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New Double DIN Dash Kits For Ford Fiesta


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Ford is one of the very powerful and leading manufacturers of car introduced fiesta. It is the most successful with a sales force of around 12 million cars manufactured and sold in six generations starting from the year 1976.General motors coined the term fiesta first .But impressed by the proposal of design for the range of B segment cars General motors gave it freely to Ford and thus fiesta came into being. It traditionally followed manual transmission. Ford fiesta 1 took wheels in the year 1976 in Europe. This 1st generation car had an engine capacity around 960 cc. Power was around 40 to 84 hp.
The width of the car was 66.3 inches and height was around 67 inches. It weighed around 2500 pounds. Mazda2 and Ford Ecosport were other models related to this which were more performance based. The successor of this model was MK V1 in year 2008.MK V facelift done in the year 2005 with minor alterations like changes in head lights, bumpers, door mirrors, wipers that were automatic and many colors. The sales went up by nearly 25 percent because of this.

The radio kit of double DIN model is very advanced and comes in black color. This is suited for models of fiesta from 2005 onwards. The kit includes panel, cage to mount, fittings and screws, both aerial and harness adaptors and DIN launch x431 v. It can be readily installed and its fine texture and color matches the look of car interiors. The adaptors are used for the conversion to din size for installation of unit. Ford is planning to produce higher end models of fiesta in the year 2010 by setting up plants at various places including Mexico, China and Spain and promote sales all over the world. In 2009 Fiesta movement was launched to promote the market and in internet sites that were popular people was asked to share test driving experiences particularly in USA.

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