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Date Submitted Wed. Apr. 2nd, 2014 3:48 AM
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I have been using Asus Eee PC laptop since more than a year and few days back I got a problem in my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB laptop Adapter. So, I took it to my friend who owns a computer shop and I asked him if he can repair the adapter for me and if it beyond repairing, then I would like to get a new one instead of this old Asus adapter. After he saw my adapter, he almost shouted on me because clamming I used my adapter rudely and I was lucky that my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB charger survived for that long period.

Well, I was not able to understand anything what he was saying so I clearly asked him about the problems that he saw in my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB charger and the mistakes that I have been doing in its usage method. After this he asked me to look at the adapter carefully and then I saw that my adapter had a lot of minor cuts here and there and after looking at those cuts, I realized that I have been keeping my knife and adapter in the same pocket. So, that could be the reason to have these cut marks on my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB laptop Adapter.

Also, my friend told me that I have been keeping my Asus adapter in my backpack like an old Tshirt. He was right at this point as well and he told me that I should not keep my laptop adapter like this else it will get tangled with other cables or in itself and eventually it will stop working. After this when he opened the adapter he again shouted on me because he found that I was using my Asus power adapter with fluctuating power supply. He was right here as well so I had no other option but to accept the fact.

However, he repaired my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB laptop Adapter at that time, but he also told me that I should behave gently with my laptop adapter unless I want to damage it again. Also, he told me that I should not keep the adapter with other sharp object and I should never fold it with sharp edges while keeping it in bag. Other than this, I should also avoid plugging my Asus Eee PC 1005HAB charger in a fluctuating power supply, because continuous power fluctuation can damage the asis adapter over a period of time.

ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB Laptop AC Adapter

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Date Submitted Fri. Mar. 21st, 2014 6:04 AM
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Batterie Dell Latitude D420
Capacit¨¦ :3600mAh
Tension :11.1V
Poids :285.24 g
Couleur :Metallic Grey
products_size :204.00 x 33.30 x 21.79 mm
4.0-5 ¨¦toiles , Dell Latitude D420 batterie rechargeables lithium-ion, batteries d'ordinateurs portables , garantie de qualit¨¦ ! Remplacez les piles . 100% tout neuf !
Latitude D420 d'ordinateur portable:
1.Si vous n'utilisez pas votre ordinateur portable pendant de longues p¨¦riodes de temps (une semaine ou plus), retirez la Dell Latitude D420 batterie de l'ordinateur portable.Assurez-vous de brancher votre adaptateur chargeur de portable dans un onduleur et non pas directement sur une prise secteur ou ¨¤ un parasurtenseur.Batterie pour Dell Inspiron 1520
2.Chargez et dechargez compl¨¨tement toutes les deux ou trois semaines. avec son lithium-ion la a besoin d'un chargement et d'un d¨¦chargement cyclique ce qui est le meilleur moyen de l'entretenir. cette batterie ne souffre pas des effets de "M¨¦moire".
3.Eviter les temp¨¦ratres tr¨¨s chades o froides. Temp¨¦ratres excessives porront infler les fonctions de et voire condire a dommage permanent. Essayer de chargementr et tiliser la batterie ¨¤ la temp¨¦ratre ambiante. novelle batterie rechargementable est sovent sos condition de d¨¦chargement. Donc vos devez chargementr compl¨¨tement la Dell Latitude D420 avant de l'tiliser. Apart cela, la batterie neve a besoin de dex ¨¤ trois cycles de chargement / d¨¦chargement avant d'atteindre la condition de pleine capacit¨¦.
Trouvez le chargeur ou la batterie Dell Latitude D420 pour votre ordinateur portable dans notre catalogue
Nous disposons d'un stock important de batteries et de chargeurs d'ordinateurs portables.Batterie pour Dell Inspiron 14R
Sur, vous pouvez acheter une batterie au lithium pour votre ordinateur portable, y compris une batterie de haute capacit¨¦ pour votre PC portable. Vous trouverez ici les meilleures batteries dell D420 d'ordinateur portable. France Batterie vend des batteries d'ordinateurs portables ¨¤ prix ultra comptetitif pour la plupart des ordinateurs portables pr¨¦sents sur le march¨¦. Depuis 2007, nous travaillons avec les plus grands fabricants de batteries d'ordinateurs portables dans le monde entier pour concevoir, sp¨¦cifier, construire de nouveaux packs de batteries.
Toutes nos batteries Latitude D420 pour ordinateurs portables passent des tests rigoureux de contrôle de qualit¨¦. C'est pourquoi nous garantissons nos produits pendant 2 an et nous proposons une periode de 30 jours satisfait ou rembours¨¦ sur chaque produit que nous vendons. Nous vous proposons ¨¦galement des chargeurs PC de haute qualit¨¦ ainsi que des chargeurs universels pour PC portable.
Vous proposer des produits neufs de grande qualit¨¦ au meilleur prix !
Tous nos chargeurs et batteries Dell Latitude D420 sont des produits g¨¦n¨¦riques, 100% compatibles avec les sp¨¦cifications techniques du constructeur. Ils sont exclusivement compos¨¦s de cellules de premier choix qui vous garantissent une qualit¨¦ constante.Batterie DELL Vostro 3400
La s¨¦lection rigoureuse de nos fabricants et des composants de nos produits, vous offre un gage de qualit¨¦ pour un fonctionnement optimal.
De plus, nous effectuons des tests al¨¦atoires via nos bancs de test CADEX sur les lots de batteries que nous exp¨¦dions quotidiennement ¨¤ nos clients.
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Tags 90 | 900 | asus | Battery | Eee | for | PC
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Asus Eee PC 900 Battery on our website Undergone comprehensive quality testing,The Laptop Battery Asus Eee PC 900 Uses the highest quality battery cells. All Asus Eee PC 900 laptop batteries on sale have passed the strict quality control tests that ensure they will work well. We offer 30-day money-back refund on every Asus Eee PC 900 battery we sell.
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Whether it's checking emails, jobs or school application, researchers and studies, reading news, communicating with others or simply utilizing online share spaces, Internet usage has become a big part of the daily computing operations for both work and fun. Majority of activities conducted on the laptops today are Internet related. To accommodate the increasing total Internet computing and other personal use demands, ASUS launches the revolutionary Asus Eee PC 1005HA adapter to provide users with a new mobile Internet experience like never before. This special notebook, was designed, developed and built with cutting edge technology. They are available in varied colors and designs and come with selections of operating methods, particularly Linux and Home windows XP version. It consists of a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and 1024GB RAM of memory as standard. Intended for Linux, it comes by 80GB of onerous drive, on the added hand, intended for Windows XP version it involves a capability of 160GB.

However, despite all the users benefits and the advantages of using Asus Eee PC 1005HA, it is important for all laptops users, whether you already have the device in possession or you are contemplating to own one soon, to understand how the notebook works and always prioritize utmost maintenance of its battery. Though, Asus batteries have taken over the laptop industry for a good reason. They have a high capacity, are very efficient and effective, and readily available for various laptop brands. Unfortunately, like all other brands / type of batteries, Asus Eee PC 1005HA battery can power a computer optimized for around four hundred to one thousand charging circles, but the number of circles depend on the quality of the battery and how good or bad you treat it often. This means, in order to enjoy the best use of your quality battery, you should learn how to take care of it and ensure you don¡¯t expose it to any danger.

To get the battery for Asus Eee PC 900 going for the longest possible time, the first thing that you must avoid is incessant and fluctuation power supply. This can damage your battery and totally destroy its capacity to hold. Your Asus Eee PC 1005HA Power Supply must be from a constant and yet stable power source. Secondly, always desist from the habit of frequently discharging your battery to zero capacity before charging it again. This habit will strain your battery and lower its lifespan significantly. So, in order to this, it is recommended that you start another charging cycle, once your battery charge falls between fifteen and twenty percent and always ensure you charge with Asus Eee PC 1005HA Adapter and not just any laptop adapter at your disposal. In addition, never overcharge your PC, with Asus adapter, if you want the notebook to serve you long. A common mistake that many Asus Eee PC 1005HA enthusiasts always make is leaving their laptops plugged on AC charge for long. Though, the misconception, here , is that perhaps, they are saving charge by leaving the PC plugged for long, but doing this, will have serious effects on your battery.

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Tags 900 | asus | Battery | Eee | PC
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Though Asus Eee PC 900 battery is guaranteed by the company to serve you for much longer time even then you will have to be careful about its life. Batteries are one of the most important parts of laptops or mobile computers as one can not use them while away from his office or home where he can not find any power backup or power socket to run them. You should try to enhance the life of your laptop battery as much as you can. A few steps given hereunder will help you in enhancing the life of your battery for your laptop.

Steps to enhance your laptop battery life

You can easily enhance the life of your battery for Asus Eee PC 900 by charging and discharging fully for several times during initial days say first few months. Fully charging and discharging cycle will help in conditioning your new laptop battery to get charged to its optimum capacity. Using genuine and suitable Asus Eee PC 900 adapter is another way to enhance the life of your laptop battery as it will enable your battery to get adequate amount of charging without any problem. You can damage the terminals of the battery or the battery life itself by using improper adaptors available in the market for charging it.

While charging your Asus battery you should follow the instructions provided in the user manual provided by the company with your new or replacement laptop battery. It will help you in charging the battery in a proper manner. The life of your battery for Asus Eee PC 900 can also be increased by storing it in a dry and cool environment after charging it fully if you are not using it for long time say for more than a month. If you will not charge it fully before detaching it from your laptop then it will automatically discharge below the minimum level during its storage period which will harm the charging capability of your battery.

If your Asus Eee PC 900 laptop adapter is in fine condition and even then your laptop battery is not charged effectively then you should immediately replace the battery to avoid any damage to your laptop as well as your work.

Thus you can easily improve the life of your Asus Eee PC 900 battery as well as your laptop by following the instructions provided here above. Try these out, you will be benefited for sure.

ASUS Eee PC 900 Laptop Battery

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Before ordering this replacement Asus Eee PC 1005HA ac adapter, you MUST check your laptop's input voltage and your original ac adapter's output voltage. Laptops with 18V~20V input voltage can use our ac adapter which has 19V output voltage;Laptops with 15V~17V input voltage can use our ac adapter which has 16V output voltage.

You can calculate your original Asus Eee PC 1005HA ac adapter's output Wattage by multiplying the Ouput Voltage by output current Watts. You can choose a replacement ac adapter which has higher Amps than your original Asus Eee PC 1005HA ac adapter's, but you can not choose an ac adapter which has lower Amps than your original ac adapter's because it can not provide sufficient power to your laptop.

Adapters with higher Amps will not damage your laptop computer.The adapter's output current and output power are maximum load ratings. Computers only draw as many amperes or watts as they need.

Different laptops have different connectors.You need the right tip for your laptop.This is very simply to find. Basically,Asus Eee PC 1005HA laptop AC adapters comprise of 2 ends.One end is male power outlet.You use this end to plug into wall power outlet.The other end is called "TIP" which you will plug this tip into the "DC IN" in your laptop.Your laptop won't work on the wrong tip.
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I l 22 ottobre 2013 passer¨¤ alla storia come il ¡°tablet day¡±. Nello stesso giorno in cui Apple, da San Francisco, ha svelato i suoi nuovi modelli di iPad, dall¡¯altra parte del mondo, ad Abu Dhabi, anche Nokia, la cui divisione mobile ¨¨ stata di recente acquistata da Microsoft, ha annunciato il primo ainol tablet PC, oltre a due nuovi phablet con schermo da 6 pollici. Un faccia a faccia non casuale che rappresenta la prima mossa di quella che si profila come una guerra aperta. Una guerra non da poco, considerando che i dati Gartner preannunciano, per il 2013, una crescita del 53,4%, pari a 184 milioni di terminali distribuiti, nel comparto tablet, e del +3,7% (oltre 1,8 miliardi di unit¨¤) nel segmento cellulari. Durante i recenti annunci, Tim Cook, amministratore delegato di Apple, ha ricordato che Apple ha venduto 170 milioni di tablet e che l¡¯iPad detiene l'81% di usage share, ovvero, fatto cento le persone che hanno e usano un tablet, l'81% sono iPad. E¡¯ in questo contesto che si inseriscono i nuovi iPad Air e iPad Mini. Il primo nasce con un display Retina da 9,7 pollici, ed ¨¨ il 20% pi¨´ sottile e il 28% pi¨´ leggero dell¡¯iPad di quarta generazione. Il Mini, anch¡¯esso con display Retina, racchiude in uno schermo da 7,9 pollici tutti i pixel del fratello maggiore. Entrambe si basano sul potente chip A7 progettato da Apple con architettura 64 bit di classe desktop - due volte pi¨´ veloce del precedente e con una grafica otto volte pi¨´ veloce -, e sul nuovo iOS 7. I due
modelli utilizzano la tecnologia Mimo per velocizzare la connessione wi-fi, sono dotati di una videocamera FaceTime HD di ultima generazione e di una fotocamera da 5 megapixel. Dal canto suo Nokia, forte del buon andamento dei Lumia negli ultimi mesi, imbocca la strada dei gpad tablet PC con una proposta alternativa a quella di Apple. La scelta di un processore potente, quale il Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon 800 da 2.2GHz e la dotazione di 2GB RAM, 32 GB di memoria interna espandibile con micro SD, unita al sistema operativo Windows RT 8.1, fanno del Lumia 2520 un dispositivo su cui ¨¨ possibile anche lavorare. Si presenta con un display HD da 10,1 pollici, con una fotocamera da 6,7 megapixel con ottica Zeiss, connettivit¨¤ 4G LTE e Wi-Fi. I Lumia 1520 e Lumia 1320 rappresentano invece i primi due smartphone della casa con schermo da 6 pollici. Il Lumia 1520, basato su un potente processore QuadCore, offre un display FullHD e la fotocamera PureView da 20 megapixel con stabilizzazione ottica dell'immagine, mentre il Lumia 1320 ¨¨ il modello pi¨´ economico, ma con a bordo anche applicazioni normalmente destinate a prodotti di fascia pi¨´ alta. Apple e Nokia a confronto. L¡¯azienda di Cupertino ha presentato i nuovi iPad, mentre quella finlandese, acquisita da Microsoft, le proprie ¡°tavolette¡±
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Google ha annunciato importanti cambiamenti per Google Play, novit¨¤ che verranno annunciate il prossimo 21 novembre. L¡¯azienda con sede a Mountain View ha voluto concentrarsi molto sull¡¯esperienza tablet, dando all¡¯utente la possibilit¨¤ di trovare facilmente app e giochi. I tablet generano infatti il 50% delle attivazioni Android, quindi merito sempre un occhio di riguardo. Dal 21 novembre, gli utenti Android che accederanno su Google Play tramite tablet si ritroveranno davanti la nuova sezione ¡°Designed for Tablet¡°, impostata come predefinita. Qui dentro saranno presenti le app pi¨´ acquistate, quelle pi¨´ scaricate, etc. Sar¨¤ sempre possibile switchare nella sezione app-smartphone, ma quelle tablet saranno sempre in primo piano di default.
Marted¨¬ 22 ottobre sar¨¤ un giorno particolarmente intenso per gli appassionati di tecnologia: Apple, notizia ancora ufficiosa, toglier¨¤ il velo ai nuovi iPad e Nokia presenter¨¤ le ultime novit¨¤ nel corso del Nokia World 2013 di Abu Dhabi. Anche l¡¯attesa per i prodotti dei finlandesi recentemente acquistati Microsoft ¨¨ caratterizzata dalle indiscrezioni della vigilia, la pi¨´ chiara delle quali arriva dalla societ¨¤ stessa.
I PRODOTTI - Il gruppo ha diffuso un teaser in cui mostra chiaramente le sue intenzioni: arriveranno, le immagini parlano chiaro, smartphone, tablet pc cinesi e laptop. Una rivoluzione in piena regola nella fase di passaggio sotto l¡¯egida di Redmond. La linea la indicano i dati di Gartner e Idc. Nel terzo trimestre del 2013 il mercato dei personal computer ¨¨ scivolato dell¡¯8,6% e rispetto allo scorso anno la flessione ¨¨ stata del 7,6%. Non si scendeva cos¨¬ in basso dal 2008. I primi indiziati sono i tablet, un mercato in crescita del 68% nel 2013, sempre secondo le valutazioni di Gartner. Doveroso per Nokia, ma soprattutto per la nuova era di Microsoft, marchio che risente particolarmente della disaffezione per i personal computer, strutturare tutti i comparti dell¡¯offerta con un occhio di riguardo per il mobile.
IL NUOVO SURFACE - Proprio il 22 ottobre, fra l¡¯altro, la societ¨¤ fondata da Bill Gates ci riprover¨¤ con la commercializzazione della (sua) tavoletta Surface 2. Per quello che riguarda Nokia, invece, i rumor fanno innazitutto riferimento all¡¯ibrido Lumia 1520. I 6 pollici del display lo rendono una via di mezzo fra un tablet e uno smartphone. Del tablet vero e proprio si sa, anzi si dice, che monter¨¤ il sistema operativo Windows RT; a fine agosto si parlava di uno schermo da 10 pollici e del nome Sirius. Nel mazzo anche altri smartphone, il numero totale dei prodotti attesi ¨¨ sette, e un laptop. L¡¯ultima carta fa pensare a un intervento diretto post acquisizione di Microsoft, interessata a far ¡®girare¡¯ subito il nuovo marchio nella maniera pi¨´ ampia possibile.
Il Sunflex unu ¨¨ un tablet Android da 7 pollici con un processore quad-core , un display a pixel 1280 x 800 , 1GB di RAM e 8GB di storage . Ma, mentre quelle specifiche difficilmente impostare il tablet a parte la folla , gli accessori opzionali fanno.
Sunflex sta offrendo una versione Media Edition del tablet per $ 200 , con una docking station e un mouse dell'aria . È possibile collegare il dock al televisore e utilizzarlo per trasformare il vostro televisore in una Smart TV Android-powered .
O per $ 250 si pu¨° ottenere una Gaming Edition con un controller di gioco wireless .
Il tablet e gli accessori sono attesi sul mercato all'inizio di novembre. Sia l' edizione Media e Gaming Edition sono dotati di un tablet dock di base che si collega HDMI del tablet e porte USB e consente di collegare il dispositivo al televisore .
C'¨¨ anche un dock Premium opzionale che si aggancia a un connettore a 40 pin sulla tavoletta e aggiunge 2 porte di dimensioni standard USB, una presa Ethernet , e un jack audio da 3,5 mm , nonch¨¦ di uscita HDMI .
Sunflex introdotto il tablet unu a gennaio , quindi ¨¨ chiaramente preso un po 'di tempo per passare dal prototipo alla fase di dispositivo reale . C'¨¨ molta pi¨´ concorrenza che ha usato per essere in spazio di gioco Android con i dispositivi portatili come la NVIDIA Shield e Archos GamePad gi¨¤ sul mercato , e il set-top- box come il Ouya e GameStick .
Ma l' unu ¨¨ uno dei pochi dispositivi progettati per funzionare sia come una tavoletta e un home entertainment o console di gioco - anche se si potrebbe teoricamente utilizzare qualsiasi tablet Android con uscita HDMI e la connettivit¨¤ Bluetooth per una e / o remoto controller di gioco in modo simile .
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Tags 3D | baratas | consolas | de | emuladores | gafas | para | PC
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En medio de la creciente popularidad de Oculus Rift entre la comunidad de desarrolladores y un pequeño n¨²mero de jugadores, la firma japonesa ha estado trabajando en un dispositivo para su emuladores de consolas para pc de pr¨®xima generaci¨®n.
Las gafas Oculus Rift han sido bien acogidas por la comunidad de desarrolladores y un pequeño grupo de gamers, que no han podido resistirse a las bondades de la realidad virtual. En efecto, la creciente popularidad de estos dispositivos ha fomentado el desarrollo de espectaculares juegos pensados para esta tecnolog¨ªa.
A pesar ello Oculus Rift solo funciona para ordenadores, de manera que los amantes de las consolas PlayStation o Xbox jam¨¢s han podido contar con un dispositivo de esta naturaleza, al menos, no lo har¨¢n hasta el 2014.
De acuerdo a las fuentes consultadas por el portal Eurogamer, Sony planea llevar la realidad virtual a su consola de pr¨®xima generaci¨®n. De ese modo, PlayStation 4 le dar¨ªa un rotundo golpe a su archirrival: Xbox One.
Mediante sus propias gafas de VR, la compañ¨ªa japonesa podr¨ªa contar con una ventaja competitiva respecto a Microsoft, a¨²n teniendo en cuenta que la consola de ¨¦ste posee grandes caracter¨ªsticas de la mano de la tecnolog¨ªa de Kinect.
Las fuentes consultadas por Eurogamer indicaron que las gafas de realidad virtual de Sony funcionar¨¢n de manera similar a Oculus Rift. Gracias a ellas, el jugador con solo girar la cabeza podr¨¢ ver el asiento de copiloto en el simulador de conducci¨®n, creando ¡°una nueva experiencia en PlayStation¡±. Esto ya ha sido experimentado de manera interna con el juego Drive Club.
En tanto, el citado medio detall¨® que la firma ten¨ªa pensado presentar este revolucionario dispositivo en la pasada Gamescom 2013, pero tuvo que retroceder en sus planes porque los prototipos a¨²n no estaban listos.
Pero las gafas 3d baratas de realidad virtual podr¨ªan convertirse en las protagonistas del Tokio Game Show, un evento que se llevar¨¢ a cabo antes de finalizar este mes. A¨²n as¨ª los aficionados a los videojuegos deber¨¢n esperar hasta el 2014 para poder tener este producto en sus manos.
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer insinuated that the company is working on a version of Office for the iPad and for tablet pc cinesi tablets when he addressed Wall Street analysts on Thursday.
Speaking about "upside opportunities" that exist for Microsoft, Ballmer talked about porting products to non-Windows platforms. "We don't have our heads in the sand," he said during the company's meeting with financial analysts, which was held in a Bellevue, Washington convention center and webcast live.
In this context Microsoft is "working on everything that you think we should be working on," Ballmer said.
Windows is the preferred platform for Microsoft applications and remains supremely important, but executives have less "religion" than people think and keep their "eyes wide open" with regards to the opportunities for generating additional revenue by porting products like Office to other platforms, he said.
To be sure, Ballmer didn't refer specifically to Office for iOS and Android, but it seemed clear that this is what he had in mind, since this issue has been a constant source of criticism for the company, which is leaving a lot of money on the table by not offering full, native versions of Office for the Apple and Google mobile OSes.
Earlier, during a panel discussion, Qi Lu, executive vice president of Microsoft's Applications and Services Group, had danced around a question about this issue, giving a quasi-professorial explanation for how Microsoft decides when and where to port software, but ultimately refraining from giving any concrete answer.
Many believe Microsoft has been reticent to offer Office for iPad in particular out of fear that doing so will hurt the value of Windows 8, which is optimized for tablets, and of the new Surface RT tablets, and instead help iOS and Apple. Neither the new Microsoft OS nor its new tablets have fared as well as expected.
Ballmer's comments were the most surprising in the four-hour meeting, in which he and his lieutenants spent most of the time making a case for why Microsoft, despite its challenges, is in good shape to recover from past mistakes and take advantage of market opportunities in the coming years.
Yes, they acknowledged, Microsoft is in a weak position in the smartphone and tablet android cinesi OS markets, and Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface tablets haven't fixed that problem. But, they said, the company will try again with Windows 8.1, due in mid-October, with the still-pending acquisition of the Nokia smartphone business and with an upcoming second generation of the Surface devices.
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