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December 11 , undertaken by China North Industries Group North Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, CASE wheel loaders armor modification project successfully passed the acceptance , after the modified loader full protection of troops sent .

Acceptance Group heard a CASE wheel loaders armor modification research report on the work carried out for the appearance of modified vehicles , electrical appliances and other tests , its operating performance was real vehicle test and inspection and acceptance of all technical documents, including the size of the pattern , test reports, quality records and other relevant information. The Group believes that : After design , engineering , prototype vehicle prototype , batch conversion , etc., completed the development of the content of the contract , to the technical specifications of the contract ; through the appearance of modified vehicles , appliances, operating performance and other on-site inspection , its performance to meet the technical requirements ; accordance with the quality management system requirements for the completion of each stage of the assessment , the whole process controlled , relevant technical documents traceability records have provided complete and meet the standardization requirements. Acceptance Group agreed that the project approved.

CASE wheel loaders material modification project is the first hospital in the project on a turnkey basis for heavy construction machinery carried armor modifications, changes in leaps and bounds from providing components to provide vehicle protection program design, engineering modification, maintenance and support services package enhance the technical status of the material hospital , market position , forming a new economic growth point. The success of the project , breaking the blockade of the West of protection technology , to fill the gap and meet the needs of the armed forces , has important significance.

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Between winter months , gradually cold weather covering everything works continue possibilities. Most projects have been suspended, until the next spring when the outbreak . But eighteen convening of the Third Plenary Session , as well as downstream investment growth again raised the industry's confidence. In fact, all the recent dynamic show that the construction machinery industry is moving toward warmer on the road, coming into the warm breezes , is when the period of construction machinery resurgence .

October excavator industry marketing chain pairs up with

Industry data show that in October 2013 excavator industry sales 7537 units, up 23.7% , growth of 8.9%. 1-10 month cumulative sales of 97,935 units excavators , down 6.6% , compared with a decline of 8.4% 1-9 months narrowed 1.8 percentage points. From the product structure , Oct. big dig , digging , digging a small rose 57 percent , respectively , 15.6%, 30.2%. January to October , an increase of 3.1% in small dug , dug , dug a large drop of 4.0% year on year and 36.8% . Geographically, October excavator exports grew by 17.2% , domestic sales grew by 26.5% . Eastern and western regions , respectively, which achieved 40.9% and 29.1% growth , the central region rose 9.6%. January-October exports fell 0.3 percent excavators , domestic sales fell 6.3%. Flat year on year in the eastern , central, western , respectively, year on year decline of 12.6% and 6.5% respectively . Industry experts expect the excavator industry is expected to achieve annual sales of 115,000 units. It is reported that in September , the main products of construction machinery industry grew 11.16 percent of total sales , sales of construction machinery products has shown a steady upward trend.

October manufacturing PMI rose to 51.4% in 18 -month high

Reporters recently learned from the National Statistics website , in October 2013 , China 's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 51.4 percent, up 0.3 percentage point rise for four consecutive months , for the 18 months since a new high . National Bureau of Investigation Services , Senior Statistician Zhao Qing River, said that China's manufacturing economy continued steady for the better , but the production and operation of small and micro enterprises still faced with many difficulties , to effectively implement the State Council to promote small and micro enterprise development measures further reinforce the stability of the economy to the good foundation.

Three quarters of macroeconomic market recovery

Recently, the Bureau of Statistics released data show that three quarters of China's GDP grew by 7.8% , growth of 2.2% ; September above-scale industrial added value increased 10.2% from January to September the national scale industrial added value increased by 9.6% the growth rate accelerated 0.3 percentage points over the first half . Three quarters of macroeconomic rebound quickly , to achieve annual economic growth target laid a good foundation.

Construction machinery industry fundamentals have not improved annual results sharply probability. However, the steady growth of national policy on the development impact of the construction machinery industry is gradually emerging , long-term stable macroeconomic environment is to be expected , the construction machinery industry will gradually become stable development. In fact, our recent high-speed rail , highways, railways, urban rail transit and municipal construction and other fields positive constant , demand for construction machinery provided some support. Expected future construction machinery market not continue to fall gradually modest recovery will be the development trend .

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If searching for the distinction of Ethernet over Fiber and traditional Ethernet technology, you will find stuff that one has to keep in mind. The more someone has used both the ethernet and fiber optic network services, the faster the first is capable of seeing the difference together. There has never been an occasion when Ethernet is perfect like it reaches this moment because of using fiber optics. Why? The need to increase internet speed is the major reason.

Companies and business people use Ethernet services to keep data and transfer information inside their institutions. Attaining internet speed is one of the reason everyone should upgrade their current bandwidth. With Ethernet over Fiber, there are better video and audio and data applications employed for businesses purposes such as advertising and business promotions every so often.

After using these applications for a while, you realize the rate where the transfer data from one spot to another varies. A paramount thing about this process is the notion that it allows for quick data transfer in one place to another through fiber optic cables. And between your traditional Ethernet devices and fiber optic network equipments, patch cables can be used for the bond. For instance, the SC to LC fiber patch cable is commonly utilized in the Ethernet cabling.

Ethernet over Fiber is an extremely cost effective enterprise answer and it thus becomes the business solution that everybody wants to go for. It is the best option of all the available technologies within the design and development market today. Its speed is higher, effective and efficient as compared to the traditional cables, wireless connections and also the satellites. In addition, Ethernet over Fiber can go up to around 50Mbps in the initial period, latter to 100Mbps, 1000Mbps, 10Gbps and even 100Gbps now.

In terms of holding capacities, this technology has a higher capacity different from every other type of connections. We've got the technology has the ability to carry data over a longer distance compared to traditional cables, wireless connections and the satellites. It's also lightweight, has a longer lifespan that other connections do not have and therefore, it's simpler to handle.

The other essential aspect with Ethernet services is they can work in any place anytime and therefore they are not location specific. For people, business owners and companies that are looking to determine a gradual change in data transmission speed, choosing the ethernet will allow them to see the difference.

The most important thing is that for the system to work faster and effectively, it is mandatory to achieve the right infrastructure installed. Many telecommunication and cable information mill putting this technology to make use of to enhance their services and productivity. Due to the interest in fraxel treatments, companies have opted to put in place the right infrastructure, which be sure that the technology itself works well and to the utmost.

FiberStore, an innovator of fiber network solution, now provides number of cables and devices in line with the technology of Ethernet over Fiber. Whether LC LC fiber, ST LC fiber, LC pigtail and Ethernet media converter, are all available.
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About Fiber Optic Media Converter:

A fiber optic media converter is a simple networking device, the fiber to ethernet media converter can converts one network media type (defined by the cable, connector, and bandwidth) into another. They are also used in metropolitan area network (MAN) access and data transport services to enterprise customers. This transition allows any business, no matter what its size, to expand their old network with the latest technology. This flexibility allows for a greater efficiency and harmony between departments and individuals.

A typical media converter is made up of two transceivers, sometimes referred to as media attachment units. These can transmit data to and from each other. Each MAU (Media Attachment Unit) comes with a different industry standard format fibre connector which is able to join different types of media. The basic concept is that one media type enters and another exits. All connectors are up to date with the latest IEEE standards and protocols.

Benefits of Ethernet to Fiber Optic Converters:

Protects your investment in existing copper ethernet-based hardware
Provides you with the flexibility to add fiber on a port-by-port basis
Enjoy the benefits of fiber without have to make wholesale changes
Fast ethernet or Gigabit ethernet to multi-mode or single mode
Ethernet to fiber and fiber back to ethernet links
Create copper-fiber connections with fiber switches

Why used the fiber to ethernet media converter?

Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter models that are best suited for enterprise and Service Provider applications, offer an on-board processor to continuously monitor that both fiber connections are up. This functionality, generally referred to as "Link Pass-Through", monitors the state of the link to the end devices and ensures that each end-point knows whether the entire link is up or not. Some media converter products do not have this intelligence and simply "nail up" the link even though the fiber link peer is down. With Link Pass-Through, a feature available in all FiberStore Fiber to Fiber Optic Converters, the network's SNMP management system can be alerted when a fault occurs so that corrective action can take place.

Fiber to ethernet network media converters are used in Cisco Systems, IBM, Nortel, Microsoft and ADC. By using our media converters, these world leading enterprises cut their cabling cost. Based on Transition Point System advantages, users could save the cost while do not degrade the network performance.

FiberStore is an professional manufacturer & supplier of fiber to Ethernet converter and fiber optic cable. All of our fiber media converters are tested in house prior to shipping to guarantee that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. If you have questions about optics(such as customized the fiber to ethernet converter,fiber optic cable specifications,ect.), please feel free to contact us at sales@fiberstore.com.
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Xinhua Beijing October 16 (Reporter Hua Ye Di Zhu Zhu ) New Energy Secretary, National Energy Board in Beijing , said Wang Jun 16, 2011 , is expected by year's end , the national wind power installed capacity will be more than 75 million kilowatts of wind power generating capacity will reach 140 billion kwh , China is already the world's wind power capacity up country, he also disclosed that the National Energy Board is to further improve the relevant policies , and vigorously support the development of wind power industry , and strive to use 2-3 years to basically solve the problem of abandoned wind power rationing .

Wang Jun is the 2013 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition opening event made ​​the above remarks. Wang Jun said that after years of practice, a substantial increase in the level of wind power technology , power generation costs continue to decline , the development of wind power has become a response to climate change , the strategic measures to achieve energy transformation .

Over the past year , the world's wind power industry still maintained a rapid growth momentum , to the end of the global wind power installed capacity reached 280 million kilowatts , the annual additional 45 million kilowatts ; wind power electricity supply in the world in the proportion of 2.6 %, compared with 2011 increased by 0.5 percentage points. Development of wind power in countries and regions have also been increased to more than 110 , of which achieve large-scale commercial operations to 90 countries .

China is currently the world's wind power capacity than any other country in recent years, wind power equipment technology has been greatly improved . Wang Jun is expected by year's end , the national wind power installed capacity will be more than 75 million kilowatts of wind power generating capacity will reach 140 billion kwh . Nevertheless, compared to the world advanced level , China's still a certain gap. Statistics show that last year, the European wind power has met seven percent of the electricity demand , the U.S. wind power accounted for the rapid increase to 3.4 percent , the European Union and the United States also raised recently in 2050 the total renewable energy target of 80% electricity consumption , including wind power will become a major component of force.

Wang Jun said that the quality and health is the basis for the development of wind power industry , wind power equipment to ensure the quality of the wind power industry to achieve sustainable development is an important guarantee . With the rapid development of wind power in China , the existing power system operating rules and management system not suited to all kinds of power lack of overall planning of convergence , wind power and network operation technology needs to be improved and other issues become increasingly prominent , especially wind power should replace coal-fired thermal power, first generation, full consumptive idea has not yet formed a consensus , causing more serious problems abandoned wind power rationing , restricting China 's wind power industry sustained and healthy development .

Wang Jun also disclosed that the National Energy Board is currently being further improve relevant policies , and vigorously support the development of wind power industry , " actively promote the reform of the power system operation and management , and strive to achieve the wind power priority access and full acquisition ; strengthen Hebei, Jilin , Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other wind power brownouts hit areas of research and operational regulatory issues , develop targeted solutions, while , for the introduction of the implementation of renewable energy quota system , and strive to use 2-3 years to basically solve the problem of abandoned wind power rationing . "

Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, organized by the China Renewable Energy Association Professional Committee of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization of Renewable Energy Professional Committee and other agencies co-sponsored this conference to the " quality and health " as the theme for a period of from 16 to 18 day period of three days to more than 20 countries , more than 500 wind power equipment manufacturers and related organizations on behalf of more than 3,000 participants.

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Newspaper Zhengzhou, September 22 (Reporter Xiao Peiqing correspondent Zhang Zhiyong Li Wai) Recently, the Longhai line OK Mu ditch to take to the streets interval, 12 sets of large-scale road maintenance machinery in accordance with the programs developed in advance of the sieve after the lines complement fragments, chopped solid, shaping ...... reporter saw, each preceded by a plastic car warning shot handheld workers guided vehicle operations, to ensure construction quality and safety. Since the centralized repair construction began, Zhengzhou Public Works Machinery segment enhance on-site control, fixed security, strict security cadres package, full truss security "fence." Currently, this segment has safely tamping lines 220.5 km, 21.2 km sieve lines, replacement of CWR 12.7 km.

Zhengzhou section of existing large-scale public works machinery maintenance machinery 93 units, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, the construction of the main line centralized repair. From September 1 to October 19, this section will use the 30 "skylights" point-to-tube Longhai Railway, Beijing-Kowloon line centralized repair construction.

In order to ensure construction quality and safety, each pre-construction, this section must secure a special meeting convened to determine the different projects, different sources of risk job security, and to develop realistic security risk card control measures. They follow "process optimization, improved standards, responsibilities clear, process control, powerful execution" principle, improve the "Line large and medium repair technology management approach", refined lines sieve, for rails, tamping and rail grinding, emergency and other seven categories 49 construction work processes and standards, and advance issued to each team for construction personnel familiar with.

This section of construction vehicles operating rules strictly enforced arrange package security cadres in charge of security in the car business stare control, confirmation signal and the way out; in screen cleaning and shaping operations with ballasted front of the car, arrange for someone to use warning telescopic rod guide arm swing prevent collisions catenary lever arm; every 75 meters to install a lever to prevent new rail for rail expansion ran; site where people gather to set safety belt, to prevent operating personnel and equipment invade adjacent lines.

Construction process, this segment more than 60 Kaneyasu cadres site to ensure construction safety foolproof.

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Convertidor serial ethernet permite que grandes cantidades de informaci¨®n que se transfieren a trav¨¦s de cada puerto de serie junto con una conexi¨®n Ethernet r¨¢pida. El aumento del control y la automatizaci¨®n de la serie a trav¨¦s de convertidor de Ethernet, a trav¨¦s de su infraestructura de red existente, pueden ayudar a reducir los costos y mejorar la eficiencia, y lo suficientemente inteligente para cualquier entorno de oficina.

Principales caracter¨ªsticas de Ethernet al convertidor serial :
Sustituci¨®n del cable con serial- Ethernet;
Tienen puertos COM virtuales conectar PC/servidores a dispositivos serie remotos a trav¨¦s de Ethernet;
Comunicar a m¨²ltiples dispositivos en serie al mismo tiempo a trav¨¦s de una red;
Use serial- Ethernet para reemplazar las conexiones de m¨®dem de serie marcado manual existente;
Administrar el puerto de consola serie en equipos remotos ( servidores , routers , switches, etc ) a trav¨¦s de Ethernet oa trav¨¦s de conexiones de banda;
Use serial- Ethernet para conectar PLCs de serie a Ethernet;
Conecte el equipo de se㸚їµÏ¡ã¸’“—µ¨®n de serie a trav¨¦s de Ethernet con los adaptadores de serie - Ethernet.Todos los convertidores de serie cuentan con un m¨ªnimo de un puerto Ethernet y el software seleccionables RS232/422/485 interfaces en serie , y cumplen con la seguridad IEC (IEC 60950-1) y los est¨¢ndares EMC (EN 61000). Apoyan diversos protocolos para la transmisi¨®n de datos en serie, incluyendo Modbus/TCP, los datos de serie primas m¨¢s UTP, IPv4 e IPv6. Los dispositivos de 4 y 8 puertos RS422/485, como con el resto de la gama, van a permitir la conexi¨®n a trav¨¦s de una red sin p¨¦rdida de fiabilidad o integridad de la se㸚Ñ. El nivel de seã¸šÑ Conector Port3 es de RS485 o RS232. Este puerto se puede establecer como un puerto de comunicaci¨®n del m¨®dulo CPU general y utilizarse para aplicaciones perif¨¦ricas.

Una de las principales diferencias entre ethernet rs232 y m¨®dem RS422/RS485 es el modo de se㸚їµÏ¡ã¸’“—µ¨®n. RS232 es desequilibrado mientras RS422/RS485 es equilibrada. Una seã¸šÑ desequilibrada est¨¢ representado por un ¨²nico cable de seã¸šÑ donde se utiliza un nivel de tensi¨®n en el que uno de los cables para transmitir/recibir binarios se puede considerar un controlador de seã¸šÑ de empuje. Por otro lado, una seã¸šÑ equilibrada est¨¢ representado por un par de cables que se utiliza una diferencia de voltaje para transmitir/recibir informaci¨®n binaria: una especie de empuje -tracci¨®n conductor de se㸚Ñ. En pocas palabras, la seã¸šÑ de nivel de tensi¨®n desequilibrada viaja m¨¢s lenta y m¨¢s corta que una seã¸šÑ de diferencia de tensi¨®n equilibrada.Convertidor RS485 a veces se denomina como RS485 LAN multipunto, ya que puede conectar varios dispositivos en un entorno de red LAN. Estos dispositivos est¨¢n todos conectados a un solo cable de par. Transmitir y recibir compartir los mismos dos alambres.

Serie a modo de puente de LAN permitiendo puente transparente de dispositivos serie a trav¨¦s de LAN, utilizando los 3 Mbps Fast UART. Modo de mando a Internet completa permite una simple microcontrolador para usar el protocolo del m¨®dulo y capacidades de aplicaci¨®n para llevar a cabo operaciones complejas de Internet, como el correo electr¨®nico, FTP , SSL, servidor web integrado y otros. Tambi¨¦n act¨²a como un servidor de seguridad, proporcionando una brecha de seguridad entre la aplicaci¨®n y la red. Modo de emulaci¨®n de m¨®dem PPP permite diseNªQ modernos existentes actualmente utilizan PPP para conectar de forma transparente a trav¨¦s de LAN.

Con carcasas met¨¢licas robustas y de refrigeraci¨®n sin ventilador, los convertidores son, al ofrecer caracter¨ªsticas y beneficios para adaptarse a aplicaciones como la fabricaci¨®n discreta, las operaciones de transformaci¨®n, la generaci¨®n y distribuci¨®n de energ¨ªa, y la automatizaci¨®n de edificios. Fiberstore es un fabricante l¨ªder en conectividad en serie, ha introducido convertidor RS422/RS485 convertidor de versiones de su puerto Ethernet de 4 y 8 a productos en serie. Al igual que con todos nuestros Ethernet a los dispositivos de puerto serie, estos nuevos productos est¨¢n dise㸲óNªQ para proporcionar conexiones f¨¢ciles, r¨¢pidas y confiables entre ordenadores y dispositivos en red con puertos serie, ya sea en el escritorio o en todo el mundo.
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Convertidor fibra ¨®ptica hace que la conversi¨®n de un tipo de red de medios de comunicaci¨®n (incluyendo cables, tipos de conexi¨®n y ancho de banda) a otro tipo de papel, puede conectar diferentes redes de ¨¢rea local (LAN) de medios, modificando duplex y velocidad. Fibra convertidores de medios se hab¨ªa introducido a la industria de casi dos d¨¦cadas, y desempe㸜` un papel importante en los viejos sistemas de cableado de interconexi¨®n existentes a base de cobre, estructuradas con los ¨²ltimos sistemas de fibra ¨®ptica. Convertidores de medios se utilizan para extender la red, se puede conectar a conmutadores de red, hubs, routers y hasta directos a servidores de un ordenador.

Estructura de Convertidor Ethernet
Un convertidor de los medios de comunicaci¨®n se compone de dos transceptores o MAU (unidades de conexi¨®n de los medios de comunicaci¨®n) que puede transmitir datos a y recibir datos entre s¨ª, y una fuente de alimentaci¨®n.

Cada uno de el transmisor-receptor (MAU) tiene un conector est¨¢ndar de la industria diferente para unirse a los diferentes medios de comunicaci¨®n. Un tipo de material que entra y otro tipo de material que sale. Los conectores cumplen con las especificaciones IEEE est¨¢ndar y utiliza codificaciones de datos est¨¢ndar y pruebas de enlace.

Los tipos y aplicaciones de convertidores de medios
Medios de la fibra Convertidores permitir la mejora de la red a la tecnolog¨ªa mejor y m¨¢s r¨¢pido, tales como cableado de fibra ¨®ptica, sin necesidad de una red completa retrofit. Medios tipos de convertidor van desde dispositivos independientes pequeNªQ y convertidores de tarjeta de PC para sistemas de chasis de alta densidad de puertos que ofrecen muchas caracter¨ªsticas avanzadas para la gesti¨®n de la red.

Conversores de medios puede conectar legado 10BASE-T segmentos de red m¨¢s reciente 100BASE-TX o la infraestructura Ethernet 100BASE-FX Fast. Por ejemplo, los centros semid¨²plex existentes se pueden conectar a 100BASE-TX Fast segmentos de la red de Ethernet a trav¨¦s de fibra 100BASE-FX.

Una fibra al convertidor de Ethernet convierte las se㸚ÑÅʪQ de Ethernet el¨¦ctricos digitales a se㸚ÑÅʪQ ¨®pticas. 10/100M BIDI WDM Ethernet convertidor de medios de comunicaci¨®n y de Ethernet del 10/100M convertidor de medios se extienden distancias de transmisi¨®n m¨¢s all¨¢ de las capacidades del cableado de par trenzado, y pueden alcanzar hasta 2 km, a 20, a 40, a 60, a 80, a 100 km o 120 kilometros.

10/100/1000 Media Converter convierte la transmisi¨®n de datos entre las se㸚ÑÅʪQ el¨¦ctricas de par trenzado y se㸚ÑÅʪQ ¨®pticas. Estos convertidores de medios puede medida la distancia de transmisi¨®n de una red de 1000m a trav¨¦s de cables de cobre 120 km en los que no hay ayuda de cualquier otro convertidor. Usando 10/100/1000 convertidores de medios es una soluci¨®n econ¨®mica para lograr la transmisi¨®n de larga distancia.

Gigabit Media Converter convierte y transmite redes Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit en redes de fibra ¨®ptica, que se aplica en Gigabit Ethernet de cobre para equipos de conversi¨®n de fibra. Gigabit convertidor de medios puede proporcionar conectividad edificio a edificio y ahorrar mucho dinero.

Ethernet Conversores de 10 Gigabit cumplir los enlaces de conexi¨®n de 10 Gigabit Ethernet en distancias cortas o largas en aplicaciones de alta densidad. 10G convertidores de medios puede extender las l¨ªneas de 10GE desde 26 metros hasta 160 kilometros entre switches y routers con cobre a fibra o fibra a la conversi¨®n de la fibra.

Convertidor de fibra optica bastidor del chasis se utiliza principalmente para administrar diversos convertidores de medios, todos los convertidores conectados en el chasis compartir¨¢n misma fuente de alimentaci¨®n. Hay 14 Ranura Media Converter chasis, chasis de 16 ranuras de medios convertidor y 17 ranura del chasis convertidor de medios de comunicaci¨®n. 14 Tipo de ranura del chasis convertidor de medios de convertidor de tipos independiente, 16 ranura del chasis convertidor de medios de convertidores de medios de tipo de tarjeta y 17 ranura del chasis convertidor de medios de Ethernet de fibra o Ethernet de cobre convertidor de medios de comunicaci¨®n.

Un modo simple al convertidor multimodo realiza la conversi¨®n transparente entre monomodo y fibra ¨®ptica multimodo. Se utiliza en las aplicaciones en las que la conversi¨®n de medios requiere multimodo entre los segmentos separados por largas distancias. Ellos no s¨®lo cumplen la conversi¨®n de modo ¨²nico y multimodo en 850nm/1310nm longitud de onda, sino tambi¨¦n la de 850nm/1310nm y longitudes de onda de 1550 nm.
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If you have a network that uses the older type of copper cables and another network that utilizes faster and more reliable fiber optic cables, it is possible to connect them together by using a special product named Fiber Media Converter. A media converter changes signals on a copper cable to signals that run on fiber, make one cable ¡°look¡± like another cable without changing the nature of the network. Due to this function, network executives who need to upgrade their systems from copper to fiber but don¡¯t have the budget, manpower or time, just turn to media converters.

Fiber Optic Media Converter is a small device with two media-dependent interfaces and a power supply, simply receive data signals from one media, convert and transmit them to another media. It can be installed almost anywhere in a network. The style of connector depends on the selection of media to be converted by the unit. In a Fast Ethernet environment, a 100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Media Converter connects a 100Base-TX twisted-pair device to a 100Base-FX compliant single or multimode fiber port that has a fiber-optic connector. In a Gigabit Ethernet, a media converter commonly is deployed to convert multimode to single-mode fiber. Media converters are designed to be implemented in Ethernet networks and some ATM applications. Media converters are also playing a role in facilitating the optical last-mile connection to metropolitan-area networks.

How does a fiber optic media converter work?

Media converters work on the physical layer of the network. They receive data signals from one media and convert them to another while remaining invisible to data traffic and other net devices. They do not interfere with upper-level protocol information. This lets them support quality of service and Layer 3 switching.

Media converters change the format of an Ethernet-based signal on Cat-5 into a format compatible with fiber optics. At the other end of the fiber cable run, a second media converter is used to change the data back to its original format. One important difference to note between Cat-5 and fiber is that Cat-5 cables and RJ45 jacks are bidirectional while fiber is not. Thus, every fiber run in a system must include two fiber cables, one carrying data in each direction. These are typically labeled transmit (or Tx) and receive (or Rx).

Media Converters can function in either half-duplex or full duplex mode. Full duplex Ethernet over UTP runs at 20 or 200Mbps, while half-duplex Ethernet over UTP runs at either 10 or 100 Mbps. Full duplex Ethernet is especially valuable in linking two switches or connecting a switch to a file server. No adjustments are necessary when using either mode. A Fiber Optic Media Converter will automatically sense which mode is in operation.

There are several types of fiber optic media converters available, such as Ethernet Media Converter, 10/100/1000 Media Converters, Gigabit Ethernet Converter, Mulitmode Singlemode Media Converter, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, Media Converter Rack Chassis, etc.

Fiber optic converter should be placed in a secure location that can not be disturbed by people or machinery. Every computer connected to the fiber optic cable will lose it¡¯s internet connection if the converter is removed or broken. Converters contain special materials that only work properly in specific temperature ranges so it is important to keep them in controlled temperature rooms that never get too hot or cold.
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PDH Multiplexer, or Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy multiplexer, is a kind of point-to-point optical transmission equipment used to transport large quantities of data over digital transport media, for example fiber-optic and microwave radio systems. PDH Multiplexer is designed of highly integrated structure and provides 16 standard E1 interfaces together with one channel of order wire, with self-contained alarm and NM functions, in addition to self-testing and E1 loop-back testing functions. The unit is popularly with telecommunication operator. It is suitable running a business for communication operator, government and kinds of entities.

PDH was created in the early 1960s. It derives its names in the Greek term "plesio," meaning near, and "chronos," meaning time. The name refers back to the fact that networks using PDH run in a state of just about, although not quite, perfect synchronization. PDH was the very first standardized multiplexing hierarchy based on time-division multiplexing. It works by channeling numerous individual channels into higher-level channels.

Work Theory Of PDH Multiplexer
The PDH product is in line with the theory when you've two identical clocks, each the same brand, style and everything, there is no guarantee that they'll run at the exact same speed. Most likely one of these is going to be slightly out of synchronization using the other. The transmitting multiplexer combines the incoming data streams, compensates for just about any slower incoming information, reconstructs the initial data and sends it back out at the correct rates. This system allows for that slight variation in speed and corrects it during transfer to keep the machine constantly running without pausing and waiting for certain slower data to arrive before sending it on. PDH simply fills within the missing bits to match a smooth change in data.

PDH made little provision for management of the network, and the need to fully de-multiplex a high level carrier to extract a lower level signal resulted in enhancing the capacity of PDH networks beyond a certain point wasn't economically viable. The main economic factor was the cost of the equipment required at each cross-connect point within the network where either individual channels or low-level multiplexed data streams should be extracted or added. Additionally, it added additional latency and increased the possibility of errors occurring, thereby reducing network reliability.

Available Kinds of PDH multiplexer
Traditionally, each channel in PDH was a digitized voice, but video information and knowledge can also be sent of these channels. The fundamental channel is 64 Kbits per second, which is the bandwidth that is required to deliver a voice call that's been converted from analog to digital.

N*E1 PDH Fiber Optic Multiplexers make use of the PDH fiber transmission technologies. The 2M (E1) interfaces can interact with the exchanger, light loop tool and multi-diplexer directly to form the micromini or the special network. Complete alarm function for N*E1 PDH Fiber Optic Multiplexers, it's stable, easy to maintenance and install, small in size. It can support one digital service telephone.

PDH Multiplexer can multiplex 4/8/16E1, Ethernet Media Converter (2*10/100Mbps) and V.35 signals in one fiber channel to deliver. It's ideal for low capacity, point-to-point application of remote transmission. The PDH Multiplexer can be applied to create economical and flexible multi-service transmission networks, employed for relay between switch offices, data transmission of LAN, 2M access of lease service for key clients, voice cutover for residental areas/intelligent buildings, and connection of base stations and other various digital transmission networks. Fiber Optic Multiplexer is reliable, stable, simple to install and keep, which may be monitored from Fi-view-MST management software, that is popular in voice and knowledge application field.

Source from PDH Optical Multiplexer Wiki
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