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Date Submitted Wed. Apr. 2nd, 2014 5:38 AM
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Tags car | diagnostic | tool
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SUV because of its open driver¡¯s field of vision and adapt to different functional road, has recently attracted many consumers, this kind of car sales increased gradually, and even many consumers clear that want to use SUV as the object of the first purchase a car.
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Tags 12v | Battery | car | JUMP | starter
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You go out to your car in the morning, get in, turn the key, and¡­ nothing. Try it again¡­ nothing. Dead battery. But you¡¯re prepared, right?

Well, your wife¡¯s away for the weekend in the other car, you don¡¯t know anyone you can call who¡¯d come out to give you a jump, so good thing you have a Pocket Battery Jump Starter, just for emergencies like this, isn¡¯t it?

Actually there are a few things it would be a good thing to have about now:

Pocket battery jump starter. Seriously, pocket. As in about the size of your son¡¯s iPhone 6 with jumper clamps plugged in the headphone jack. Thanks to advances in lithium ion battery technology, it can crank out plenty of amps, more than enough juice to jump your battery back to life. Good ones have flashlights built in, and you can even charge your other electronics off its USB ports.

Power station battery jump starter. Probably what you bought for your wife a few years ago to keep in the trunk of her car (usefully parked at her mother¡¯s house in the valley now that you need it). About the size of a bowling ball bag, it¡¯s basically a car battery with attached cables. Fancy ones have air compressors that you can use to inflate your tires if you¡¯ve run into serious car issues.

12v Car Jump Starter. Another lightweight option about the size of a cigarette carton (remember those?), this looks like it belongs plugged into a monitor or keyboard instead of in your garage. Just throw it under your driver¡¯s seat and forget about it until times like this. Good ones have a nifty ¡°no-recoil¡± feature, meaning no matter how badly you screw up you can¡¯t flow current back into the unit from the car battery. You get about eight jumps out of one charge.

Those are really your basics. Anymore jumping a car battery is as easy as charging your smartphone, so what you have out there are basically souped-up recharge units -- emergency power providers for anything from cars to phones.

Some come as small as 6 x 2.8 x 1 inches, but pack the horses to jump a 12v V8 engine to life, not to mention boats, motorcycles and quads.

Which Powerstation Battery Jump Starter to get? We can¡¯t see a whole lot of difference for the casual user. But really, the only advantage to having the power station model is if you need the air compression. They haven¡¯t figured out how to put that on something you can carry in your pocket yet.

NewNow® Product info about Battery Jump Starter, please go to
Date Submitted Thu. Sep. 6th, 2012 2:22 AM
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Scripter wholesale
Tags air | car | for | pump
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About this product- Car Electric Air Pump With Car Puncture Repair Kit
Car Electric Tyre Pump
* High Power Model of 12V Car Electric Air
* Compressor Tyre Pump - Tyre Inflator
* High Power Model has a Extra High Power Motor for Better Inflation power + Stronger Outer Body +
* Long air Pipe
* Simply use this for fast & easy inflation of car tyres"
* No strength required air pump for car as it is all electronic & is powered directly from your car battery
* Perfect for anyone who wants a ease while inflating a tyre
* Time saving as compared to mechanical pump
* Very Compact and easy to store in car dicky
* Robust and Durable Design
* Powered by your car cigarette lighter slot / Switch
* Easy to use - just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power, slip universal adapter over tire valve and you are ready to inflate
* An invaluable kit for the motorist, no need to be stranded if you have a puncture, simply plug into your car cigarette lighter & place the nozzle over the tire valve.
* This inflator has a pressure gauge that reads in lb/in and kg/cm bar
* Compact inflator, plugs into your car cigarette lighter for the easy inflation of car or bicycle tyres, sports balls, airbeds and other inflatable, comes with a selection of adapters
Specifications :
* 30 Pressure hose with lock 10ft
* 2 nozzle adapters and sports needle
* Perfect for cars, bikes. And inflatable
* Excellent for roadside emergencies
Suitable :
* For auto tyes
* For bike tyres
* For rubber rafts
* For balls
Date Submitted Thu. Jul. 17th, 2014 7:23 AM
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Helper youobd2bella
Tags ALL | auto | car | diagnostic | repair | software
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There are three different features in most car diagnostic software programs: input tools, interpretation logic, and model specific data. The price for car diagnostic software programs varies widely, depending upon the target audience and number of models included. The vast majority of software programs are designed to work with a broad range of hardware components, providing a great deal of flexibility to clients.

Car diagnostic software has grown substantially in the last five to eight years. As computers become more integrated into car engines, engine problems are diagnosed with computers and software. Professional car mechanics have been using this type of software for many years. Car diagnostic software has completely changed the industry.

The primary purpose of ALL Auto Repair Software is to provide the mechanic or car owner with accurate information to assist in the troubleshooting process. The information this type of software can provide ranges from basic output of readings and comparison to standards to a list of possible issues based on the readings taken from the car.
Date Submitted Sun. Aug. 17th, 2014 3:38 AM
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Helper youobd2bella
Tags auto | car | diagnostic | Tools | YOUOBD
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youobd2 will be specialist maker and also exporter in which inside focused on the particular advancement, creation with the automobile diagnostic application as well as the locksmith equipment. We have been situated in shenzhen, cina. Our own goods conform to the particular qulity specifications and so are tremendously treasured inside the range of different areas across the world. We've the Auto Diagnostic Tools, regarding web store masters from suppliers dropship with all the finest value.

Our own vehicle diagnostic equipment are usually acquireable on the net and also are available coming from neighborhood fix-it retailers and also aftermarket suppliers at the same time. Nonetheless, it will always be crucial to get the particular diagnostic gadgets coming from official retailers and also suppliers. You'll find trusted online retailers that are connected to be able to suppliers regarding diagnostic gadgetry. In order to obtain a automobile diagnostic application coming from a certified merchant, look for business backdrop and also experience regarding virtually any distinct business prior to deciding to require a acquiring selection. Researching complex technical specs and also rates regarding diverse goods inside the identical group since crucial since examining the particular uses and also compatibility with the identical using a certain automobile product and also help make.

Nearly all of our own goods will be 12 months regarding ensure. Just before shipping and delivery out there, almost all items are already analyzed once more simply by YOUOBD2 Blog. Our own specialist manufacture can analyze each items regarding qulity, like the operate with the components and also computer software, the mandatory components and also strength adapter put common, the particular our own QC Employees can cautiously be sure once more and also stick our personal QC Tag inside the items.
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Beginner gwvfvnss9725
Tags aspects | car | Lease | of
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Chinese wedding custom car before they came together, it is the important for one to make a link in, in many parts of the brides to attach great importance. Generally speaking, the choice of car and lease are made by the groom who is responsible for, let us have a look, what car rental that you need to pay attention to?

According to the route for chosen brand
General people can choose two or three car as their first car sported the candidate models. Remember, the other half in order to discuss, because you chose the other party which don't like car and made wedding day in a bad mood. A few candidate cars get more easily in the wedding day to rent a car, especially in the wedding season. Determine the route, on the one hand, can estimate need mileage and time, on the other hand, some of the more narrow road is not suitable for use king-size models, also can avoid to choose passing.

Choose the company to normal
Now engaged in wedding and related business are very much, good evil people get mixed up, it is suggested that choosing the company business for a long time, with big scale, high credibility of the business. If it is a small brand, even if the price make the advantages, you also want to use. Wedding day is safe and smooth, if got encounter emergencies, experienced big companies will be more easy to deal with. Choosing a shop with good qualifications, which can get through online search, and it also can through that to participate in the wedding. For example, in tintin online for you to recommend several integrity of car for rental business, and you also can have many experienced car for rental brand and the car rental business include the well-known wedding company to choosen from
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Coder minideal
Tags car | Phone | Style
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Global Universal Quad Band, the most affordable car style phone quad-band single-card mobile phone: MP3 player, MP4 player, high-definition camera, single card single standby, FM radio, T-FLASH card expansion, Bluetooth, QQ, MSN Chat, TXT e-book, high-capacity battery, multi-languages, a variety of exciting games, radio. . .
Car Shape Flip style
Unclock W8 Mobile phone
2.0" Screen Dual SIM support
Built-in 200 lacpixel camera
SIM Card dual card dual standby
Java No
Wi-Fi No
Built in TV Turner No
FM Radio Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0
Camera 1.3 mega pixel camera
Screen 2.2 inch QVGA Screen
Memory Support micro SD card, Max to 4GB
Language English,French,Spanish,German, Arabic,Portuguese, Indonesian, Melayu, Bahasa,Russian and other languages
Ring tone 64 Polyphonic Ring tones ; Ring tone format: MP3, MIDI
Game 1 common games
Phone Book Directories 500 contacts a call this support calls, group, ringtones, calls Daitoutie
Music Player Support MP3 background music player,
Video Player 3GP, MP4 format
E-Book Reader Support TXT
Picture Viewer Support jpg, gif
Internet Support GPRS, WAP
Massage Support SMS, MMS
Date Submitted Mon. Jun. 30th, 2014 7:11 AM
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Coder autonumenbella
Tags C3 | car | diagnostic | MB | star | Star£¬MB | Tools
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Early this month, I browsed the forum of benzworld. org, and l was instested in a post about MB Star C3, it descripts the functions and usages of mb star c3 detail. Because my Mercedes Benz W204 could not start. When I turned the ignition, I heard a rapid clicking noise and all the dashboard lights came on as usual, but the car could not start. I noticed that the day before that it took a few seconds for the engine to start, but on that day it was silent when I turn the key in the ignition. Since I had been undergone an auto repair training, I would like to tried on my own. I searched some Mercedes Benz diagnostic tools that support my car, and bought one from an online seller. It was an MB Star C3 Pro from a Chinese seller, autonumen.

MB Star C3 Mercedes Star Diagnosis
I received the tool a week later. The tool was well packed and the device seemed quite solid at first sight. I connected the MB Star C3 to my car, started it and began to troubleshoot the problem. According to the trouble code I got, the problem was with the battery system. So I checked the battery terminal cable connections first. The connections were a little bit corroded. I forced the point of a screwdriver between the connector and the terminal post, and twisted it to lodge it firmly. Then I tried to turn the ignition again, and the car could start smoothly.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of car diagnostic tools for technician, workshop, DIY-ers to choose when confronting a problem with his or their own cars, but the question here is which one is the best and most suitable for your car? How much do you know about these scan tools in hope of a best one? Below we will introduce a line of professional scan tools only for Benz, hope it will be helpful for your view and guide you how to choose.
Date Submitted Tue. Jul. 1st, 2014 4:04 AM
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Coder autonumenbella
Tags C3 | c4 | car | diagnostic | MB | star | Tools
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Nowadays, there are many kinds of car diagnostic tools for technician, workshop, DIY-ers to choose when confronting a problem with his or their own cars, but the question here is which one is the best and most suitable for your car? How much do you know about these scan tools in hope of a best one? Below we will introduce a line of professional scan tools only for Benz, hope it will be helpful for your view and guide you how to choose. Are you in need of a diagnostic tool that never disappoints nor embarrasses you at any time? The Mercedes C3 star tool is your number one choice. This tool is meant to give you the value for your money.

Why choose Star Diagnosis MB Star?
1. You can make an on-line order at your convenience. You need not physically pay a visit to the Mercedes star C3 distributor or manufacturer in order to acquire this product. This is because you can place an order on-line and your order will be delivered in the required quantity and in the required condition. As a way of helping you share your burden with us, we ensure that your order is shipped free of charge. The saving you make can be used to start an income-generating project or meet other financial obligations.
2. Allows use of convenient mode of payments. The Star diagnosis Mercedes Benz allows you to pay for your order using your convenient payment mode. That is why it is acceptable to use convenient modes of payments such as visa cards and master cards. This helps you reduce any stress as well as save on your time hence you can continue doing other businesses while you are waiting for the delivery to be made at the door of your enterprise.
3. Creates room for further discussion and access to relevant information. You can follow us on social media such as twitter and face books. In this media, you learn of the product (Mercedes Star C3 tool), make suggestions, post comments and ask questions. The staffs respond to you in a professional, ethical and dignified manner. The workers also ensure that they respond to you within a time frame in which you can make an informed decision. Simply speaking, your satisfaction is our key drive.
4. Assurance of quality products and support services. The tool, as an example, has withstood test of time. Following the recent survey, it has been noticed that at least 99. 8% of the clients who used the product have had easy time and positive results. The report also indicates that the Mercedes Benz Star C3 diagnostic tool is one of the top rated brands. Moreover, you have access to other services such as those of accessories. Therefore, whenever you go for this product you are guaranteed that you are not committing your cash into unnecessary places.
5. Availability in sufficient amount and varying categories at an affordable price. There exist different MB stars tools in large amount but pocket-friendly cost. For instance, we have MB star C3 and MB star C4. This means that you can make your order of different products and in varying amount from a single place hence eliminating you the stress of piece-wise purchases, saves on time and other resources such as energy.
Date Submitted Fri. May. 3rd, 2013 2:24 AM
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Tags car | diagnostic | ELM327 | Scan | tool
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The ELM327 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool can be used to detect data in the car such as Engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel system, the speed of the vehicle, fuel pressure, air pressure rate etc. The test is performed with the Scan tool to detect errors in any of the above mentioned data. The main advantage of the scan tool is that, it is wireless and works with the help of the Bluetooth support. It is possible to read both manufacture specific as well as generic trouble codes with the help of this device. There are more than 3000 generic code words already added to the database. The device comes with a software CD which could be installed in your system to monitor the data provided by the device.

The OBD Interface WiFi iPhone can be used to connect your iPhone to your car's computer and can be used as an automotive tool that communicates and retrieves information. It can be used to Check Engine Diagnostics; GPS track mapping, Engine sensors, Ski pad, Data logging, Customizable Dashboard and Video recording etc. The phone connects to the car's computer through Wi-Fi and hence high rate of data transfer is achieved. The system detects any fault in the car and transfer data to the phone based on it. With the help of this data, the user can detect any faults in the car.

The VAG-COM OBDII 409.1 black cable is used as a car connector to monitor various activities of the car. It is used for monitoring the various data such as security access, component tests and reading the entire vehicle. It is possible to observe three sets of data simultaneously using this cable. It also ensures that the security of the computer is never compromised. It provides security with the help of a 7 digit access key to match the new key in all later models. Another advantage of this cable is that, it is compatible with 16 pin OBD interface. The database has more than 7500 fault codes. The cable is waterproof and can also sustain harsh environments. The cable can be used to detect data such as Engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel system, the speed of the vehicle, fuel pressure, air pressure rate etc.

The MS300 scan tool is a diagnostic tool which supports all the latest protocols such as OBD2 and Controller Area Network. The scanner can be used to retrieve large amount of data. It supports both Generic codes and also Manufacture specific codes. The main advantage of this cable is that, it doesn't require any external battery support. It is powered with the help of a detachable OBD2 cable. The scanner consists of an inbuilt LCD display to display various data. It is less than 0.5 Pounds and is easy to carry around. The scanner can process multiple trouble code at the same time. The device is easy to plug in and easy to use. The scanner comes with a software installation CD, which could be installed in your computer. This could be useful in monitoring the data using the system also.
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