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Yesterday afternoon, reporters call the customer service phone handset makers, a staff member a detailed record of the situation and said that he would follow in charge of the report, he replies reporters later, but until yesterday, 18:00, still no response.
ASUS N61J battery

However, yesterday afternoon, Chen told reporters, vendors sales staff have been in touch with him, and come see the explosion of cell phone batteries. The other party want to take away the phone explosion, and an oral commitment to compensate a latest mobile phone to Chen, but he was refused, Chen said: Before causes, I do not want any compensation.

An industry source said that if the battery design is unreasonable, or manufacturers cut corners, when an overcharged battery or external temperature, it is easy to short-circuit the explosion occurred. In this regard, the person is recommended for safety reasons, consumers try not to use the phone while charging.Presario CQ61 Laptop batteryJust bought a mobile phone, the first charge, the battery exploded. Yesterday, Fuzhou, Chen brought the matter, still scared dv2500 Battery
endless: if someone in the next, I do not know how much damage will be affected. It is reported that mobile phone manufacturers sales staff, Chen has come home to view the explosion of cell phones, but cause of the explosion No conclusions.
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Presently, there are millions of happy customers who are unboxing their brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. These phones have bigger screens, better battery life and faster internals that have all neat advancements. With a combination of best features and improved internals, with a shiny new operating system, there is every reason that you should protect you hardly earned smartphone using the best iPhone 6 battery case available.

There are quite different types of best iPhone 6 battery case which have been designed with cutting-edge technologies and have high-quality features. Each of these cases have their utility.

Battery cases are in popular demand due to their rich versatility of providing protection and the much-needed power. This piece of content introduces the best iPhone 6 battery case that is available on the market as at now. The battery case I am talking about is Morphie Battery Case


This kind of battery case comes with two sleek designs. These are;

Juice Pack Air
Juice Pack Plus

Juice Pack Air delivers 100% extra battery while the Juice Pack Plus gives 120% extra battery to your phone.

The pros of the best iPhone battery case

It has a slim design
In terms of ergonomics, it has rounded edges
Provides more than a full charge for your battery
Easy access to all ports
You can charge and sync your data simultaneously

However, for every product that has its advantages, can never lack some disadvantages

The Cons

Will not work with any other iPhone apart from iPhone 6.
The charging case can be a hassle.

The battery case features an exclusive integrated standby that allows you to make a choice when you want to charge your smartphone or let you preserve the battery. The LED displays the battery level. This new best battery case for iPhone 6 Plus is rounded and gaunt. It is rather slippery and has an ideal feel and touch on your palm.

The charge vault technology makes sure that the battery remains powered for a long time. The charging circuitry is equipped to charge your iPhone fast. These are the features that safeguard your phone from the accidental bumps or damage.

The Morphie Battery Case enables pass-through charge and sync when you connect it to a computer. As a result, your iPhone is first powered and then the case gets juiced up later.

This is therefore on of the best battery case for iPhone 6, and you ought to make every necessary step to buy it and protect your prestigious smartphone.

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Keeping a simple Portable Car Battery Jump Starter can always keep you away from so many troubles and complication. But when you buy it, then it is a good idea that you buy it wisely so you do not get any trouble while using it. To assist you in this, I can share some key points or my opinion and if you will follow those key points then you will also get the best result with it in easy manner.

Choose a good brand: A number of companies might be there that can make auto jump starters, but only a few of these companies actually create good quality products. That¡¯s why it is essential that you choose a good brand for this purchase that offer good services and respect its warranty and commitments to its clients or buyers.

Consider your requirements: you can easily find a number of options or solutions that can help you in your Car Jump Start, but if you wish to get only the best result, then make sure you buy one after considering your requirement. In this step, you can check compatibility with your car, battery size and similar other factors.

Ask for warranty: Warranty is an essential requirement for all kind of electronic material and same goes for auto jump starters also. You have to look for warranty on it before you buy it because if you will get it without warranty, then you will find it useless for you. But with warranty you will either get a replacement or repairing in no extra cost.

Compare the features: At the time of buying Auto Jump Starters you can also check the features and compare the services from them in easy manner. Also, you can check extra features or things in the jump starter before buying it. This extra precaution will help you choose the device in a smart manner and you will get better services also with it.

Compare the cost: The cost of the product is also very important and you shall check the cost of the car jump start device. If you are not getting good return on investment, then it will be of no use to buy that jump start pack and that¡¯s why it is a nice suggested that you compare the cost before buying it and you buy only if you are getting good return on investment from same.

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When you need to buy the best iPhone 6 battery pack case online, you must be aware of the tips that will enable you make your choice. However, with proper procedures, you will always know what to do when buying these cases online. Here are some buying tips to know when buying online:

First, you must know of the companies that sell these battery pack cases online when planning of making that choice. When you do your research well over the internet, you will facts about companies that sell these pack cases, you will be in a position to make your choice whenever you need some of these options that you need even as you do make your choice from the market.

From the reviews of the customers who have used the iPhone battery pack, you will be certain that you would make that perfect choice whenever you need these amazing deals from the market when buying. Never should you get these battery packs from those companies with low reputation when you need the best deals from the whole of the market.

The cost of battery pack iPhone 6 is another factor that you would need when planning on what to do when making that perfect choice within the given market. You need to do your research over the internet as one way of understanding the different prices that you would have when trying to get what best that fits your needs in within this market. With proper analysis, you will understand on the best prices that you would need when planning to get the best deals from the shopping outlet.

Have some information on the methods of payment when buying an iPhone 6 plus battery pack online when you need to make the best choice. Whenever you do have information, you will always be certain that you would prevent any kind of fraud that may take place when buying your battery pack online.

Since internet experts understand d what it takes when buying iPhone 6 plus battery pack online, they should advise you on what you must do when looking for the options that you need. With their help, you will identify the companies that offer the best battery pack online thus being in a position of buying them from online companies.

In the end, these tips will always help you buy the best iPhone 6 plus battery pack online.

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The iPhone 6 smartphone is an effective pocket computer but being multi-talented comes at a cost of a significant battery drain. Until the breakthrough of a long lasting battery, people today opt to carry external iPhone battery pack as they travel to recharge the battery when it runs empty. However, getting a quality and durable battery pack for iPhone 6 can be tricky especially if you do not know what make features to look for. Here are tips to help you when choosing one.

Portability vs. Capacity

One of the main specs that you should look for when buying an iPhone battery pack is the capacity measured in mAh (milliampere-hour). The capacity of any phone battery is also measured in mAh, therefore, if your phone has a 2500mAh battery, then 2500mAh external battery pack will only be able to charge it fully once. Battery packs go up to 20,000mAh so that it can charge the phone multiple times.

The input current of the mobile device

Most iPhone 6 battery packs designed for smartphones usually output 1A over the USB port. This can work phone with some phones but not the iPhone 6 which can draw as much as 2.1A. This means that a battery back with an output of 1A will either charge super slowly or not charge an iPhone 6 smartphone. Therefore, when buying an iPhone 6 battery pack, choose one that can output more than 2.1 A, instead of one with a low output. There is no problem with getting an external battery pack with a higher output as the iPhone 6 only draws what is required.

The input current of the battery pack

A phone battery pack for iPhone 6 with a higher capacity is preferred to one with a lower capacity but the higher the capacity, the higher it will take to recharge the battery. Another factor that affects how long it takes to recharge the battery is the input current. Most battery back have an input current that ranges between 0.8A-1.5A with the higher input currents found in higher capacity battery packs. The faster you can recharge the battery pack, the better.

The number of ports

Most battery packs come with built in USB cable that is wrapped around the case so that you do not have to worry about leaving the cable in the office or at home. An iPhone 6 battery pack with a higher capacity has more charging ports but they are more expensive. The number of ports to choose depends on how many devices you plan to charge.

Quality and the price

Battery packs made using durable and quality materials are more expensive. Also ensure that you only buy from reputable vendors. It is netter to spend a few more bucks than buy a battery pack that can be dangerous especially when it explodes.

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Are you planning to go for a picnic with your family or are you planning to go for a long road tour? If yes then you wouldn¡¯t want to get stacked in the middle of the road simply because your car battery went low. Jump Starter Battery Charger is the perfect device to actually act as a backup when you are going for a long road trip. It will give you additional power when you need it the most. It is the best option for renewing your dead car battery. However, due to the ever increasing demand for emergency car battery chargers, many companies have emerged some of which are producing high quality battery for jump starters while some are not. Consumers are therefore advised to be very careful when choosing a jump starter battery charger for their cars. So what features should you consider when choosing battery charger with jump starter? Below are main features to consider.


One of the most important features to consider when choosing a Battery Charger with Jump Starter is its portability. This is because you will be caring it with you when you are on the road. You must consider it portability features. How space does it consumes and how much does it weigh. It is recommended that you choose one that is not only light but also one that consume less space. Ensure that the jump starter batter charger has handle on the top for easy mobility. It should be light enough for you to be able to carry it yourself without any assistance.

2.Ease of use.

No one wants to buy a jump starter battery charger that is complicated to use. Before you buy one, ensure that the Battery for Jump Starter does not require you to be a mechanic or a car expert in order to use it. Expert recommend that you should buy one that has inbuilt light so that you can be able to see what you are doing when you are caught in the middle of the night with a dead battery. All it¡¯s manual should be strategically placed and should be well labeled so that you can be able to operate it easily.

3.Battery level indicator.

The jump starter battery charger should have light indicator on the front that clearly allows you to see the battery level when it is charging. It can be an added advantage if you choose one that offers a reverse polarity alarm which will help you when placing the clamps on the battery to ensure that they fit correctly. This feature is particularly helpful for first time users who have no experience with charging the batter with jump starter.

NewNow® Product info about Battery Jump Starter, please go to http://www.newnow.com/
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Your battery is dead and now your car is essentially useless, right? Wrong. There are ways to get around it, at least temporarily. Say ¡°jump-starting¡±.

Jump-starting is tricky and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. It would be wise to check your vehicle¡¯s handbook before attempting any jump-start. But generally, the information you would get would be just about the same.

So get out your Jump Starter for Car Battery and let¡¯s get started.

The first thing you will need to do is turn off everything in your car. Basically this means the ignition should be off. This does seem like a rather obvious fact but you would be surprised at how easily it is forgotten. Your battery pack should also be switched off.
Next, open your hood and locate your battery. Connect the positive wire clamp, the red one, to the positive terminal of the battery. Do not connect the negative clamp to the battery¡¯s negative terminal. Connect the negative clamp to a suitable metal ground on the vehicle so as to earth it. It is vital you keep both cables away from moving parts of the engine to avoid tangling.
With the power settings correct for the vehicle to start, switch on the Jump Starter Inverter. There should be no beeping or warnings when you do this. If there is, correct the errors before starting the car.
Now start the car.
Turn the pack off and disconnect the negative clamp from wherever you connected it. Then disconnect the positive clamp from the battery.
Your car is working now. However, it is advisable to get your charging system checked and fixed to avoid having to go through this process every day.

Assuming you don¡¯t have a battery pack, but you have a pair of cables? Well, you will need to find another car with an engine size similar to yours.

Again, turn everything off in both cars.
The positive cable, the red one, will need to be connected to the positive terminal of the working Prestone Battery Jump Starter, and then do the same to the dead battery.
The black cable¡ªthe negative¡ªis then connected to the negative terminal of the working battery. Connect the other negative clamp to a suitable metal ground on the other car to earth it.
Again, the cables need to be away from the engines¡¯ moving parts.
Now start the engine with the operational battery and leave the other off for a while.
After a while you can start the other engine. Once it is running, it is advisable to leave it on while it charges for a few minutes.
Now you remove the jump-starting cables. Start with the earthed negative clamp and then the negative clamp on the other car. Next, detach the positive clamp from your charging battery and then from the terminal of the good battery.
You would do well to drive your car for about a half-hour while the battery charges.
As soon as is possible, get your car checked so as to rectify the charger problem.

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For those who have experienced the embarrassing moments of getting stacked in the middle of the road causing jam or being stranded in the middle of the night because their car battery went dead, you probably the importance of having a backup. battery jump starter is perfect backup to have when you are traveling for long distance. Unfortunately, not all car battery jump starter are of high quality. Some companies are only there to cash in from innocent consumers who want quality battery jump starter for their cars. So what should you consider when choosing a battery jump starter for your car? Below are 4 things to consider.

Consider its quality.
Quality is also the major issue for most consumers when it comes to buying quality jump starter for their cars. The device must be made with high quality material that is durable and long lasting. In addition the company brand that you buy the jump battery starter from must be well known in manufacturing high quality battery jump starters.

Read a car battery jump starter review.
What are other customers who have used that product saying about it? Are they happy with its performance or are they disappointed with jump battery charger. Before you buy battery jump starter, it is very important to consider what other customer who have used that product are saying about it. If they are happy, then you should consider purchasing the battery jump starter. However, if they are not happy with it performance and quality, then you should give it a second thought because chances are that you will also get disappointed.

A jump up starter that has a warranty of more than 1 year is most probably of high quality. Companies that are well known to produce high quality Stanley Auto Start Power Pack usually give more than one year warranty to their product as an assurance the product has been well tested and proven to give high quality performance. Warranty is actually an offer given to the customer by the manufacturer where the customer is free to return the product is he/she is not happy with its performance provided the warranty is still valid. Ensure that you buy a battery jump starter that has a warranty of more than one year.

The best way to find the best battery jump starter in the market is by doing your own personal research. By researching both online and offline you will be able to know both basic and additional features to expect from battery jump starter and brands that are known to be of high quality.

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Zheng Deqing a d¨¦clar¨¦ aux journalistes, en utilisant un pistolet ¨¤ air chaud ou une thermistance, pr¨¦chauffer la batterie de l'ext¨¦rieur, nous pouvons r¨¦soudre le probl¨¨me de la batterie charge ¨¦lectrique insatisfaction. Pour le probl¨¨me de l'acc¨¦l¨¦ration lente, ¨¤ basse temp¨¦rature en raison de la r¨¦sistance de la batterie, d'am¨¦liorer la vitesse de d¨¦charge est lente, le temps d'acc¨¦l¨¦ration est longue, qui est ¨¦galement disponible thermistance surmonter.

CITIC Guoan MGL Power Technology Co., Ltd directeur technique, ladite analyse Mao Yongzhi, dans des circonstances normales, lorsque la batterie est en charge, vous pouvez rencontrer une situation similaire: En hiver des temp¨¦ratures basses, la batterie peut ¨ºtre charg¨¦e seulement 60% ¨¤ 70% de la consommation totale d'¨¦lectricit¨¦ ; taux de d¨¦charge ne est que de 60% des niveaux normaux. Mao Yongzhi pense, peut prendre deux solutions: d'abord, faire un effort ¨¤ l'int¨¦rieur de la batterie pour am¨¦liorer la capacit¨¦ de la batterie pour r¨¦sister ¨¤ des temp¨¦ratures basses, le second est de l'ext¨¦rieur a commenc¨¦ ¨¤ prendre des mesures ¨¤ chauffage externe.VGP-BPS2B

50 taxis ¨¦lectriques sur la route ne est pas facile

«Nous avons cette 50 v¨¦hicules ¨¦lectriques, est un investissement ponctuel dans les entreprises automobiles nationales op¨¦rant dans le plus grand nombre." Il ne ya pas longtemps, parler le taxi terme ¨¦lectrique, Foton secr¨¦taire adjoint du parti Zhao Jingguang dit fi¨¨rement. Une fois mis 50 v¨¦hicules ¨¦lectriques, pour toute entreprise, est un test.ASUS K53 batterie1er mars de premier v¨¦hicule ¨¦lectrique de Beijing pour chargement Yanqing termin¨¦ un peu plus de 60 jours, 50 taxis ¨¦lectriques Midi Fukuda officiellement mis en service. La semaine pr¨¦c¨¦dente, les rapports des m¨¦dias de ces voitures en raison d'un probl¨¨me de batterie avec le public "miss". Dans le premier jour des op¨¦rations, le journaliste est all¨¦ ¨¤ Yanqing terrain. Initialement pens¨¦ cette interview serait difficile, ¨¦tonnamment, le fabricant de voiture ¨¦lectrique reçu chaleureusement journalistes.

R¨¦parations en charge de ces v¨¦hicules, Ö£µÂÇå ing¨¦nieurs de Foton, dit le rapport "ne est pas enti¨¨rement vrai, exag¨¦r¨¦ les petits probl¨¨mes."

probl¨¨me de batterie a ¨¦t¨¦ correctement trait¨¦e

1 mars, Foton Midi officiellement 50 v¨¦hicules ¨¦lectriques pour offrir la compagnie de taxi.

Auparavant, ce ne sont pas la route a caus¨¦ beaucoup de sp¨¦culation taxi ¨¦lectrique. Il ya ¨¤ peine 10 jours, les m¨¦dias HSTNN-Q21C
ont rapport¨¦ que 50 voitures ¨¦lectriques Foton Midi ne sont pas en fonctionnement en raison du probl¨¨me de batterie de la voiture, traverser un rhume, charge ¨¦lectrique malheureux, nous ne pouvons pas acc¨¦l¨¦rer, donc je ai dû attendre pour le printemps, ¨¤ la route.

"Cette d¨¦claration ne est pas vrai.", A d¨¦clar¨¦ Zheng Deqing, "Charger la batterie ¨¤ basse temp¨¦rature en hiver va ralentir un peu, ne est pas facile de recharger compl¨¨tement, l'acc¨¦l¨¦ration va ralentir certains, ce est maintenant des probl¨¨mes techniques communes. Apr¨¨s une p¨¦riode d'efforts, Nous avons trouv¨¦ une solution ".ProBook 6560b battery
ASUS K72 battery
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Recently I took a trip out of town and what happens; my car¡¯s battery chooses to die on me then. So here, I am in a strange part of the country with nothing I can do to make my car move. Luckily, a passing motorist lent me a jump starter to revive the thing. Honestly, I have no idea they made these devices in the size I saw. The pocket battery jump starter was the first thing I purchase when I got back home. It is a really convenient device to have in your possession that I learnt the hard way.

Buying a jump starter

There are so many different types of batter jump starters but the PowerStation battery jump starter has to be the finest of them all. It packs within it power that is enough to last for a very long time. You do not have to keep charging it in order to use it. There are several other jump starters for you to check out in the market, rest assured that you are bound to be spoilt for choice when you are buying.

Personally I have two jump starters now and one of them functions as my power bank charging my phone and all sorts of devices as I drive. The car jump starter that I purchased sits in my car¡¯s truck because it is quite bulky but in terms of weight it is significantly lighter than other jump starters its size.

Now the thing I love most about this jump starter is that it comes with super bright LED work lights and a compressor that can be used to inflate the tires when they are down. One reason people fail to purchase jump starters is because they still hold the idea that these things have to be heavy with short wires and all. However, technology has made it possible to get a tiny jump starter that packs within it power that you can barely imagine.

I am constantly helping people at parking lots when their cars refuse to start and even when they have flat tires. This device is extremely functional. It can be used to jump start just about anything from plow trucks to those tiny lawn mowers. You can buy a 12V car jump starter if you are looking for something simple that you can use. In summary you will get:

- Constant power supply to jump start your car battery

- Durability- you will be using this device for a very long time

- Light weight jump starter that you can carry around even in your pocket easily

- Other functionalities such as USB slots to charge your phone and other devices plus work lights

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