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Legal consultation by Bangalore lawyer, attorneys, solicitors,Bangalore law firm Advocates & expert Civil, Criminal Lawyers in various cities in India
[link=][b]Bangalore Lawyers[/b][/link] - [b]Bangalore Lawyer - Bangalore Law FirmEveryone[/b] is forced to visit a legal forum or institution at sometime or the other during their lifetime and thus may even need to seek advice from a Pune Lawyer. In a vast city like Pune, legal forums and tribunals are varied, numerous and far apart. To save you the trouble of going to a Pune Lawyer to figure which institution is for what here is a short compilation of the important tribunals and legal forums in Pune and their purpose.

Being consumers we all face dissatisfaction in terms of the services rendered or the goods delivered. The Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission is a quasi-judicial commission set up for this very purpose in 1988. It provides inexpensive, speedy and summary redressal of consumer disputes and you may not need a Pune Lawyer in the forums at least. It is recommended to hire one for the higher forums as the value of the claim is quite high.

For consumer complaints and grievances

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (If claim is upto Rs.20 lacs)
Is located at the following addresses and divided into I, II, III according to district.

The High Court of Mumbai is one of the few High Courts in India where original civil cases (e.g. injunction, partition, recovery suits, commercial disputes, intellectual property rights disputes, arbitration cases etc.) exceeding the value of Rs. 20 Lakhs are decided. It also has appellate jurisdiction over order, degree, and judgment passed by lower courts/district courts in all civil and criminal matters along with Revisional, Tax and Writ Jurisdiction. It is advised to have a local Hyderabad Lawyer represent your matter the high court as they better understand the local environment

This though a comprehensive list is not exhaustive and there are many matters like those relating to electricity, Company matter, Maintenance of elderly etc. for which the Right courts to approach can be found here. Read More at

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