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Date Submitted Mon. Mar. 23rd, 2015 3:27 AM
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A laptop is an investment that costs quite a sum of money. The functions of a laptop these days are instrumental in our day to day activities. So for proper functioning of your device, you will need a source of power that ensures it offers a consistent performance.

Would you like an efficient, durable and high-standard ASUS X58L battery for your laptop? If you are an owner of an ASUS X58L laptop then you are in store for a pleasant experience with the battery that will surpass all your expectations. This battery is guaranteed for a consistent and safe power supply.

The merits of this battery are immense but it would be for nothing if we discussed about its quality offerings before we look at the features that make it great for your laptop. It is a Li-on battery with a voltage of 11.1 volts and a capacity of 5200mAh with 6 battery cells. It is a compatible non-OEM replacement battery. It is black in colour with a one year warranty.

The battery for ASUS X58L carries with it great advantages that will convince you to purchase it with immediate effect. Many times we become skeptical when a product introduces itself as the best in the market and it has nothing to show for it, well this battery can back up its hype. It is safe for your laptop since it has a built-in protection which protects your laptop from overvoltage. It insulates it from over current and minimizes the possibility of short circuiting. It is assured of thermal protection. This makes it a reliable and safe source of power. The battery is purely original and compatible. It is durable and goes about its functions without the threat of harm to you laptop.

An adapter completes this equation. The ASUS X58L adapter is designed to enable you operate your laptop while charging it from an electrical power outlet. It converts AC power to DC power which is 19 volts and 4.74 A. It exceeds OEM expectations and is fully compatible with your laptop. It comes with a high quality power cord. It is user friendly because it is portable and can be carried from one point to another in case the demand for power arises. It has a one year warranty cover.

The ASUS X58L power sources and power supporting devices have surpassed the standards of laptop batteries and adapters. They are in high demand and it is high time you get yours for your machine.

For more information about ASUS Battery,please go to
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