, Inc. is the ultimate destination for high-quality floor protection materials. They frequently produce custom orders for carpet film and plastic carpet protectors for rooms and cars with unusual dimensions. Their durable carpet protection products are truly the most cost-effective way to keep your living space clean. Crash wrap is ideal for vehicles that have broken windows or sprung doors. Its UV resistant material seals out rain, dirt, and snow.

Sticky floor mats are one of the most cost-effective ways to keep the floor of a room clean. They are an ideal option in areas where it’s crucial to keep contaminants to a minimum. Many professionals in the automotive, construction, and real estate industries prefer Open House Carpet Protection, Inc. for their sticky floor mats and plastic runners for carpet. To learn more about their wide range of surface protection products, visit .

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