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The Fujitsu Adapter was specifically designed for a Fujistu LifeBook A6120 laptop. When attached to the electrical outlet the AC adapter, it will power the laptop charging it whether the laptop is on or off.

In as much as there is a wide range of adapters for most notebooks, the adapter is guaranteed to meet the originals specification from the manufacturer. When you purchase the power cord, it will come with the shipping standard of the country you are in.

Fujitsu LifeBook A6120 AC Adapter conditions:

Safety: it meets all the FCC requirements and it is UL and CE approved

Durability: the rugged case withstands the harshest mobile environments and the tight sealing protects it against any moisture and high humidity.

Reliable: the comprehensive inner safety features line voltage spikes or any surges limiting the output voltage or currents therefore protecting your laptop from electrical hazards. The high power efficiency provides continuous and consistent power to the laptop.

You will experience great customer support and friendly services.

Guidelines to choosing a Fujistu LifeBook A6120 charger

Output Volt- the output volt marked on the adapter should be the same as with the original adapter or not higher than the original one. If it is higher, it will burn your laptop.

Output Current- do not choose a Fujistu adapter with a lower current output that the original adapter. If your laptop requires a high load, then choose an adapter with the same output volt as with the original one and one with a higher output current. This means that you can choose a laptop AC adapter with higher volt with the same size of the current based on the current load of your laptop.

Why you should consider purchasing a Fujistu Adapter:

A lot of people choose to purchase a Fujistu Charger not because the one they have is broken or is not working but simply because they want a spare. A spare adapter is convenient to the person who is always carrying their laptop from home to the office and back. This way, you will only be required to carry the laptop alone.

It does not cost a lot of money to purchase a new Fujistu adapter and more people prefer to have a spare so that you carry one can carry only the charger from one place to another. With the guarantee of a great quality product a warranty of 3 years, this is a product that is very convenient.

FUJITSU LifeBook A6120 Laptop AC Adapter

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