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Tags Lenovo | Thinkpad | X230バッテリー
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Lenovo ThinkPad X230 互換バッテリー
ThinkPad X230 バッテリー製品仕様:
電 圧:10.8 V
容量: 5200mAh
カラー: ブラック
サイズ: 208.75 x 55.08 x 22.79 mm
Lenovo バッテリー
2.返金は30日間に保障されております !
ThinkPad X230 レノボバッテリーを長持ちさせるメンテナンス方法
⑦ノートブック やバッテリーを新しく購入したとき、バッテリーの在庫保管期間により、容量が 0% または 0% 近くになっていることがあります。また、数ヶ月間バッテリーを使用しなかった場合も、自然放電が行なわれるためにバッテリー残量が少なくなっていることがあります。



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Tags Akku | für | Lenovo | sl | SL510 | Thinkpad
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Akku für Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 Laptop Ersatzakku 5200mAh 10.8V
Notebook Akku für Lenovo ThinkPad SL510
Ersatzakku Lenovo ThinkPad SL510? Brandneue Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 Batterie 5200mAh ist Ersatz für Laptop-Modelle / Nr. ThinkPad E40 ,ThinkPad Edge 15inch ,ThinkPad SL410 ,ThinkPad L410 ,ThinkPad L520 ,ThinkPad SL510 ,ThinkPad T420 ,42T4731 ,FRU 42T4751 ,FRU 42T4755 ,42T4708...
Akku Für : Lenovo Laptop Akku-Typ : Lithium-ionen Spannung : 10.8V Farbe : schwarz Kapazität : 5200mAh Zellen : 6 Zellen Gewicht : 307.5g Produkt-Code : IMT410LH
Date Submitted Mon. Apr. 14th, 2014 7:11 AM
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Helper loveode
Tags Batterie | Lenovo | Thinkpad | X201
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Batterie Lenovo ThinkPad X201



Poids :309.65 g

Couleur :Black

products_size :207.60 x 53.20 x 20.10 mm

Adaptateur LENOVO G460

Les Lenovo X201 batteries au Li-Ion ont une durée de vie plus longue que les batteries traditionnelles et ne nécessitent pas d'être changées aussi souvent. Cette batterie ordinateur portable rechargeables est testé tout au long du processus de fabrication en fonction des spécifications originale batterie ThinkPad X201 pour la forme et de fabrication. Grace à haute capacité, cette batterie vous permet de travailler sans interruption lors de vos déplacements.

Prolonger votre vie de la batterie d'ordinateur portable :

1. Retirez la batterie Lenovo ThinkPad X201 de l'ordinateur et déconnectez le cable d'alimentation si vous ne prévoyez pas d'utiliser votre ordinateur portable pendant plus de deux semaines. Vu que la batterie se déchargera pendant son stockage hors de l'ordinateur, elle devra être rechargée tous les trois mois pour étendre sa capacité de cycle et pour éviter les problèmes de charge ou d'autonomie dans le futur.

2. La batterie ThinkPad X201 doit être stockée dans un endroit où la température est comprise entre 10°C et 30°C. N'oubliez pas que la température interne d'un ordinateur portable est supérieure à la température externe. Toute température inférieure à 10°C pourrait diminuer les performances de la batterie. L'utilisation de la batterie à une température supérieure à 30°C augmente les risques d'explosion de la batterie.

3. La durée de vie courante d'une batterie est de 300 à 500 cycles, pour une utilisation et des conditions d'exploitation normales. L'utilisation d'un ordinateur portable à des températures trop basses ou trop élevées affecte le nombre total de cycles de charge dont sera capable la batterie.

4. Ne stockez pas la batterie dans un endroit humide ou trop froid. L'humidité et le froid peuvent augmenter le taux de décharge de la batterie. Les ingrédients chimiques contenus dans la batterie lenovo X201 peuvent se dégrader lorsqu'ils sont exposés à des températures trop basses. Aussi, il existe des risques d'explosions quand la batterie est utilisée à une température ambiante trop élevée.

5. Pour optimiser la durée de vie de la batterie, évitez de brancher et débrancher trop fréquemment l'adaptateur secteur. Batterie pour Lenovo IdeaPad G460

6. Ne placez pas votre ordinateur ni votre pack batterie près d'un radiateur, d'une cheminée, d'un réchaud ou de toute autre source de chaleur. Une température supérieure à 60°C augmente fortement les risques d'explosion de la batterie, de fuite de produits chimiques et d'incendie.
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Tags batter | Battery | Laptop | Lenovo | Thinkpad | W700
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Lenovo ThinkPad W700 battery comes in lithium ion and lasts for almost 3 hours when not charging. Lenovo was launched in 2004 as a rebranding of the original company called Legend that was founded in 1984. In the last half of 2013, it had the most unit sales of Personal and tablet computers to become the world’s largest vendor of personal computers. The ThinkPad Lenovo computers are especially popular with schools and large businesses and ThinkPad laptops were the only ones certified to be used on the international space station by 2003. The ThinkPad W700 was released in 2008 as the first in the line to have a 17’’ display and with immense power.

The battery for Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is covered by the limited warranty that is usually for a period of one year. You can purchase a warranty extension which can cover your product for 3, 4 or 5 years. The battery is not usually covered in this extension unless you have bought a Battery Warranty Extension. This extension must be bought within the period of the original warranty at a commercial mobile system for it to be valid. With the Battery Warranty Extension you buy, you will be entitled to having your battery replaced once during the whole term or period of the warranty. Note that this period starts after the expiry of your original limited warranty. The request for the Lenovo Laptop Battery Warranty Extension can be made by making a call to 1-866-426-1703 where you will be asked to provide the serial number, the type of machine system as well as the barcode number of the battery that is faulty. You can however also replace the faulty battery from a reliable site whether it only stocks products from Lenovo or not. Usually a battery replacement will offer you a warranty, be compatible with your computer and a few others from the same line and can even be an upgrade compared to your original battery. This is in terms of the number of cells and the power voltage and capacity it can handle.

Lenovo power adapter for ThinkPad W700 can also be covered by an extension warranty and is part of the miscellaneous parts people are never sure if it’s included in the limited warranty. It is covered and an extended warranty provides you one replacement for the period of the warranty. The buying of this warranty follows the same guidelines as those of the Battery Warranty Extension. The adapter can also be replaced online from major shopping sites and usually also include warranty. They will list the specifications and models that can be used with the adapters so that you won’t go wrong with the choice to make.

LENOVO ThinkPad W700 Laptop Battery

Article Source: For more information about laptop Charger or Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Battery, please go to http://www.notebookbatteries.co.nz/lenovo-batteries-60293/lenovo-thinkpad-w700-battery.html
Date Submitted Tue. Mar. 18th, 2014 7:23 AM
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Coder shenma
Tags Batterie | S431 | Thinkpad | Ultrabook
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Nous fournissons la plus Batterie Lenovo ThinkPad S431 Ultrabook, haute qualit , prix le plus bas,100% tout neuf , Livraison gratuite, Le lenovo S431 Ultrabook Batterie est fourni avec une garantie de 2 ann閑s. Gr鈉e haute capacit, cette batterie vous permet de travailler sans interruption lors de vos d閜lacements.
Batterie Lenovo ThinkPad T431s Ultrabook

Nos Lenovo ThinkPad S431 Ultrabook de l 'utilisation du temps ne peut 間aler le produit original. Haut conseil de protection de la qualit est compl閠閑 par SMT Equipement. Nous avons une exp閞ience de 6 ans sur la production de batteries d'ordinateurs portables. La qualit fiable et la s閏urit font de notre Batterie Ordinateur Portable lenovo S431 Ultrabook durer aussi longtemps que des Batterie d'origine.
Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 17th, 2014 6:20 AM
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Tags Batterie | Thinkpad | X230
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Toutes nos batteries Lenovo sont certifiées neuves et de fabrication récente, car elles sont fabriquées par notre fournisseur sur demande. Si vous êtes réticent à acheter une batterie Lenovo qui n'est pas fabriqué par le constructeur officiel ne vous inquiétez pas, les éléments de fabrication sont les mêmes que ceux utilisé par Lenovo. Pour trouver la batterie PC portable compatible à votre ordinateur portable Lenovo il vous suffit de consulter la liste ci-dessous et de cliquer sur le modèle correspondant. Si vous ne trouvez pas le modèle de votre ordinateur portable dans la liste, vous pouvez contacter notre équipe au service@chargeursbatterie.com, nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous aider.
Date Submitted Tue. Mar. 4th, 2014 2:18 AM
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Tags Battery | for | IBM | Laptop | T42 | Thinkpad
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Running complex computer applications by making use of your ThinkPad laptop battery will let you realize best benefits in an authentic fashion. Original battery for ThinkPad T42 model of laptop is necessary because of the fact that you spend significantly longer time periods upon them resulting in the ultimate features that you expect on the whole. Securing your priorities without getting through any problematic issues is something that is needed in the first place due to which exploring the positive results is possible for you as per the requirement. Proper care should be taken of your laptop in order to ensure longer battery life could be realized on an overall.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Battery for Robust Computer Applications

Downloading your favorite videos on a continuous basis might lead to weaker battery life that you need to consider in the first place. Also, it is necessary to consider various options of running your battery successfully due to which the shelf life could be extended in a precise fashion. Reputed online suppliers are available online readily for you to deliver original batteries for your extensive needs in a perfect manner. Checking out several features in this context will let you explore more quality features easily.

Get User Compliance Features from IBM laptop Battery

Great deals upon the ThinkPad battery for T42 model are available to you in an extensive manner resulting in excellent benefits for your personalized requirements. Valuable applications could be run without experiencing any breakage issues for sure due to which exploring more benefits is possible as per the situation. Perfect quality standards could be maintained in a significant fashion because of which you get to maintain ultimate quality standards without having to bother about the significant usage problems in any manner. Diverse range of quality battery products are provided to you in this context for your exceptional uses.

Pick ThinkPad T42 Battery from Excellent Bargains With Ease

Focusing upon multiple features to experience grand results from your battery is something what you need to experience in the first place. Several battery suppliers online are known to offer you with their ultimate deals in order to ensure that you realize the perfect quality standards as per the requirement. By offering maximum protection to your laptop by using it carefully, it is possible to gain positive results on a regular basis in precisely the same way as you anticipate. All these features will help you in gaining ultimate standards without having to worry about the usage issues.

Flexible Charging Solutions from Latest IBM ThinkPad T42 Battery

Are you tired of charging your normal battery time and again for simple downloading needs? Perhaps, you can now bid adieu to such issues because of the availability of latest IBM battery offering you long standby times even if you charge it for a very less span of time. Taking control of your multiple applications and features is something that is best possible in this regard due to which you get to explore various aspects in a significant fashion.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Laptop Battery

Article Source: For more information about laptop Charger or IBM ThinkPad T42 Battery, please go to http://www.notebookbatteries.co.nz
Date Submitted Thu. Feb. 27th, 2014 1:40 AM
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Syntax Master wang2013
Tags ac | adapter | IBM | T20 | Thinkpad
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The IBM Thinkpad T20 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply Cord is specially designed to meet the power needs of your favorite IBM notebook PC. It has been tested to ensure it will work with your computer. The ibm ac adapter is lightweight, easy to carry, perfect for the home, office, or travel. You will always get the best result from this portable laptop AC Power Adapter.UL Certified Laptop AC Adaptor. Quality workmanship and the highest safety standards.Packed with the IBM Thinkpad T20 power supply,this lightweight and easy-to-carrry plug adapter proves to be and optimized portable power source wherever you are at home,in office or on the road.The best price and high quality for Laptop AC Adapter at laptopadaptercharger.com.au. Replacement for Acer,Asus,Apple,Compaq,Delta,Dell,HP,HP COMPAQ,IBM,Lenovo,Samsung,Sony,Toshiba Laptop battery charger with best service are our primary business, purchase replacement for Laptop AC Adapter now.
Date Submitted Thu. Dec. 26th, 2013 3:47 AM
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Tags Battery | Lenovo | Thinkpad | X200
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If a brand needs to stay top in the sales of laptop, then there is a need for doing everything possible to make the customer satisfied for staying on the top of the list. The Thinkpad X200 is such an attempt from Lenov to make one among the top sellers of Laptops in the market, not to mention the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Laptop AC adapter. The new keyboard that offers good amount of precision along with audio of enhanced dolby quality are the various new features that are added to the laptop for making it stand in the market as an appealing product.


The lid of this laptop is fixed in a durable and comfortable manner with the finishing available with its soft touch body. The other attractions that are associated with this laptop include chrome hinges along with the insignias of Thinkpad and Lenovo placed at right and left corners of the laptop. Opening lid of the laptop is so easy and can be done along sliding latch. Inside the laptop, there is a possibility for finding the red trackpoint at the center associated with the keyboard of the laptop which is available in the island style. A black power button can be seen above the keyboard along with ThinkVantage button which is blue in color and also the volume controls. Below the keyboard, you can find the touchpad that is flanked with mouse buttons that are discrete. Finger print reader is the another feature that can be found on it on the right side of the touchpad of the laptop.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 battery that is available for this laptop is of 9 cells and the overall weight of the laptop is just 5.2 pounds. The laptop is of 13.1X9.1X1.2 inch and is a thin and light notebook available in the heavy side. The major advantage with this laptop is that it can be much suitable to accommodate in a small bag like the messenger bag.

Display & Audio

The 14 inch display that is available with the laptop is not much bright. This is a case that is much disappointing when compared to the previous model as it provides with much amount of brightness and higher resolution.


The Thinkpad X200 is a laptop that is designed for lasting for a longer period of time, so is Lenovo ThinkPad X200 charger. The plastic lid, the bottom that is reinforced with carbon along with roll cage in the interior can be helpful in protecting against the conditions of drops and shocks. The laptop is made more strong and stiff with the inclusion of carbon fiber in the laptop. The ThinkVantage Active is capable of stopping hard drive in case of the sensation of any change in the motion.

Touchpad and Keyboard

The keyboard that is available with the Thinkpad from Lenovo has a kind if precision keyboard with island style. The keys are smile shaped and matte black along with good amount of space for providing feedback that is springy and firm. The keyboard that is associated with this notebook is something better than AccuType layout that is available with the IdeaPad series.
Lenovo ThinkPad X200 charger:
Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 10th, 2013 3:10 AM
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Tags Battery | IBM | T42 | ThinkPa | Thinkpad
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IBM ThinkPad T42 battery is a ten point eight voltage battery that is used to power this particular device. The battery has dimensions of two hundred and twenty five point seven by eighty point two one by twenty point three millimeters and has a weight of six hundred and eighty one point one eight grams. This means that it s not bulky and it is also light that it can be carried easily. Most people buy it together with the laptop but one can also purchase it separately. When it is new, it can last for more than six hours while being used fully. In this condition the IBM battery can last for several years provided it is maintained properly. It is commonly available in black color but one can specifically acquire the color that compliments and marches the laptop. Furthermore, the battery indicates when its charge is going low so that one can recharge it effectively. The charging takes a few hours but it indicates when it is full so that one can disconnect it. One is usually advised when it is appropriate to recharge the battery but it is advisable to recharge when the remaining charge is below five percent as a way of maintaining it and ensuring it has a long life.

The IBM battery for ThinkPad is usually sold in various electronic shops but one can purchase it online. All what one needs is to search for a reliable website that sells and ships this batter. But it is important to give clear details while ordering it since giving wrong information can confuse the seller and up getting the wrong battery. That’s why some people prefer purchasing from conventional stores where they can carry their laptops and test the battery before purchasing. But others consider purchasing online as convenient especially if the seller has the policy of replacing products if they are not the correct order. One should also get a warrant so as to guarantee that the battery is in good condition and it is precisely what one needed.

IBM ThinkPad T42 adapter is also an important component since it protects the battery from over charging and other electrical problems that might occur. The adapter is usually connected to the power source where it regulates the current getting to the battery. This is an important function since too much power can readily damage the battery. The adapter comes with a long cord which means that one can charge the battery while sitting a distance from the power source and continue using the laptop. It is usually easy to use the adapter but it is paramount to take caution and follow the right procedure so as to ensure it functions properly and lasts for long.

Article Source: For more information about Laptop Battery or IBM ThinkPad T42 Battery, please go to http://www.batteriesshop.net.au
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