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Lithium Battery

Advantages: no memory effect, lighter
Disadvantages: high cost, current is small, intolerant fullness charge (compared to Ni-MH)

Lithium batteries have a lithium battery (non-rechargeable) and secondary lithium battery (rechargeable), secondary lithium divided Li-ion, lithium-ion battery and Li-Polymer lithium polymer battery.

Generally digital cameras typically use a secondary lithium battery (rechargeable) compared with Ni-MH battery, Ni-MH light weight, volumetric energy density was 48% higher than the ratio. Because of this, the lithium ion secondary battery production and sales are gradually over more than Ni-MH. This battery self-discharge, and no memory effect, charge and discharge times up to 600 times, especially in recent years was developed Li-Polymer lithium polymer battery, in addition to a smaller size, but also from the general cylindrical or rectangular battery Overall limitation, lighter weight.

Lithium battery charge due to intolerance fed, there is a risk of explosion if inadvertently, are therefore required to built-in control IC, preventing satiety charge, but the cost is relatively increased need more, and there is no uniform standard lithium batteries due, it will be an organic species discontinued buy battery after the case, but now there is a need multivendor to overcome this problem, but also reduce inventory, the lithium unity, like FUJIFILM NP-60 on the CASIO NP-30 and so is the same size, it will not change the aircraft charger, battery and so must follow the replacement. Taiwanese manufacturers have also launched to support multiple battery charger (EX. Intelligent LCD Fast charging cradle (universal voltage + socket)), the replacement aircraft as long as another outlet.

Lithium also has a more difficult problem, because the problem is environmentally friendly lithium batteries contain many toxic substances, so that all lithium batteries must be recycled, and not discarding.

Nickel-hydrogen batteries Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride batteries, also known as)

Advantages: low price, versatility, current, environmental stability (compared to lithium)
Disadvantages: heavy weight, short battery life, intolerance fullness charge (with lithium comparison)

NiMH battery design from nickel-cadmium batteries, but in improving the nickel-cadmium battery memory effect, there is great progress. The main changes in the hydrogen storage alloy to replace the original use of the negative cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries therefore be said to be typical of materials innovation. Pollution caused by the nickel-metal hydride batteries, than a lot of small nickel-cadmium batteries contain cadmium, therefore, the current nickel-cadmium batteries have gradually been replaced by NiMH batteries.COMPAQ batterie Presario CQ42
Batterie Inspiron N7010
Batterie VGP-BPS2C
Batterie Satellite A200
Batterie Inspiron N5010
Batterie Inspiron 14
Batterie a1245
Batterie Vostro 1510
Batterie Vostro 1310
ASUS batterie K42
batterie Pavilion dv6
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KaufenHandy-Akkuserinnern "f┨nfnicht."Mit der wachsenden Popularitätvon Smartphones,wirdmehr und mehrreicheTelefonfunktionenunbedingterhöhenden Stromverbrauchdes Telefons,ein Handyzukonfigurierenzwei oder sogardrei Batteriensind bereitsein weit verbreitetes Phänomen.Soein großerHandy-Batterie-Industriegebildet hat.Jedochdie einschlägigen Bestimmungender standardisiertenEntwicklung der Industriewar einWiderstand.

Laptop Akku

Medienberichten zufolge,im Jahr 2007, das OriginalCATRCTTLbeginnendie Vorbereitung derEinf┨hrung von einheitlichenStandards f┨rHandy-Akkus.Doch bis heutehat sichnoch nichtvereinheitlichtStandard-Handy-Akkuein echter Fortschritt.EsTelekom-Industrie-Experten habendas Telefonwie einTrockenbatterieals StandardKlassifikationsverfahren, aber vieleHandy-Modelleerhöht, ist es extremschwierig, denStandardzu implementieren,diese Lösungschließlichfallengelassen.Neben demMangel an notwendigenTelefon-Batterie-Industrieeinen einheitlichen Standard, aber auchdas Fehlen einesstandardisierten Geschäftsverhaltensregeln.Viele HändlerwieWerbeaktivitäten,den Kauf einesHandy-Verteilungzwei Batterien, die eineist das Original,unddas andere istdieandere Markeodergefälschten Akkus.In dieser Hinsichthat der StaatkeineOrdnungspolitikstatt.

HP Pavilion DV6 akku

In diesem Zusammenhangschlugen dieExperten, dassaus Gr┨nden der Sicherheit, sollten Sieversuchen, dasOriginal-Akkuverwenden.Beachten Sie die Verwendungdessicheren Einsatzvon Lithium-Batteriensolltenqualifizierteausgezeichnete QualitätLithium-Ionen-Akku, Ladegerät, die den Einsatzvon qualifizierten, versuchenzu vermeiden, mitHandy-Universal-Ladegerät,wenn erlaubt,zu versuchen, einen hohen SicherheitsfaktorLithium-Polymer-Akku kaufen.

Laptop Akku
compaq Laptop Akku
toshiba Laptop Akku
sony Laptop Akku

F┨r Verbraucher, zusätzlich zuden regulärenHersteller versuchen, die Batterienzu kaufen, m┨ssenSie bei der Verwendungder "F┨nfNicht"im Auge zu behalten:Nicht willk┨rlichdas Telefonzu modifizieren;legenSie den Akku nichtinUmgebungen mit hohen Temperaturen,verwendenSie keine beschädigtenBatterien;nichtf┨r eine lange Zeitmit demAnruf,der Anruf wirdinlängerenHandy-Akkus,Stromkreis undHörerFieberf┨hren,wennmit Hilfe einesgefälschtenAkkus, kann leichtzu einer Explosion f┨hren,benutzedas Telefonwährend des Ladevorgangsnicht,weilder Akku des TelefonswirdWärmewährend des Ladevorgangszu erzeugen,das Telefonwird zunehmen, um Funktionenauf den Wärmeverbessern.
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HP Pavilion DV6 is a laptop that is much powerful and also is cost effective. This laptop can be considered as the best replacement for the desktop. The screen size of the laptop is 15.6 inches and it has a got a processor that id available at high end with Intel core i7. The Graphics processor that you get with the laptop is of AMD Radeon graphics. The Radeon HD makes use of 1GB for the purpose of video only and it van be played in the elite frame C rates. The graphics card can also be switched off for the purpose of saving power. The performance of the laptop is also good and capable of satisfying the needs of almost all the kinds of users. HP Pavilion DV6 battery is also good with its lifetime and can provide great backup time for the system.


This design of the laptop is also much good and it has a great aluminium enclosure that is brushed and is in deep brown color that it is called as dark umber. The silver accents have provided a pleasing contrast to the aluminium which is dark brown in colour. The edge of the laptop is covered by plastic which is in silver color. The screen bezel is a plastic that is glossy black and the bottom part of the laptop is plastic which is matte black. On the lower left corner of the lid, you can find the HP logo that is blacklit with LED. LED backlights are capable of creating a thin frame around touchpad. This can provide your laptop with much stylish look and the aluminium surfaces can also provide it with a feel of rigid and sturdiness. The design has the capability of repelling the fingerprints effectively. Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV6 is capable of providing better support for the system that you can take it for any trips that you want.


The display of the laptop can only be called as average but the audio system of it is not. This laptop features beats audio that is capable of delivering impressive sound from four speakers that are integrated through the headphones. The connectivity that is offered is standard and useful with the laptop. There is possibility for making use of USB as well as VGA and HDMI in the case of this system. HP has offered a Blu Ray drive in this system. The HP Pavilion battery for DV6 is also amazing with its performance.


This particular laptop is providing the finest quality in the case of the other laptops that come in its price range. They can be considered as the one with much cost reduction and features that are highly effective. The RAM and the memory that you get out of the laptop is also significant compared to other brands that provide systems in the same range of cost. There is also possibility for maintaining the HP Pavilion DV6 battery in the better manner with the help of the graphics chip that is switchable.

HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Battery

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Tags 485041-001 | Batterie | DV6 | HP
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Si vous cherchez une batterie ordinateur portable HP G62, vous aurez besoin d'une batterie longue dur└e, efficace qui est disponible sur le march└. La batterie HP G62 est une batterie de bonne qualit└ et il est conçuenutilisant les toutes Batterie Pavilion dv6 derni┬res fonctionnalit└s de s└curit└ et les meilleures cellules parfaitement remplacer la batterie d'origine qui est achet└e avec l'ordinateur pourvous offrirde Batterie pavilion dv6 nombreuses ann└es de service tr┬s fiable.

LBI est une haute performance et une , batterie d'ordinateur portable de qualit└ commerciale durables s└rie pro pour HP G62. Il est personnalis└, fabriqu└ pour ┷tre 100 % compatibles et optimis└es, Batterie HP 9470 Ultrabook pour un HP pavilion G62 portable.Cette batterie incroyable utilise des cellules de classe A de haute qualit└ pour une haute performance, fiabilit└ et une dur└e plus longue.Batterie HP EliteBook 8740w Il respecte et m┷med└passe m┷me sp└cification de BCI, et il n'annulera pas la garantie originale du fabricant. Cette batterie a une tension de 11,1 volts, 6 cellules et une capacit└ de 6600mAh. Chimie : Lithium-ion avec un w/h 49.

Batterie HP G62 a une faible consommation et ilrecharge rapide. Il a aussi un circuit int└gr└ pour assurer la s└curit└ lors de l'utilisation et la stabilit└. Cette batterie incroyable peut parfois paraître plus Batterie presario cq60 grande que lad'origine Batterie HP 485041-001 de l'ordinateur portable en raison de sa plus grande capacit└. Vous devez vous assurer que les sp└cifications correspondent ┐ celles de l'original avant de l'acheterjuste pour s'assurer qu'il s'adapte parfaitement.

Adaptateur HP G62 dispose Batterie pour portable hp d'une gamme de volt Batterie pour portable hp d'entr└e de 110-240, une sortie de 18.5V 3. 5 a 65W et sa longueur totale qui est └tendu ┐ 14 pi. Il est fabriqu└ avec des mat└riaux haut de gamme, qui incluent une fonctionnalit└ de sauvegarde portable contre court-circuit, tension incorrecte et surchauffe interne.Cet adaptateur d'alimentation HP pour G62 est 100 % compatibleavec l'original.Batterie hp dv4 Il est bien test└ et certifi└. Il correspond et d└passe m┷me les sp└cification de BCI. Ce produit └tonnant est livr└ avec une garantie de douze mois et un garantiede remboursement, juste au cas o┫ vous n'┷tes pas satisfait. Ses principales caract└ristiques sont une.5 rapide chargeur de l'Amp, une protection thermique Batterie hp elitebook 6930p qui a une puce intelligente,une texture caoutchout└e, haute qualit└ et long cordon Dc/Ac de quatorze m┬tres, une fonction d'anti-parasitage qui a le meilleur mat└riau d'isolation et une protectioncontrelessurcharges avec un fils de tr┬s haute qualit└. Autres mod┬les compatibles incluent HP G60-117US G62-225NR G72-227WM WQ652UA. L'adaptateurHP G62 a └t└valid└ et test└ pour s'assurer qu'il fonctionnera dans les ordinateurs portables HP.
Batterie haute capacit└ HP G62 est l'une des parties plus importantes Batterie HP 593554-001 dans votre ordinateur portable parce qu'il est consomm└ dans toutes les pi┬ces de la machine. Toutefois, lobatterie pour HP Pavilion dv3500rsqu'il s'use ou m┷me

tombeen panne, vous devez acheter un remplacement. ┐ ce stade, beaucoup de gens est confront└s au probl┬me d'identifier le bon endroit pour acheter la batterie afin d'avoir la garantie d'une qualit└ sup└rieure.Batterie presariocq Batterie pour hp g62 70Voici quelques conseils importants, de que vous pouvez utiliser pour identifier le bon vendeur pour acheter votre batterie en remplacement.

Obtenir unvendeur avec uneBatterie HP EliteBook Folio 9470 Ultrabook

politique de dos d'argent
Si vous achetez la batterie pour batterie pour poratble hp g62HP G62 looken ligne, pour le vendeur qui a une garantie de remboursement. Parfois, vous pouvez obtenir d└çus lorsque └l└ments l└g┬rement ou totalement diff└rents de ce Chargeur HP 677770-002 que vous avez command└s sont exp└di└s ┐ vous. Dans d'autres cas, la batterie pour HP G62 peut briser ou obtenir des d└fauts lors de l'exp└dition. Un vendeur avec l'argent politique arri┬re vous donne l'assurance de remboursement total ou un remplacement imm└diat. N'acceptent pas les accessoires pour ordinateur portable d└fectueux ou endommag└s.

Acheter aupr┬s d'un vendeur agr└└

Bons vendeurs de HP G62batterie et autres accessoires s'approvisionner de fabricants l└gitimes. De nombreux fabricants, envoyant des accessoires pour ordinateur portable sur le march└ ne vous donnent pas assurancequalit└ car le Batterie HP 446507-001 proc└d└ de fabrication ne r└pond pas aux normes requises. Toutefois, il est tr┬s difficile d'identifier les batteries de ces fabricants en les regardant physiquement.Un vendeur qui netraite que des fabricants autoris└s et pi┬ce de th└atre vous donne l'assurance d'obtenir des produits de la pi┬ce de th└atre et de meilleure qualit└.
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Buying a new Dell 1525 laptop battery for old laptop can be a costly expense for many people and most of us do not prefer to invest that much money for accessory of old laptop. If you also need to buy a new battery for any of your old laptop and you are not willing to pay the bigger amount for this, then you can go ahead and you can purchase a compatible battery for your laptop and you can save more than 50% money on your adapter purchase.

The good thing about compatible battery is that it is available for all the laptops, so whether you need an HP DV6 laptop battery or any other laptop battery you can easily get that online with a simple search only. The best thing about compatible Dell 1525 Laptop Battery or HP laptop battery is that it comes with warranty and it gives you equal life expectancy and battery backup with same great quality. That means you will reduce only your expenses for battery, but you don¨t have to get a reduced performing laptop battery for your old laptop and you can make your old laptop like a new one with its battery.

If we talk about the tips that you need to remember while buying any compatible Dell Latitude D610 Battery or other laptop battery, then quality of seller and manufacturer is the most important thing that you need to consider. In order to get more detail about quality of manufacturer of compatible HP DV6 laptop battery or Dell laptop battery manufacturer you can look for its reviews on the internet and these user opining and reviews can tell you each and every thing about that particular seller or manufacture.

Also make sure you check for the warranty that you are getting with your compatible HP DV6 laptop battery or other laptops battery. If you are not getting warranty and quality assurance, do not buy the battery from that seller. Other than this, it is also essential that you compare the cost of your compatible Dell Laptop Battery with its branded counterpart. If you are not getting more than 50% difference of cost in compatible and branded battery, then it is good to look for some other vendors and buy it from a seller that sell you the battery at 50% or more cost difference so you can get it in a discounted price with least possible effort and money.


Article Source:
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HP Pavilion DV6 battery[] replacement is the better option to take rather than buy a new computer. This way, you will not lose your data, and also, you don¨t have to worry about getting cash to finance your new laptop project. As with any HP laptop batteries, it is important to first check your laptop condition and make sure that the battery you have selected is right for your machine. You can take advantage of the utility that HP Pavilion provides to diagnose and get the product number.

Pavilion DV6 battery can be faulty, and this is why you need to run checks to ascertain that it is in great shape. To know that it is faulty, the battery will give a false display. But before rushing to a premature conclusion, it is important to do further test to be sure that the battery has not been used almost to its end point.

Quality is among the most important things to consider when buying HP laptop batteries[]. Also, it would be very important to check model, shape and also if there is right connection of the battery to the machine. Normally, these batteries have been made to ensure safety. They are long lasting and are capable of offering you exactly what you want. It is 6-cell Li-ion battery that has highest energy density as well as very high electrochemical potential.

Buying HP batteries online is also a good option. There are several online outlets that stock high quality batteries. But the challenge with online purchasing is that you cannot physically check the battery. To ensure that you do to get a raw deal, insist on seeing the latest photo of the battery. Also, buy only from accredited retail dealers.

Some people might be tempted to go for the refurbished battery for HP DV6. While this might appear the better option because they are normally cheaper, the problem is that you really do not know how long the battery has been used. With these batteries, the longer they are used, the less effective they become. So if you are keen on having a battery that you will rely on, it is not advisable to buy used batteries.

HP Pavilion DV6 battery can be subjected to aging when being used or even if just kept somewhere. To ensure that you get longer service from it, always keep the battery in a place that is cool and with 40% charge always.

HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Battery

Article Source: For more information about notebook battery, please go to
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HP Pavilion DV6 battery packs can fail to receive charge for a number of reasons. First, the HP pavilion DV6 adapter that you are using might be incompatible with your laptop computer. It might also have a problem (physical and or mechanical) or has a low voltage that cannot charge the battery for HP Pavilion DV6 in your laptop computer as well. To identify which of the foregoing possible issues are the cause of your problems, consider the following steps: First, check the documentation that shipped with your HP Pavilion DV6 charger to ascertain whether it is authentic and suitable for your laptop computer. Weight and length of the charger for example, are essential metrics that can tell you whether you own a good charger or a fake. If the HP Pavilion DV6 adapter¨s particulars are within the normal range, test it to check if it is supplying the correct voltage. Buy or borrow a voltmeter and check if the adapter is working well. If no current is passing through the adapter or it is supplying a lower that needed voltage, replace the adapter or repair the defective part (power cord, transformer, etc.) to resolve your battery is charging issues. Two other causes of laptop battery charging issues include:

Power Socket

To charge to capacity, an HP Pavilion DV6 battery must receive power from an external source such as a power socket. If the electrical outlets in your home are not working well, your battery for HP Pavilion DV6 charging issues will persist, whether you buy a new battery or charging accessory. Hire an electrician to check and repair all damaged power sockets and check if the charging issues persist.

Skewed Battery

Over time, the HP battery for Pavilion DV6 installed in your computer can shift in its compartment, breaking electricity exchange with the laptop¨s contacts. After you have ascertained that the HP Pavilion DV6 you are using to charge your battery is working well, and that all power sockets in your home are working well, remove the battery that is refusing to charge from your laptop and re-install it well. Slide the latch that holds the battery in place to remove it. You should then clean the battery for HP Pavilion DV6 well, re-install it in your laptop, and check if charging issues persist.

Charging Jack

The charging jack on an HP laptop connects a charger to the installed HP Pavilion DV6 battery. If this accessory blows up or the motherboard of your computer is not working well, frequent charging issues are common. Connect your HP laptop adapter to the charging jack and wiggle the charging pin gently. If the HP battery in your laptop charges and then stops intermittently, there is a high chance your laptop motherboard or its charging jack has a problem. Consult a reputable laptop technician and ship it for repairs. Failure after repairs means that your laptop battery might be dead.

HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Battery

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What is the difference between Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithium Ion battery for HP Pavilion DV6? Which chemistry is the best for a conventional laptop? If you are like many HP Pavilion enthusiasts who grapple with the foregoing two questions, while buying replacement batteries offline or on the Internet, this article highlights the three chemistries in detail. It talks about their principles, pros, and cons, to help you make the correct decision the next time you are looking for the best HP Pavilion laptop battery.
Nickel Cadmium Batteries
Did you know that Nickel Cadmium, also known as Ni-Cad was the first chemistry used in the rechargeable laptop batteries? Ni-Cad batteries consist of a nickel oxide material at its cathode (positive electrode) and a cadmium compound at its anode (negative electrode). When these materials react with the electrolyte (potassium hydroxide) in the battery, they convert chemical into electrical energy and discharge power that boots up your laptop. Upon recharge using the recommended HP Pavilion DV6adapter, the convert electrical energy from the AC outlet into chemical energy, and the cycle continues. In ancient years, Ni-Cad batteries were a favorite of several laptop battery manufacturers, including HP, because of their low manufacturing costs. They were also easy to manufacture and very safe even if mishandled. However, because of their charge memory effect, low capacities, and inefficiency, they ceased being the gold standard as manufactures discovered other chemistries. There is a slim chance you will find a Ni-Cad HP Pavilion DV6battery today.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
Nickel Metal Hydride, also known as Ni-MH, laptop batteries are close relatives of their Ni-Cad counterparts. However, instead of having cadmium as the active element of their anodes, Ni-MH batteries use a metal called Hydride (alloy between rare earth metals and Lanthanum). The metal absorbs hydrogen ions from the battery¨s electrolyte (potassium hydroxide), and helps to generate energy that powers the laptop. During charging, the converse happens. Like their Ni-Cad counterparts, Ni-MH batteries were a favourite of many manufacturers in the early ¨80s, mainly because of their low manufacturing costs. They are also readily available in many online stores to date. The only disadvantage of buying a Ni-MH HP Pavilion battery is that like Ni-Cad, they suffer the memory effect. Compared to other chemistries, they are also less efficient, and need high maintenance.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Over the years, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries have become the gold standard for use in laptop batteries, PDAs, and other portable application. Unlike nickel cadmium that use Nickel as their source of power, Li-Ion batteries use lithium ions. Though they are less powerful than traditional lithium metal, they are very safe for use at various temperature ranges. Lithium Ion batteries have also become popular because of their high energy density to size ratio. Li-Ion laptop batteries are also very safe. They have components that monitor temperature (thermostats), and an internal circuitry that cuts of the battery¨s power when its chemicals become unstable. The only disadvantage of buying a Li-Ion HP Pavilion DV6battery is that they are costly. You have to do the mandatory legwork, and dig deeper in your pocket if you want the best accessory for your HP Pavilion DV6laptop.
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Having a top quality Laptop HP Battery HP DV6 is one of the most important aspects of having a personal laptop computer for your office or study needs. If your purpose of buying a laptop is its portability, without a reliable laptop battery, your laptop will be plugged into the wall more often than you would like. Most laptop batteries are expected to last for at least three to five hours, but it depends upon the power needed to run different programs and applications a computer run. Few things could be quite frustrating as when your laptop constantly loses its ability to hold its charge for as long, or when your laptop won¨t charge. When this happens, what you should do is that you should get a good laptop battery.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different HP DV6 Battery manufacturers, and especially retailers to buy your laptop battery from. But, your primary focus should be in choosing a laptop battery that goes well with your laptop. For this particular purpose, you would need to know the make and model number of your laptop. If you do not know this, or do not have the required information, take a look at the inside of your laptop battery compartment when your computer is off and unplugged. There you will be able to find the make and model number of your laptop, along with some other important data as well. You may also be able to find the part number of your battery on the casing of the battery itself.

When looking to purchase a laptop battery or HP laptop adapter for DV6, you would have only a couple of options that fit your computer. Buy a battery that could compliment the performance of your laptop computer. Considering the fact that there are a number of different types of laptop batteries available in the market, you need to make sure that you get a kind of battery that is compatible with your personal laptop. Most laptops are required to be used with one specific type of battery technology. No matter which type of laptop battery you buy for your laptop¨s power needs, it is crucial for you to care for your laptop, in order to be able to get as much life out of it as possible. Discharging and fully charging again must be done in a few weeks, as it helps in upholding the full laptop battery.

When you consider all of these aspects, you would, in turn, be ensuring that you are going to get a battery for HP DV6 that is truly compatible with your computer. Avoid making hasty decision, as they could make vulnerable to buying low quality, poor laptop battery that is prone to faster degradation. By making a well informed decision would most definitely lead you to making the best use of your personal computer, without having to worry about the life of your battery. Moreover, you would be able to concentrate on your tasks remotely, thereby benefitting from its true portability feature. A little more money spent on getting an efficient battery for HP DV6 would be compensated through the longevity of the battery.

HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop Battery

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Ondeugden vijf: laptop batterij opgeladen
Historisch gezien is de laptop batterij hp ProBook 6540b accu explosies komen vaak voor, maar er zijn een aantal fabrikanten, merknaam producten. Deze gebeurtenissen worden ook wervelende speculatie in de industrie. Veel luchtvaartmaatschappijen hebben een verbod uitgevaardigd draagt ​​een notebook met de batterij op het vliegtuig. Voor een tijd, is de batterij uitgegroeid tot de gemeenschappelijke vijanden van muizen op straat.

Naast de kwaliteit van de batterij zelf, in feite, het gebruik van kunstmatige voeding is ook zeer belangrijk. We weten allemaal dat de batterij is een verbruiksartikel, een levensduur van de batterij is over het algemeen 1-3 jaar, natuurlijk, goede kwaliteit, er zijn ook langer, en de levensduur van de batterij met de gebruikelijke gewoonten zijn nauw verwant. Er zijn veel gebruikers met behulp van de laptop wordt vaak de batterij is geïnstalleerd op een laptop, bijna nooit de stekker uit het ogenschijnlijk gemakkelijke beslissing, maar het verpest het leven van enkele maanden of zelfs meer batterij.

Ondeugden vier: mappen Direct delete
Na het installeren van de software, hebben we meestal een installatie directory, en eigenlijk geïnstalleerde bestanden in deze map, zeg "substantieel" in, het is want als de software of het spel is geïnstalleerd, wordt het bestand nog steeds deel uitmaken van de informatie wordt opgeslagen in het systeemvak, indien rechtstreeks in de map te verwijderen, dat zou het systeemvak ongewenste bestanden opgestapeld.

Configuratiescherm om hardware systemen hp ProBook 4520s accu toevoegen en verwijderen meestal bieden functies om hardware toe te voegen en te verwijderen, deze functie gebruiken om te verwijderen van de software is de meest grondige.

Ondeugden drie: wat wordt standaard geïnstalleerd in het systeemvak
Bij het uitvoeren van computer operatie, is natuurlijk de meest elementaire software-installatie, als je me vertellen dat je niet de software te installeren, dan crashte ik. Als je mij vertellen dit is heel simpel, alles te selecteren op Volgende en vervolgens compleet te krijgen, dan gefeliciteerd, de systeemschijf worden ingevuld in de nabije toekomst, zal het systeem erg traag, en er kan een volledige instorting zijn.

In het algemeen, zowel downloadbare software of cd-rom te installeren hun nemen, zal het systeem in de C-schijf, dat is de systeemschijf standaardinstelling, wordt geïnstalleerd, zal het systeem schijfruimte leiden tot veel problemen, heb ik soortgelijke problemen . Computer van een vriend kan niet in het systeem, en uiteindelijk slaagde ik erin om in het systeem, andere software, zelfs de C-schijf is slechts een paar megabyte aan ruimte, dus ik echt bang voor mensen, dus het is aangeraden om de software te installeren wanneer we hebben meestal een goede gewoonte .

Ondeugden twee: Herhaal schakelaar
Herhaaldelijk schakelen wie is wie in dit nummer zijn te verwachten, of het is te begrijpen de beginnende computergebruiker niet begrijpen computers of garnalen, waarschijnlijk zonder het te weten de ontwikkeling van deze slechte gewoonte.

In feite, zo zal ook uw computer opstart en afsluit schade toebrengen, maar ook het tijdsinterval tussen de twee aandacht waard.
Frequente korte puls spanningspieken kunnen beschadigen uw computer hp Pavilion DV4000 Accu IC, ten tweede, het grootste kwaad is harde, harde schijven zijn nu high-speed vaste schijven, uit het afsnijden van de voeding naar de schijf volledig tot stilstand, neem een ​​vrij lange tijd. Als de schijf niet wordt gestopt, reboot, is gelijk aan de toestand van de harde schijf in een langzame-re versnelling. Als deze trend doorzet, zal dit zeker een impact op uw harde schijf leven niet gegarandeerd is.

Met de ontwikkeling van de technologie, heeft het merk desktop stabiliteit een zeer hoog niveau bereikt, dus nu het merk chassis ook zelden op de RESET-knop, waaruit blijkt dat, indien onze machines crash situatie, dan kunnen we stellen alleen gedwongen uitschakeling, waardoor het makkelijker wordt om schade aan de harde schijf veroorzaken, dus moeten we aandacht besteden aan onze normale switch operatie, om onze computers te beschermen.

Ondeugden men: zet nooit mijn harde schijf
Voor het sorteren en schoonmaken van de harde schijf is een van de meest elementaire stappen verzorging van uw computer. Rijd langdurig gebruik is gebonden aan een hoop ongewenste bestanden en schijf fragmentatie, fragmentatie van de harde schijf regelmatig te organiseren accumuleren, dat bevorderlijk is voor de release van de harde schijf ruimte zal zijn.
Systeem is het Xiaobian denk dat veel gebruikers niet zullen merken van de harde schijf sorteren, want voor de hand liggende dingen op het bureaublad, kunnen we er ook rekening mee dat, maar voor degenen die de stukken niet zag, vaak zonder dit bewustzijn. hp Pavilion dv6 accu
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