Launch X-431 Diagun IV Scanner FAQ?

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X431 diagun iv is a new diagnostic tool release by Launch tech.
L[link=]aunch X-431 Diagun IV [/link]Scanner FAQ?
1. How to save power?
    Please turn off the screen while X-431 Diagun IV keeps idle.
    Set a shorter standby time.
    Decrease the brightness of the screen.
    If WLAN connection is not required, please turn it off.
    Disable GPS function if GPS service is not in use.
2. What should I do in case I forgot the screen lock?
You can set screen lock as pattern or password. If you forgot the password, please consult your device provider or reset your device.
   Warning: Resetting may cause data loss. Before use, please make sure important data has been backed up.
3. How to do if the system runs slow? 
In this case, please do the followings:
> Check all running applications and stop the unnecessary applications (Steps: Settings -> Apps -> Running -> Tap the desired application and then tap ˇ°Stopˇ±).
> Check all installed applications, remove the unnecessary applications (Steps: Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded -> Tap the desired application and then tap ˇ°Uninstallˇ±).
If all steps mentioned above are finished and the system still works slowly. Please try to close the system and reboot your [link=]X-431 Diagun IV[/link].

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