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Deze Asus Transformer Book H100TAF Accu is de beste keuze voor uw laptop.Vervangende (niet originele) accu / oplaadbare batterij die volledig compatible is met het origineel. Deze accu Asus Transformer Book H100TAF is tevens beveiligd tegen overladen en kortsluiting en heeft geen last van het geheugen-effect.Op deze Asus Transformer Book H100TAF batterij zit 1 jaar volledige garantie. Tevens heeft u 30 dagen het recht de accu kosteloos te retourneren zonder opgave van reden. De juiste accu en de beste prijs!
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A Power Book G4 battery has been in all PowerBooks starting from Titanium G4 models up to the current family of Mac-book pros. This Power Book battery has the same form and can be used interchangeably. However, this battery may differ when it comes to model numbers. The main difference between model numbers is that every model has its own absolute capacity. For instance, the M6091 has a capacity of 3600mAH wheres the M8511 has a capacity of 4000Mah.

Power Book G4 batteries combine several qualities of alkaline batteries with the ones that are great when it comes to rechargeable features. Unlike the Ni-Cd batteries, the power book G4 batteries do not suffer from memory effect. They provide a constant voltage during discharge. These batteries provide the highest energy density. The Power Book G4 batteries have the potential of operating between 300-500 cycles and can be used for more than five years.

As a Power Book G4 battery user, you can be able to determine the full charge capacity, voltage, cycle count and remaining capacity thanks to OS X. The OS X can help to determine any battery for Power Book G4 charge state, number of cycles and capacity. Alternatively one can use apple system pro-filer utility. This utility helps one to also determine the above features of a Power Book G4 battery.

Another feature of battery for Power Book G4 is that it has a built in fuel gauge. In order to determine the charge state of the battery you will only be required to push a silver button. This fuel gauge only indicates the battery¡¯s charge state. An average Power Book battery operating time is very tricky to accurately quantify. This is because the battery operating time is dependent upon power settings selected by each individual user and the processor speed of the Power Book. For instance, a battery that operates for 3 hours and has a maximum energy savings options selected may operate only for an hour on the same power book. If the same power options are not selected.

It is always important to use the correct Power Book G4 adapter. Using the wrong adapter can damage the battery. You can always find the correct adapter from the place you purchased your Power Book. Having the correct charger will help your gadget to last for long but a wrong one can damage the Power Book or the Power Book G4 battery. The Power Book G4 battery is one of the best, in case you have a damaged battery then this is the right battery to use.

APPLE PowerBook G4 Laptop Battery

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