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s'il vous plaît v¨¦rifier votre num¨¦ro de pi¨¨ce oem original de l'adaptateur qui est imprim¨¦ sur votre carte ¨¦tiquette, ordinateur portable num¨¦ro de mod¨¨le avec nos offres avant l'achat pour s'assurer que vous obtenez le bon adaptateur secteur.d¨¦branchez l'adaptateur de pc portable ac power lorsqu'il n'est pas utilis¨¦.ranger design laptop ac power adapter dans endroit frais et sec.ne pas utiliser le chargeur pour toshiba pa3716e-1ac3 poussi¨¦reux dans, sale, chaude et les zones. Son mouvement de pi¨¨ces et composants ¨¦lectroniques peut ¨ºtre endommag¨¦.pour ¨¦viter la surchauffe de la adaptateur secteur lorsque l'ordinateur ou alimenter la charge de la batterie, utilisez l'adaptateur secteur dans un espace a¨¦r¨¦, comme sur un ordinateur de bureau ou sur le sol. Ne pas utiliser l'adaptateur secteur dans un environnement mal ventil¨¦s, comme dans un ¨¦tui de transport.Adaptateur/Chargeur secteur pour Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3, DC 19V 4.74A 90W.Chargeur Pour Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 a pass¨¦ les attestations internationales ISO9001, RoHS et de certification CE.Les sp¨¦cifications de ce chargeur g¨¦n¨¦rique pour Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 r¨¦pondent en tous points aux normes du constructeur d'origine. Les Chargeur ordinateur portable pour toshiba pa3716e-1ac3 achet¨¦es dans notre magasin sont garantie de 12 mois. Satisfait Rembours¨¦ 60 jours.

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Brandneu Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Netzteil. Qualitätsgarantie, CE, UL internationale Standards. 12 Monate Garantie! 60 Tage Geld-zur¨¹ck-Garantie!Dann sind Sie hier goldrichtig. Neuer Ersatz-Reiseadapter Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 f¨¹r Notebooks mit 90W 19V 4.74A und 5.5*2.5mm Smart Plug, einschließlich 3-poligem Kabel. Hochwertiger 19V Akkumulator f¨¹r Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Notebook-PCs und andere Geräte. Der Akkumulator ist weltweit verwendbar. Nehmen Sie ihn immer mit, wenn Sie unterwegs sind. Garantie & kurze Lieferzeiten.Laptop Netzteil Ladegerät kompatibel mit Toshiba 90W 19V 4.74A.Top Qualität Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Netzteil (Adapter) sind 1 Jahr Garantie, 60 Tage Geld zur¨¹ck. Dieses Netzteil hat eine Ladungsstrombegrenzung, Temperaturschutz und einen ¨¹berstromschutz. Wir liefern inklusive Stromkabel.Laptop Netzteil lädt nicht? Hier bietet Laptop Netzteil. Brandneu ErsatzLadegerät AC Adapter mit freiem Ladekabel.Alle produkte einem Jahr Garantie und 60 Tage Geld-zur¨¹ck. Kaufen Laptop Netzteil und sparen Sie bis zu 30%.

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With the inception of so many computer brands in the market, there has been an upsurge in its complementary product, the charger. Many manufacturers have come out to bridge this gap by creating laptop adaptors that are in tandem with the need of your laptop. However this has not been without its fair share of challenges as will be found below.

That notwithstanding, there has also been an equal upsurge in the production of counterfeit products in the market. Such products only reap you of your hard-earned cash but fall short of your expectations. This can be quite debilitating especially if the nature of your work demands that you have constant power supply for your laptop.

My quest to secure a Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC Adapter Charger has not been without many flaws. At one point I fell into the hands of quacks and I ended up with a counterfeit adapter which did not even last more than a month. Had I known I would have done prior market research to separate the genuine from the fake product?

There are many Toshiba laptops in the market currently but my adapter of choice is the Toshiba Charger. This is by far the best laptop charger that I am aware of. For those of us who may be familiar with the AC charger, I have combined tips that will help you to secure nothing but the best of this product:

The amps

This is the amount of current that the Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 charger dispenses. When you go shopping for a charger ensure that if it has a higher amp, it will function better of laptops with lower amps. This means that going against this rule will result in a charger that does not function on your laptop and vice versa.


Voltage can be defined as the energy per unit charge. Toshiba laptops have been programmed to function at between 18.5-19 volts. Therefore choose adapter that meets the above voltage.


Watt is one of the most important factors in choosing a power adapter. The wattage that you require is arrived at by the level of voltage by the amperes. For example if you have a laptop that requires about 18.5 volts and 4 amperes, then you need an adapter about 74 watts.

The connector tip

Ensure that you buy a Toshiba Laptop Adapter for PA3716E-1AC3 with the correct appropriate tip. Failure to be observant may lead to buying a charger with the incorrect tip.

TOSHIBA PA3716E-1AC3 AC Adapter

Article Source: For more information about Laptop Charger or Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC Adapter, please go to http://www.notebookbatteries.co.nz
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Le chargeur Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 a été conçu pour être branché à un ordinateur portable Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3, L'alimentation Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 a une tension de sortie de 19V. Le chargeur vous assure une compatibilité avec le Pc portable PA3716E-1AC3
Neuf Chargeur Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 & 1 Années Grarantie.19V 4.74A Adaptateur Secteur Chargeur
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When buying Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC adapter or any other electronic good, there are a couple of things that you should do if you want to get products of high quality. Otherwise, you might end up buying products that not close to the quality you want. To prevent this from happening, keep the following tips in mind;

1. Buy from a reputable seller

If you want to get high quality Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC charger or adapter, you have to buy only from reputable sellers. Reputable sellers are those who have sold many laptop accessories to many satisfied customers before. The fact that many people who have bought from a given seller before were satisfied is a strong indication that you will also be satisfied with what you will get from the seller.

2. Ask for warranty

If the Toshiba adapter stops working, or develops problems before the period covered by the warranty expires, you can take it back and get a news one. A warranty holds the seller responsible for any problems that may develop with the battery or charger within the specified time. A warranty also shows that a seller is confident that the good are of high quality. Seek a warranty so that you don¡¯t lose your money on a charger or battery that malfunctions just a few days or weeks after buying it. Sellers that sell poor quality or sub standard laptop accessories are the one that will decline to offer warranties on the goods they are selling.

3. Consider the price

Compare the prices of the Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC charger in a given shop with the price in other shops to determine if it is fair. This will help you makes sure that you do not pay more than you should. However, don¡¯t go for the lowest price without looking at other factors. Sometimes, a price that seems to be low may turn out to be the highest price after considering other factors.

4. After sales services

Buy Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 charger from a seller that offers after sales services such as packaging and shipping. This is because you will end up spending a lot more if you pay for these services separately. Most reputable online shops offer after sales services.

With these tips in mind while looking for Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 power supply, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. You will find high quality of goods and services at the best price.

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