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Retractable Tonneau Covers


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Retractable tonneau covers are a highly sought after tonneau cover on the market today launch x431 pro mini. The price range on these tonneau covers are among the highest for tonneau covers but with good reason.

They usually are manufactured with aluminum panels. Some are painted with a very durable powder coat finish. This is a very tough paint system which holds up to protect the tonneau from the elements. Others have a powder coated frame and hardware but the aluminum slats or panels are laminated with weather proof padded polymer to give the cover a leather look.

All these retractable tonneau covers glide along rails which are usually clamped along the top of the truck box rails. The cover rolls up into a canister which is located behind the cab of the pickup truck. The cover usually has spring tension on it to help with opening and closing the tonneau.

They are constructed to withstand a snow-load and water is directed into the side-rails and then to the canister and out of your truck box through drain hoses Autel Maxidas DS808. They pretty much have the same basic design.

These retractable tonneau covers really look sharp on the back of a pickup truck and save you fuel at the pumps. They are pretty lightweight and allow the wind to pass over them rather than hitting against the tailgate causing a drag.

They protect your cargo from thieves in a couple of ways. They usually lock at the back to protect your cargo from thieves and they also just keep your cargo out of the eyes of people who like to take things that don't belong to them. The hidden factor alone is a great asset for the tonneau cover owner.
If you are looking for a tonneau cover that opens and closes easily, looks great, saves fuel, has locking capability, completely opens for complete access to your truck bed, maybe you should have a look at the retractable tonneau covers.

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