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Tags adapter | DV3700 | HP | pavilion
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Laptops are by the day becoming a necessity for many people to work. As a matter of fact, I recently got myself an HP Pavilion DV3700. And I must say, it has helped in my work as well as provided me with entertainment anytime I want. Regardless of being in the park, coffee shop or camping. However, I recently found the need to get another HP Pavilion DV3700 charger, thought it would be a walk in the park. Shock on me. There is a lot more to it that just waltzing into a shop and making a purchase. So I decided to research and share my findings to help those who may find themselves in the same problem due to their laptop adapters malfunctioning or just since they want to have a backup.

The don*ts while making a purchase

When looking for an HP Pavilion DV3700 AC adapter, I was tempted to choose a universal power charger. Well, as after some research there some things that stood out that make this a bad idea. They are not essentially wrong choice but it is what they do not provide that makes them a wrong choice. While they are made to be compatible with many different models of laptops, they are fall short in the specifics, which really matter if your laptop battery is to serve you for a long while.

Also do not choose cheap HP Pavilion DV3700 adapter as they tend to be faulty and do not last long. In addition you will want to stick to the make and model of your laptop to ensure that the adapter is compatible.

What to consider

The first thing that you should realize is that there are different connector types for different laptops. The connector types include:

Molex connectors
Cylindrical connectors
Snap and lock connectors
To ensure you get the right connector tip, take down the model number of your laptop so that you make a specific purchase.

In addition, you should check o the voltage requirements of the laptop that you have. Different adapters come with different voltages, purchasing one with a higher voltage that that of your laptop can cause major damage. You should therefore check your laptop for the voltage it is built for.

HP Pavilion DV3700 power supply

Given the fact that I travel a lot to places where there power is not available, I require my laptop to store its power for a longer time. To help me solve this issue I discovered that power supplies can be upgraded to help your laptop store power for longer times, provided your battery is in good condition. Many make upgrades o the RAM, hard disks and graphics card and totally ignore this component. Consider making the upgrade and you will marvel at the results you will get.

For more information about HP charger,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz
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Tags ac | adapter | PA3715U-1ACA | toshiba
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Sometimes buying a replacement Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA power supply for your computer can be quite an uphill task. This is more so the case if you have never been in the same situation before and you don*t wish to have to buy a new laptop because of such a minor problem.

The trick with buying replacement parts for a laptop is first finding what exactly is wrong or causing the problem. In this case it could be charger or the adapter. The last thing you want is to buy a part and find it is the wrong one so it is important to ensure you get the diagnostic right.

How to conduct a diagnostic test?

First you need to ensure that the socket actually has power. You can do this by plugging in another appliance and see if it works. If it does then you can carry on. For those whose Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA AC adapter has an indicator light, this could be way easier. Simply plug in the charger and see if the indicator light on the adapter goes on.

If it does but the laptop does not charge, then the problem could be the adapter. You could also take the laptop to a repair shop and try using a different charger and adapter. Whichever fails to work is the culprit. So once you find out where the problem is, how do you replace it?

What to look for in an adapter?

The adapter is perhaps the more sensitive of the two and you need to ensure that you pay more attention to this. You will need the make and model of your computer which in this case happens to be the Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA.

You will also need to find the voltage requirements for your computer and the wattage. You can either check the manufacturer*s manual for this or you can check on the original Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA charger. Keep in mind that these have to match because if they don*t, you risk damaging your computer.

Lastly check on the charging pin to ensure that the shape and size match those of your computer. You may also want to take a glimpse inside incase yours has any details inside ensure that they are also present on the replacement. If this checks out you*re ready to make the purchase.

What to look for in the charger?

For the case of the charger, there is nothing much that you need to check on since most of them fit in most adapters. However, you need to confirm that it is functional and that it has a fuse for the safety of your computer.

Even after ensuring that you*re buying the right products, it is advisable to make sure that you buy the Toshiba adapter from a reputable retailer or better yet from the manufacturer*s outlet. That way you save yourself any regret.

For more information about Toshiba charger,please go to http://www.uklaptopbatteries.co.uk/
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Tags 1440 | ac | adapter | Dell | Inspiron
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My Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop makes my entertainment, office and my very important files, easily accessible to me as well as portable, as I can take it to just about any place that I see fit. Be it the park or a coffee shop. When purchasing my laptop, it came with its very own charger and adapter. However, I found myself in some bit of a situation when my Dell Inspiron 1440 AC Adapter got damaged and I had to buy another one and fast. Well, you may not have damaged your but having two chargers can be a good idea especially when you are travelling.

However, regardless of the reason that you have to buy the charger or Dell Inspiron 1440 adapter, you will realize that it is not as straight forward as you thought. I therefore took the liberty of doing some research and sharing the findings.

Connector type

The first thing that you should know before you set out to make a purchase is that there are several different connector tip types. They include:

Cylindrical connectors
Snap and lock connector
Molex connector.
Model number

You should therefore know which type your laptop uses as it may be different from my Dell Inspiron 1440 charger port. For this, you will require to have the laptop*s model number. It is normally located at the bottom of your laptop and is usually on a sticker. If you do not find the number there, you could do a manual search in your computers system properties. This will help you get the right kind of charger.

Voltage requirements

In addition to the model number, you will have to have the wattage requirements for your laptop as different adapters come with different voltage settings. Buying an adapter with a higher voltage than that of your laptop can actually damage it. You wouldn*t want that now would you? The details of the voltage requirements for your laptop are usually listed on the user manual.

Power supply

In addition, another laptop I found during my research is the Dell Inspiron 1440 power supply. Power supplies are for the most part misunderstood or even ignored. Many will rush to upgrade their SSDs and graphics cards and totally overlook the power supply.

However, if you take some time to think about it, the power supply upgrade will enhance the stability of your system as well as lengthen its reliability. When purchasing this product however, you should consider the following:

The manufacturer
Its output
Form factor
Cabling that you prefer.

For more information about Dell charger,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz/
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Tags ac | adapter | Fujitsu | LIFEBOOK | N3010
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Being in a position to purchase the best quality items is the thing that each of us searches for whenever we visit the business to purchase laptop accessories. Then again, the vast majority of us discover it a test to focus the best items to browse the various alternatives accessible. In the event that you need to get the best Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 AC adapter, charger, power supply and battery, considering these five factors can help you get the best one.

1. You will too need to figure out if the potential adapter accompanies a warrant. While a few us may ignore this element, picking a justified Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 AC adapter, charger or battery is very critical particularly when certain items are inadequately planned. This is on account of you can wind up getting a free substitution as opposed to contributing a greater amount of your cash to buy another one.

2. Compatibility is an alternate paramount variable which needs to be considered when searching for Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 charger, battery. Every one of us realizes that smart phone connectors accompany diverse connector sorts and not each of them might be good with our LifeBook N3010. Likewise, Fujitsu batteries accompany diverse force rating each of which is perfect with distinctive sorts of laptops.

3. It is likewise essential to focus the price of the laptop adapter or battery for Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 before you make the buy. This is on account of there are various individuals who case to offer these items among who charge more than others. To abstain from using more than your financial plan, it is fitting to scan for distinctive suppliers and measure up their value quotes to focus the most proper one.

4. Quality is among the principle considerations that ought to be put into attention when picking a Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 Battery. So as to pick the best quality battery, you have to focus the materials they are made of other than the notoriety of producer. You would also need to survey the client evaluations since by and large every item is appraised as indicated by its execution and quality.

5. Different Fujitsu laptops uses different amount of power to work. This implies that each one sort of laptop ought to be controlled with a charger or battery evaluated with the same measure of power. It is consequently that before you purchase a laptop charger or battery, you ought to verify that it has the same force rating as your laptop or else it would not work at your laptop or even damage it in case of overloading.

For more information about Fujitsu adapter,please go to http://www.uklaptopbatteries.co.uk/
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Tags ac | adapter | Sony | VGP-AC19V12
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A Laptop charger is simply a specialized AC adapter. Most laptops and other electronic devices use direct current while the power outlet from the socket is usually in alternating current hence an adapter is needed. A simply put Sony VGP-AC19V12 AC adapter converts this alternating current to direct current which is used by the laptop.

There are many things to be considered when selecting the best Sony VGP-AC19V12 Charger that include its power output, length of the power cord, shape of the adapter or even the material type. Some of these features affect the efficiency and aesthetics of your charger; therefore need to be closely considered when choosing the laptop adapter.

Selecting the best Laptop Adapter

The following are things that should be considered when choosing aSony VGP-AC19V12 adapter if you want to achieve excellent services and long life adapter for your computer.

1. Pay close attention to the adapter voltage and amplitude
2. Check its connector type
3. Check the model and make of the Sony VGP-AC19V12 charger
4. Always be aware of some of the common power charger problems
5. Look for any physical damages that might be on the adapter
1. Examining the adapter voltage, voltage and amplitude

The term amplitude also refers to the amperes of the adapter. It usually means the strength of the voltage used to charger your Sony laptop. Although, it is very hard to damage your computer by selecting the wrong amperes rated charger, if the charger does not have enough amperes you laptop might have problem running due to low power input.

Voltage is power that make current to flow from the power socket and is not the same in all laptops, if the correct voltage is not selected you laptop might end up blowing up because of too much voltage or shutting down if it is low. Select the best Sony VGP-AC19V12 adapter after you have closely paid attention to the voltage and amplitude ratings.

2. Connector type

Connector type is what is required to plug the adapter into your laptop. While most connector types are similar, some computers use different type of connectors. Check for correct compatibility before buying the laptop adapter.

3. Make and model of the adapter

Specific model and make of laptop adapter are made to work of each laptop. If you do not choose the model that is compatible to your Sony laptop then the charger will not function perfectly.

Other essential things to understand about your Sony VGP-AC19V12 power supply are its common power problems and check incase of any physical damage before you buy the adapter.

For more information about Sony charger,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz/
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Tags ac | adapter | charger | Dell | LA90PS1-00
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Most people throw away damaged laptop chargers and spend a lot more money buying new ones not knowing that most charger problem can be easily fixed. It only takes patience, a cheap desoldering tool and a soldering iron. Here is a guide to help you fix your damaged Dell LA90PS1-00 AC Adapter:

Required materials

Solder, soldering iron, contact glue, plastic spatula, a flat screwdriver, box cutter and a desoldering iron.

This guide assumes that the electronics of your charger are still working. The best way to know if they are is the LED light that turns on momentarily when the charger is connected to the power outlet

It also assumes that the cable between the power outlet and the adapter is working. You can use a multimeter to test this.


First, you will need to identify the damaged part of the cable.

Open the case

Using a flat screwdriver, carefully try to separate the two covers and after achieving a small opening, use the plastic spatula to avoid damaging the charger. You should be able to open it up.

Now you can remove theDell LA90PS1-00 charger from the metal case. Be careful not to damage it.


The end of the cable has two or three wires depending on the type of charger. Mark where each wire is soldered on the circuit board then disolder them.

Stripping the cable

Each conductor on the charger cables is wrapped around another;

﹞ Cut a chunk at the tip of the cable to ensure that all the defective cable is removed

﹞ Make a cut around the rubber insulation then remove the cover.

﹞ Now you can separate the positive cable from the negative conductor

Reinstalling the strain relief grommet

The strain relief grommet is a very important part of the cable; without it, the service life of the Dell LA90PS1-00 power supply is considerably reduced.

﹞ Use a box cutter to cut one side of the grommet and rub it around the good cable

﹞ Use contact glue to secure the cables in the grommet.


Insert the two good cables through the circuit board of the charger. Ensure that each wire is on the right location. Connecting the cable wrongly or reversing polarity can be very dangerous to the laptop.

Check, check again and recheck again the polarity and make sure that you have made correct connections

Also, ensure that the cable filaments go down to the respective holes and there is no short circuit.

Re assembling

First, re install the metal sheets correctly then cover with the two plastic covers. Glue the covers firmly together.

For more information about Dell adapter,please go to http://www.uklaptopbatteries.co.uk/
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Tags 4010 | ac | Acer | adapter | TravelMate
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4 Important Things to Remember When Buying Your Acer TravelMate 4010 AC Adapter Replacement

Anyone who relies on a laptop for their work knows the agony that replacing an Acer TravelMate 4010 AC Adapter can cause. It is not always possible to get the exact same replacement adapter that your laptop had. So that means you have to shop around 每 usually online - to find one that is the closest match to what you had and which 每 you hope 每 will work just as well or better than the one you had. There are four important things that one should look out for when buying a replacement adapter to make sure you get the right component.

Clearly detailed specifications. When buying the adapter the most important thing is to get the correct specifications. These include the output voltage which should ideally be within range of the original product. Thus a 19V battery charger can be replaced with an 18.5V or a 19.5V one. The output current, which must be either the same or greater than the original one that you had. The laptop is able to draw the correct amperage of current that it needs. If the Acer TravelMate 4010 adapter you get doesn*t have enough amperage it may not have enough power to run the laptop. Thus if your original AC power adapter had an output of 3.16Amps then a replacement one should have at least a minimum of the same Amperage. Whatever you buy must at the very least include these specifications.

Good packaging. The way your adapter package arrives is a clear indicator of the quality of what you have been supplied with. You need to especially watch out for the following:

1. Poor packaging that does not protect the adapter from the elements during travel

2. Packaging that is torn damaged or poor quality

3. No clear instructions for the use of the adapter or generally poorly written documentation

4. Lack of clear address, name and telephone/email contact for the manufacturer or supplier of the adapter

It must include all Acer TravelMate 4010 charger components. A replacement adapter should ideally replace all the adapter components, from the AC plug to the adapter itself and the connector plug. This is because one can never be too sure what caused the original adapter to cease working. It could have been caused by a fault or a short circuit in any of those three components. It therefore makes sense to replace all three with new ones just to be on the safe side. Also components made by different manufacturers may not always work well together. So replace all the components of the adapter and not just parts of it.

Warranty. A good manufacturer stands by the quality of whatever equipment they have produced. The longer the length of warranty period 每 and in most cases, a money-back guarantee 每 then the more confident you can be that the equipment you are buying will perform as it should. So if a manufacturer does not indicate any warranty period for their Acer TravelMate 4010 power supply or if it is sounds ridiculously short then that is a supplier you should steer clear of. A typical replacement adapter comes with a one year warranty.

For more information about Acer adapter,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz/
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Every laptop comes with a Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 AC Adapter and it is supposed to last throughout the lifetime of the laptop. However, this is not often the case. The charger may get lost, get spoilt or even is stolen especially if you use your computer outside the office or home. This will entail quickly looking for a replacement charger for your laptop either in an online store or in a computer accessories store near you. Here are the Dos and Don*ts when buying a laptop charger:

Things you should avoid

You will find several types of power chargers on the shelf and it is in your best interest to choose one that will be compatible with your laptop model to avoid damaging your laptop*s circuitry. Here is what not to buy when looking for a replacement Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 charger:

Do not go for a universal Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 charger

A universal charger is designed to be compatible with different computer models in a given brand, but its components are short on the specifics that some laptops need. Though they are cheaper than the OEM ideal, Universal chargers usually have problems in their power tips, their fit as well as their voltage.

Do not choose solar power laptop chargers

Solar powered chargers are an efficient way to charge laptops. They are different from OEM and they exhibit different great design qualities. They are claimed to be safe with all laptop models but their compatibility with a specific model is not determined.

Do not buy a cheap Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 power supply

The cheap laptop chargers are made using low-grade components that do not last. In addition, cheap chargers are prone to overheating which can damage your laptop.

Do not buy another type power charger

If you buy a laptop charger that is different from your laptop model, it is unlikely to fit and if it does, it may cause damage to the laptop if the voltage level is different.

What to look for when buying a laptop charger

When buying a new laptop charger, the most important feature is the voltage, it should be the same as the old one. This is very important to avoid damaging your laptop*s circuitry. Read the voltage on the adapter of the charger.

Choose an OEM power charger

The ideal Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 Adapter for each laptop is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that is specifically designed for the laptop model and make. All laptops have their recommended OEM parts and buying one for your laptops has numerous advantages.

For more information about Toshiba adaoter,please go to http://www.uklaptopbatteries.co.uk/
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Tags ac | adapter | PCG-505E | Sony | vaio
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A number of people are there that prefer not to buy a new adapter for their old laptop and instead of this they buy a compatible one because they get various benefits with this purchase. In case you also want to know these benefits that people can get when they buy compatible Sony VAIO PCG-505E AC Adapter, then here are a few key points that can help you with that.

Lower cost: When you buy a branded Sony VAIO PCG-505E charger, then you may need to pay a lot of money for this branded laptop adapter. However, his is not the case with compatible adapter and in most of the cases you can get the adapter with a 50 to 60% price difference. So, we can say money saving is one of the biggest benefits that you can get with the purchase of compatible product.

Easy availability: In order to buy a branded Sony VAIO PCG-505E power supply, you will need to find an authentic seller for the same, which is not an easy thing to do. But if you will buy compatible Sony VAIO PCG-505E AC charger, then you will not need to worry about it because a number of sellers are there that sell compatible laptop adapter at different online stores and you can easily buy it from those places.

No chance of duplication: Buying a branded product always make your vulnerable to purchase of duplicate product and because of this you may end up buying a duplicate Sony VAIO PCG-505E AC Adapter instead of original one. But you don*t have to worry about this problem with compatible adapter as no one does the duplication of a compatible product. This also means that you will not have any issue of warranty on compatible adapter, but if you buy a duplicate one then you may end up having no warranty for your adapter.

Equal services and guarantee: Although a compatible or third party Sony VAIO PCG-505E power supply will charge less money to you, but that doesn*t means that you will get less services from them. In fact many compatible laptop manufacture offer you equal warranty and guarantee on an adapter and their adapter give great services as well. So, we can also say that you will get the same kind of services and efficiency with your compatible adapter without investing a lot of money in it and this is a great benefit that you always get with the purchase of compatible adapter for your old laptop.

For more information about Sony adapter,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz/
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Tags "24V Battery" | ac | adapter | charger | g6 | HP | pavilion
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If you will not use any material in a wiser manner, then it will surely get damaged and very soon you will not be able to use that product. This is a very simple rule that is applicable on all the products or material, including HP Pavilion G6 AC Adapter. That*s why it is recommended that you use it wisely and follow are a few simple and easy tips that can help you in it.

Check your power source: It is true that your HP Pavilion G6 charger is designed to work with some voltage fluctuation, but in case of regular voltage fluctuation it will not last for a very long time. So, when you connect your power adapter with power supply then connect it with a stable and proper power output. If you feel voltage output is not stable, then it is suggested to get a power controller to regulate the power.

Pack it smartly: If you will pack your HP Pavilion G6 charger with so many other cables, then it will definitely create some problem for you. In this kind of packing all the cables with get tangled with each other and eventually it will break some of the internal cables from your adapter. So, if you want to make sure that you do not get this kind of problem, then make sure you pack it wisely.

Keep it away from sharp edges: Sharp edges and sharp objects are biggest enemies of all the adapters and it can damage any adapter including your HP Pavilion G6 AC Adapter. That*s why it is a good idea that when you use it, then you take good care of its cable and you keep it away from sharp edges of tables, drawers and chairs corner. Also, if you use any sharp object like knife, paper cutter or other things, then keep that at a safe distance from your laptop adapter.

Handle with care: Last but not the least you need to handle it with proper care. Indeed, there is nothing to break in HP Pavilion G6 power supply but that*s only from outside. Internally it contains some small equipment*s and plates that can get damaged with improper handling and because of that damage your laptop adapter may not work at all. So, if you intent to use it for a very long time, then make sure you handle it with proper care as well.

For more information about HP charger,please go to http://www.batterymall.co.nz/
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