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The ELM327 V1.5 on-board diagnostic tool is a special computerized system that services and monitors the performance of your car; while assessing the overall system and notifying problems to the car owner and automotive repair technicians and professionals. This new system evaluates the standard components of the car under specific criteria as well as emission controls by using the computer language. ELM327 essentially act as a tool that gives early warnings of identifying problems to the car owner before these problems turn into major repair and servicing bills.

This wireless and Bluetooth enabled auto ELM327 car diagnostic tool essentially diagnose problems on reading the diagnostic trouble codes; including both manufacture related and generic codes and subsequently display the meaning or potential problems in developing the car. The Auto ELM327 V1.5 OBD2 tool also keeps a check on the engine lights. Surprisingly, the tool can track and check for a huge number of problems including calculation of load value, engine RPM, status of the fuel system, coolant temperature, short and long term fuel trim, speed of the car, intake air temperature, timing advance, air flow rate, oxygen sensor voltages and associated short term fuel trims, absolute throttle position as well as fuel pressure and much more.

The ELM327 OBD tool is designed specifically to ensure easy and convenient use while ensuring compatibility with all types of OBD2 vehicles and EOBD vehicles. OBD2 vehicles are the ones that are manufactured after 1996 in the USA. And, petrol version cars with manufacturing after 2001 and diesel version cars with manufacturing after 2003 and 2004 come under the category of EOBD vehicles in the Europe. For all the cars in order to be OBD2 compliant, they must be embedded with a 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC pin) under the dashboard along with the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label. However, this tool ensures compatibility with all major car models including Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Jaguar etc.

As it has been determined that the ELM327 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool is introduced to monitor and keep a track on the key engine component parts which make up the car emission system, it is also successful in detecting any deterioration of the malfunction taking place in these components before the driver gets aware of the problem. Whenever a problem is detected that could cause an extensive increase in the emission of air, the ELM327 OBD system turns on the warning light placed near dashboard as an alert for a driver/owner to get it checked by a professional technician.

The OBD2 tool is coupled with an advantage of easy installation process requiring you to perform few simple quick steps in order to do it on the go. Aside from preventing costly repairs of mechanical components in the car, the system impacts air pollution as well in the environment. The reason being if an engine is running inefficiently, this certainly results in waste of fuel and eventually performance of the engine gets deteriorated; eventually increasing the air emissions in the environment. With this Super Slim ELM327, you could essentially stop developing such critical and serious problems. In addition to reaping benefits for vehicle owners, this system is beneficial for state agencies, vehicle and engine manufacturers as well as repair technicians and automotive professionals.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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Car OBD2 Scanner is car scanning gadgets which have gained preference for many users all around the world in the vehicle diagnostic services without necessarily spending too much on your car. These devices have been designed and developed in line with the modern technological innovations which are geared towards automation of most of the auto maintenance services. They are also tailored to serve the emerging wide range of models of vehicles that continue to be made every day. The following features have enabled the gadgets to perform diagnosis in a convenient manner:

ELM 327 USB Code Scanner uses OBD -II software which is a user friendly program that enables you to use your computer to extract information from the vehicle's computer. The software is easy to learn and install and helps the user to access trouble codes both generic and those of manufacturers interpreting their meaning. The scanner can define over 3000 generic codes in a given database enabling the user to easily check the engine of the car during the diagnostic process

ELM 327 USB Code Scanner also allows you to perform a wide range of functions like checking vehicle speed, showing fuel status, controlling air intake and determining the cargo value of the vehicle. However cars that use this gadget have to be OBD enabled for the program to detect the connection. There those which are corded while others are cordless.

ELM 327 USB is the modified computer based car scanning gadget fitted with a large number of software that are specific to its operation. It is designed in a way to support all OBD-programs which are available for free. It enables the user to use his Laptop and an OBD interface to derive information from the computer of the car. The device is light and portable which allows a convenience in scanning of the car system to detect the condition of the vehicle like checking the engine light and other diagnostics. It comes with instructions on how to start off your diagnostic and is also easy to install. They exist in different makes designing for different vehicles and hence there is no limitation to use based on the type of your car

Car OBD2 devices enable the user to undertake diagnostic functions like fuel trimming, pressure control, check air flow rate, determine oxygen voltages, graphing data and logging. The device uses software which is able to transmit over 3000 codes in the car to the interface which is the basis for diagnostics. It also helps the user to easily determine the emission condition of the car before taking the emission tests

ELM 327 USB OBD2 is a later model of scanners which is OBD-II enabled and operates in a more convenient way taking more functions simultaneously at a faster speed. It saves more time to use this device in motor vehicle diagnosis which also saves on costs which would have incurred if the car was taken to the garage for diagnosis. Once connected to the car and a hardware interface, all information is displayed on the personal computer allowing easy diagnosis. The gadget is light and comes in a variety of models developed for all types of cars which are OBD most compliant

ELM 327 Code Scanner, ELM 327 USB, ELM 327 USB OBD2 devices are available in the market and are fitted with user's instruction upon purchase. You only need a computer as OBD- II software that they use is downloaded for free

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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It goes without saying that the MaxiScan MS309 has come as a welcome relief to many vehicle owners. Presently, rapid advancement in technology is responsible for the production of innovative and more powerful vehicles that are not only able to withstand the harshest conditions but also, ensure comfort, luxury, safety and security of the occupants. Modern vehicles are now able to link with technological systems referred to as electronic control units or ECUs installed in vehicles and depend on them to monitor operations of vehicles from speed and coolant temperature to transmission and management of the vehicles' engines. When any problems with a vehicle are detected, Diagnostic Trouble Code is used by ECU to report the problem. OBD II scanners are the recommended vehicle diagnostic devices that permit ease of access to a vehicle's diagnostic data. One of the most efficient and effective OBD II scanner is MaxiScan MS309.

The Unique Features and Benefits of MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 Scanner

MaxiScan MS309 is a relatively small sized OBD II diagnostic device that allows you to easily and quickly access your vehicle's Diagnostic Trouble Codes and in so doing, help you make informed decisions that deal with any vehicle problems wherever and whenever they occur more efficiently. The MaxiScan MS309 works on vehicles that are compliant with Controller Area Network protocol and OBD II compliant cars, retailed globally since 1996. What makes this scanner stands out from the rest is that despite its small size, it is able to retrieve as much diagnostic data as large and costly diagnostic tools.

The MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner is probably the only diagnostic tool that works well on OBD II compliant vehicles made for different markets including Asian, European and United States markets. Ideally, this MaxiScan MS309 scanner allows you to retrieve different types of diagnostic trouble codes including manufacturer specific codes, pending and generic codes. In addition, MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 is quite helpful in establishing the main reason for the Check Engine Light,

MaxiScan MS309 Scanner has the capacity to not only clear the diagnostic trouble codes and switch off Check Engine Light but also, reset diagnostic trouble code monitor displays and support numerous trouble code requests. If you need specific information about your vehicle such as the vehicle's VIN and CVN, MaxiScan MS309 Scanner easily retrieves it for you. Since the scanner works on different types of vehicles made for different global markets, it has a multilingual set menu and Diagnostic Trouble Code definitions. Some of the languages supported by MaxiScan MS309 include English, German, French and Chinese among others.

MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader is one of the most portable DTC scanners. It is small enough to fit in your vehicle's grove compartment and user friendly enough to comfortably fit in your hand and pocket. In addition, it supports mobile devices including smart phones, tablets, PDAs, Android phones and Windows PCs. Other than displaying freeze frame data and I/M readiness status, MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader has a backlit LCD screen that is large enough and easy to read. Compared to other trouble scanners, MaxiScan MS309 is more affordable and offers value for money. In conclusion, MaxiScan MS309 is the best diagnostic trouble code scanner in the market that effectively and efficiently access DTCs, thus, ensuring safe and comfortable driving experiences.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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MaxiScan MS309 is On Board Diagnostics equipment (device or tool) which is basically a computer in a vehicle, which gives the vehicle self-diagnostic capability, and also the ability to report problems and present the solution in a vehicle. OBD informs the vehicle owner whenever a problem occurs in the vehicle with surprising precision and also guides the owner to take remedial measures.

The MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner provides a bird's view of the functioning of the vehicle. Proper functioning of the engine, need for spare part changes periodically or changing the brake lining system, are a few things a layperson is rarely bothered, even though MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner impinges on the health of the vehicle and the safety of the driver. The outlook of the owner is limited to having a trouble free vehicle and in case the owner encounters any trouble, the usual tendency is to take it to the nearest mechanic or service center for a solution.

But when the car stalls completely and a mechanic through a great deal of trial and error locates the exact nature of the problem. This diagnostic approach results in the consumption of a great deal of time, money and effort.

In such circumstances an OBD turns out to be a boon not only for the owner, but for the mechanic as well, who is responsible for restoring the vehicle.

The simple OBD, was a light which would start blinking to indicate a problem in the vehicle. This OBD led to a great deal of testing of the vehicle to determine the nature of the problem. The earlier OBDs were not information rich.

MaxiScan MS309 Scanner, is a modern OBD which uses digital communication, to give real time data to the owner regarding the precise status of the vehicle's health. OBDs nowadays also provide diagnostic trouble codes or DTCs, which while helping an owner or a mechanic to precisely put his finger on the problem, but at the same time they give detailed information regarding the course of action or sequence of steps to be followed to rectify the problem, thereby cutting down on a great deal of guess work.

MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader also warns the owner about crossing emission limits. Nowadays with stringent emission norms in place modern OBDs, also provides a self-diagnosis of the amount of emissions the vehicle is emitting. This greatly helps the owner to take measures to ensure that the vehicle follows the emission norms, by taking timely corrective actions. Ignorance of emission limits is not looked upon kindly by the authorities.

Modern OBD tools also provide warning to the owner regarding problems not only in the engine or mechanical parts of the vehicle but also in electrical and electronic systems, before an issue blows out of proportion.

OBD tools have come as manna from heaven for mechanics and vehicle owners. Selecting a proper OBD, such as MaxiScan MS309 Scanner, has become a priority for most vehicle owners nowadays, given the range of services provided by it, unheard of just a few years back.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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A large percentage of the automobiles produced today are demanded by the law to provide an interface for the connection of the diagnostic test equipment, the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). The data transfer on these interfaces follow many standards but, there is no interface that provides a direct connection to the PC or the smart devices. Therefore, ELM 327 has been designed to act as a bridge between the On-Board Diagnostics ports and the standard RS232 serial interface.

The latest ELM 327 is the ELM 327 V 1.5 which is capable of interpreting and auto-detecting the nine OBD protocols and provides support for very high speed communications, a lower sleep mode and the J1939 truck and bus standard. It is also customizable in case you need to alter or change it in order to suit your needs.

The ELM 327 V 1.5 many features, specs and cons. The paragraphs below explain in detail the various characteristics of ELM.

The Features

The ELM 327 car diagnostic scan tool can be the best for you as it is very easy to install and learning

The software uses the USB as the output protocol. Therefore, you can easily tether your PC to the OBD to diagnose the sub problems in your sedan.

The auto ELM 327 V 1.5 OBD2 supports both DOS and Windows. Note that it is not compatible with Windows 7.

It is in reads the diagnostic trouble codes, both the manufacturer and generic- specific and then displays them. It can display over 3000 generic codes found in its database.

The ELM V 1.5 is very cool in that it clears the trouble codes and always turns off the Check Engine Light (MIL).

ELM V 1.5 OBD-II car scan tool has a baud rate ranging between 9600 and 38400.

The type of indicator LEDS its uses are the OBD RS232, Tx/Rx and the Power.

It is featured by the nominal idle current rated at 45 milli amperes.

The USB cable the OBD-II ELM car scanner has a length of about 1.4m!

The operating voltage of ELM V 1.5 is specified as 12 volts, which is a very nice voltage for preventing short-circuiting or over voltages.

The most predominant colors of this car diagnostic tool are the black, orange and the blue. Hence, you are in an upper hand as you can choose the color of your choice.

The Super Slim ELM 327 is very light. It weighs around 130g only.

The dimensions of the ELM 327 car diagnostic tool are 88 x 45 x 20 mm, that makes it compatible with many USB ports.

Another car diagnostic tool using the ELM software is the Super Slim ELM 327 car diagnostic scan tool. This OBD-II has the following specs:

It uses the Bluetooth technology for scanning.

Supports all the OBD-II protocols

The software is included also for both the Palm and the PDA and included for the Windows smartphones.

Supports ISO 9141, ISO KWP2000 and supports the SAE JI850 communication protocol as well as the CAN bus.

The ELM 327 V1.5 car diagnostic tool weighs around 32g and is dimensioned as 47 x 45 x 25 mm.

Both the Super Slim ELM 327 and the Super Slim OBD scan tool display almost the same current sensor data. These data are:

The engine RPM

Fuel system status

Both short and long-term fuel trims

The vehicle speed and intake manifold pressure

The air temperature intake and the calculated load value.

The air flow rate and many others

Remember that these OBD scan tools device need ultimate care despite its numerous advantages.
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On-board Diagnostic C OBD is occupying center stage in the modern car revolutions and design. Unlike in the past where a certain tool was designed for a specific car model, some nowadays can be used within a wide range of models. Others can be upgraded to comply with the requirements of the given car. Modern OBD tools have been redesigned to not only detect the problem, but also provide real data on the problem. They read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that allows the owner or technician to easily solve the problem, a mechanism called do it yourself (DIY). Numerous OBD tools exist in the market, depending on the model and the function performed.

100820B OBD Interface is one among the OBD diagnostic interface tools available in the market. It is compliant with all Opel cars such as Opel Zafira, Astra and Vectra, and weighs about 69g. It is cheaper than other related diagnostic tools. Its software can be easily and freely accessed on the internet for downloading or updating. An amazing feature of this tool is that it combines both features of windows and disc-operating systems. It checks the car systems like the carburetor engine and other important components and updates you in case of any problem. Notably, 100820B OBD Interface has guaranteed security of the cars due to the password protection, which allows only the owner to access the car and its computer system.

OBD Diagnostic Interface is a system of alarms, diagnosing tools and other different subparts combined together and installed in a car. Its main purpose is to alert the car driver and occupants of any danger on the road, technical fault in the engine or any unseen threat. It does this by sending flashes and alarm sounds. The whole system is built around cameras and other sensory components. This helps drivers to avoid such like threats and technical hitches before they occur. There are several diagnostic interfaces across the market, ranging from 100820B OBD to Opel car OBD. It has the ability to support varied control systems in the car like engine cooling, auto-transmission, airbags and the engine itself. It is also compatible with several servers, which has contributed to the feature of Bluetooth wireless access in modern car systems.

Adding to the wide range of interface OBD tools is the Opel Cars OBD, which are fixed with Opel scanners and diagnostic tools which can access the electronic units of all Opel cars, especially those manufactured by 2007 without facing any compatibility problems. It is easy to learn to use and even install, coming with universal serial bus (USB) ports hence it does not require any additional cables. It is capable of reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), and provides real-time information about the problem including their definition. Opel cars OBD is relatively small in size, and can communicate over the USB-bus at a speed equal to the other bus systems.

OBD2 tools have become popular in the modern car manufacturing industry due to the numerous merits it serves car dealers and owners. Its revolution will continue for more years ahead, with the invention of new more efficient, cost-effective tools and interfaces. These are all tailored to improve the driving experience in cars.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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OBD or the on-board diagnostics is one of the automotive terms referring to a sedan's self-reporting capability and its self-diagnostic ability. This self-diagnostic system lets the vehicle technician or the owner to access the condition of the many sedan sub-systems. With advancement in automotive tech, the modern OBD use a standardized digital communications port in order to give accurate real time data unlike the older systems, which could only illuminate the problem but could not give extra information. The current OBD systems have a standardized diagnostic trouble code (DTCs) which gives the technician an opportunity to identify quickly the solutions of various malfunctions within the vehicle.

One of the latest OBD car scan tools, which use a PC, is the ELM 327 USB Code Scanner. Just like any other car OBD tool, the ELM OBD tool uses a USB to connect to the self-diagnostic port on the car. There are numerous specs, features and pros associated with the ELM OBD car scanner tool.

The Features of ELM 327 USB Code Scanners

It is highly compatible and supports all OBD-II protocols and always comes with a quite a number of compatible programs.

The ELM 327 USB is of high quality and certified under ISO15765-4 (CAN), ISO14230-4 (KWP2000) and ISO9141-2.

Its output protocol (connection via the USB) is RS232.

The baud rate is specified as between 9600 and 38400.

The main indicator LEDs are the OBD TX/Rx and the RS232 TX/Rx.

This ELM 327 USB Code Scanner operates at a voltage of 12 volts and has internal protection from short-circuits.

The nominal idle current is rated at 45 milli Amperes.

The ELM 327 USB uses the OBD-II software, which provides an interface between the PC and the car hardware to get information from the car.

The OBD 327 USB uses this communication protocols: J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM.

The Pros of the ELM 327 USB

This OBD car tool has many advantages over other car OBD tools. Some of the good aspects featuring this ELM 327 code scanner include the following:

It is very fast with more stable connections compared to its close rival Clone ELM 327. This allows the user to experience more graph points and faster screen updates.

It offers a module for erasing stored, ending and some 'permanent' trouble codes-both the manufacturer and generic specific. This will obviously save time, frustration and dollars by doing it manually.

The ELM 327 USB OBD2 works with a variety of vehicles. Its advanced algorithm enables a smooth connection with OBD-II compliant models and makes, which places it a better scan tool in the market.

Quite a number of operating systems including the windows 7, windows vista, and windows XP support it. It also supports both the 32-bit and 64 bit PCs. This has enabled many users of ELM 327 Code Scanner turn their notebooks into a sophisticated diagnostic tool.

The user can access easily the freeze frame information

It displays the log 90+ and graphs in real time.

It is very versatile in data display, and can display data like short-term fuel trim, intake manifold pressure, air flow rate, absolute throttle position and many others.

The ELM 327 USB code scanner in most car electronic outlets comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

The Cons of ELM 327 USB

As any other thing however good is it, has disadvantages, ELM 327 USB suffers the same fate. The most problem common with this USB is that many people would require some learning to be able to use it. Other disadvantages may if the scanner is not properly maintained.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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Almost all Asian and European vehicles require some special kind of diagnostics to be done on them. By using the MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner this is achieved. The modern day automobiles come with a complicated inbuilt electronic system which equally needs a well-structured system for their diagnostics. By using these systems, car users are saved the pain of having to disassemble parts of their vehicles.

Basically, the MaxiScan MS309 is an electronic device. It has an inbuilt micro-controller which assists in its operation. Just like all other micro-controller operated systems, it is coded with a certain programming code. When the program is run, it is able to identify any possible faults and errors which might be present in a particular vehicle.

For diversification purposes, the MaxiScan MS309 Scanner is provided in two languages; Spanish and English. The user chooses the language that he or she is comfortable with when using. Those who buy this unit are provided with the following: one user manual, a scanner, 1 Nylon Bag, a driver CD, A USB cable and 1 cable.

Most OBDII compatible vehicles have the ability of supporting up to 9 ODBII test modes. Such modes can be identified by using the MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader. It is essentially a code reading device. Most complicated problems have been identified and diagnosed with the help of this scanner. When using the MS309 OBD2 scanner, the user sees the outputted results on a display. These displays are of DTC definitions and their displays are in the form of freeze frame data.

Identification of pending codes and data is possible while using the MaxiScan MS309 scanner. The device is additionally structured to read any live PCM data streams. With the help of its sensors, all 02 test data can be displayed. If the user desires, he or she can request for a graphically presented data. The battery backup and the off-vehicle memory data can be analyzed and reviewed by the OBD2.

Technicians or users are offered additional benefits by the inbuilt OBD II DTC lockup library. The backlit crystal liquid display screen which is contained by the MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner offers extra user advantages. The software which the device uses offers a lot of flexibility. With the use of any internet facility, one can regularly upgrade it. Its compatibility with personal computers allows its users to print diagnostic reports when required.

There are a number of vehicles that allow the usage of the MaxiScan MS309. Some of them include: Honda-1996, Chrysler-1996, GM-1996, Nissan-1996, Toyota-1996, Ford-1996 as well as all European and Asian 1996 models. Being a portable device, most users have appreciated the efficiency with which it works.

The dimension of this MaxiScan MS309 Code Scanner Reader is 195 x 105 millimeters. A resolution of 180 x 64 pixels is contained by its liquid crystal display. The working range of temperatures of this device is from 0-60 degrees Celsius. It is powered by a 6F22 9 V type battery. All OBDII and Controller Area Network (CAN) is supported by the device. The efficiency of operation and the time one saves while using the MaxiScan MS309 OBD2 scanner has made many people to like it.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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Automotive engineering is the word that has grown in stature over the years. The OBD or On board diagnostics is in the most advanced state at the moment. Earlier it has been just a toll that used to say that the car had some problem and was malfunctioning. This used to alarm the owner of the vehicle or the serviceman about the problems. However, the danger of this important tool was the incapability of telling what kind of problem was there and where it has occurred.

The strength in the technology has been so much that you have ELM 327 USB devices these days that perform live tests for you and is compatible for all types of engines, whether petrol or diesel. This was not available in the earlier ELM 327 USB devices. The most important advantage is that you can diagnose the problem in the car yourself. There is no need for any professional serviceman at least for this job. The tests can be run and the default lines can be resolved. This can be done by connecting your laptop from the car system for which one has ELM 327 USB Code Scanner. This scanner will be displaying all the codes and can even generate a graph on the laptop.

ELM 327 USB OBD2 cable is the advanced cable then the earlier version. Now what is this device capable of generating?

This data will include the engine rotations per minute.

Generates the temperature of the coolant.

Fuel system status of the vehicle.

Matters relating to air temperature and air inflow in the vehicle.

Please remember that you buy a licensed ELM 327 USB OBD2 from the market. Unlicensed products come with limited warranties and the marketing tactics are often dubious. The data transfer in an unlicensed product can be a problem. The rate of data transfer is slow compared to a more authentic device. A licensed product can be banked upon with more surety.

Don't consider it just a scanning tool, it is a product that will help you in contingent situations and that can sometimes be avoided beforehand. Some of the devices these days are coming with inbuilt Light Emission Diodes. This will inform you that the device is working when the data transfer or scanning is going on.

Emissions testing is also been done these days by the OBD2 testing tools. This works when the device is connected and links itself to the computer in the vehicle. The scanner checks the trouble codes in the system and the diagnosis is than suggested by the testing tool. All these USB devices and cables have been a great help to the driver of the vehicle. He can scan the performance even as he is driving. This helps him to take right decision at the right time. Fuel efficiency of cars and how to make them more user friendly can only be checked by the data available. Thanks to ELM 327 USB Code Scanners this is now a reality. Remember that these interfaces are for modern cars as for a programmed micro controller to work you should also have a inbuilt computer in the car.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. We boast brand new Automotive tool.We own more than 400 various models or obd in stock and offer the perfect service to our overseas customers. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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OBD or on-board diagnostic tool is basically a computer based system which was built in all the 1996 cars, trucks, and light duty vehicles. Essentially, the OBD2 tools systems are patterned to supervise the overall performance of the major components of an engine, particularly the ones responsible for controlling emissions. OBD plays a vital role where the inspection as well as maintenance programs of the vehicles are required. In addition, it is considered to be an excellent tool for assisting the repair and service of different vehicles with the help of providing a quick, effective, and simple way to point out the problems. Furthermore, it helps as a warning system which alerts to the potential need for the repair of the vehicle through the ''check engine'' light visible on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The OBD interface WiFi is actually used to provide a connection between the vehicles of the latest models and an iPhone TM, apple TM, or iPod touch TM. The interface of open tunings is very helpful in providing a high quality data display, analysis from any vehicle, logging, and other standard tuning components. Now-a-days, the car computers are being connected to a large number of sophisticated sensors. The majority of the OBD tools are advertised as working with almost all the car models since 1996. Advanced OBD tools are now considered to be an essential part of the vehicle's engine, and due to this they usually rely on modern mechanics and workshops of vehicle repairs for an accurate diagnosis of several vehicle performance issues.

A lot of information can be achieved from the vehicle with the application of an OBD interface WiFi iPhone. This is regarded as a great diagnostic tool and engine performance for the automotive professionals as well as enthusiasts. It permits to connect wirelessly to the onboard computer of the car from any of the WiFi enabled device having a compatible application or software. In addition, the WiFi connectivity makes it quite compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, and OBDII vehicles. There are many features of this application such as a hassle free setup, clear engine codes as well as check engine lights, support for the sleep mode of low power along with a communication of high speed.

An iPod Touch OBD2 interface is very helpful for the data that is collected from the engine to be supervised by remotely using advanced wireless devices. With the help of this application, any technician can easily diagnose the car without breaking apart the engine. The data can be read simply and come up with a diagnosis. The iPod touch OBD2 interface is the application which actually through the transmission of a series of codes. Normally, this kind of interface enables to monitor the speed of the vehicle, the engines round in one minute, over speeding, the level of fuel, and other such information which is mostly available on the dashboard of the car. The majority of the fleet managing company trusts on these kinds of systems to keep a track of their vehicle's health particularly that are out in the field.

We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. We boast brand new Automotive tool.We own more than 400 various models or obd in stock and offer the perfect service to our overseas customers. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!