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Mazda To Re-Release The Rotary RX-7, Goodbye RX-8


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The Mazda RX-8 was introduced over six years ago, not that long ago, but is slated to be nixed from the lineup starting next year in 2011. Why has this contemporary, rotary powered engined sportscar lost the battle in automotive sales? Well the biggest problem is it's lack of economic and environmental attributes.
The soon to be introduced Mazda RX-7 is expected to be powered by an all new 16X rotary engine which Mazda been developing for the past few years. It is a regeneration of the 13B found in the older RX-8 version. This new rotary engine will have a revised eccentric shaft producing lower end torque. The pure sports car approach makes a lot of sense to rotary aficionados, who saw the RX-8 as a meager compromise. Mazda is trying everything possible these days to be competitive in the Japanese sport scar arena. It's expected that in the very near future, the Japanese market will be full of high performance sports cars and Mazda needs to get into gear to be part of the revolution. The styling of the new 2012 RX-7 is similar to the RX-8 with raised wheel arches and that familiar bulge in the hood to cover the revamped rotary engine.

I'm a little excited taking about this newly re-vamped RX-7 out for a spin. I expect Mazda to show off a pre-production model later in 2010 when they get closer to officially announcing the car launch crp129. It's sad to see the RX-8 go, but Mazda already has the MX-5 and any auto maker worth its salt knows it's not necessary to have three sport cars in their brand's lineup.

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