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Spotting Auto Glass Installation Shortcuts During


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Even when driving only on paved highways a vehicle’s windshield can still get damaged by flying debris such as fragments of rocks, stones and pebbles. These fly at a tangent when run over by other vehicles driving by. This is why windshield replacement is often needed. There is rampant cheating in this industry, though, with many service providers doing shortcuts during the windshield replacement process. With such improper windshield replacement, the vehicle does not have the protection it needs on the road x431 pro mini. The safety of the driver and passengers are compromised along with those of others on the road.

In the proper windshield replacement process, the old windshield and the old molding are both completely removed and disposed of. The lower windshield cowl panel is then removed and put aside. The adhesive bed is scoured to remove the old urethane adhesive, leaving behind not more than 1/16th of an inch OBD Tool. The windshield channel is primed again to ensure rust prevention. New adhesive is then laid down and the new car glass is installed with completely new molding. The lower windshield cowl panel is restored. The vehicle is then kept on stand by until the proper drying and curing time required by the urethane adhesive has been observed.

All vehicle owners should be aware of these shortcuts so as to be able to monitor the windshield replacement process properly. Only in this way can they truly ensure that dishonest service providers and technicians do not get away with cheating.

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