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Replacement For Acer Aspire One D255 Adapter is rated at 19V 2.15A 40W.The high quality laptop charger for acer aspire one d255 provides your laptop with safe and reliable power.It is over Charge protection, Voltage protection, Temperature protection, Short circuit protection, enjoys 1-Year Warranty,60-Day Money Back!The Adapter is a 40W rated power supply and replaces acer aspire one d255 laptop charger. Designed to meet Acer's original specifications. The Replacement Acer AC Adapter is designed to be 100% manufacturer compatible and will meet OEM's time to get yourself a cheap and long-lasting ACER Aspire One D255 AC Adapter. Our laptop AC adapter is manufactured with the finest parts and components in the world.
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You may wonder why one goes for Acer aspire products such as D255 battery or adapter. Sometimes you may also be uninformed of these products. Here we can discuss a few of these products namely:

1. Acer Aspire D255 battery

They occur in various shapes depending on your computer model. On purchase of this battery you do not only get a one year warranty but also make a saving of approximately thirty out of a hundred. In case your computer situates necessitate a change in its battery, replacement battery is here with you. The user manual enlightens you about the power and voltage to use in order to avoid damage to your device. These batteries also have an outstanding life hence it is wise and economical to have a purchase of Acer Aspire D255 battery. From the reports from the customers the batteries have proved to withstand test of time. In many circumstances the battery is not only affordable and of high quality but also has a cost-free shipping.

Battery for Acer Aspire D255

A good example is the Acer aspire D255 battery which has already been discussed above. However, Acer aspire is doing well and the need to continue meeting your needs as and when due has led to innovation in the field of batteries. Of late a new battery brand has been developed. The brand is meant for a new laptop as well as for replacement purposes. This new brand also serves several Acer Aspire D models. The brand has been reported to be a hundred percent genuine.

Acer Aspire D255 adapter

This is the adapter of the Acer (D255) aspire laptop. The adapter usually uses an alternating current power source. In the current market, a wide selection of these adapters is available at an affordable price. The spare parts are not exceptional in the modern market. The Acer aspire D255 adapter is compatible with your device hence it helps eliminate the worry of your battery being damaged or performing inefficiently. It is important to note that like D255 battery, this charger has a warranty of a single year.

Why Acer Aspire D255 adapter and battery?

1. Compatibility with your device hence reduced risk of your device damage.

2. Long service life due to product quality.

3. A valid warranty of a whole within which you can have a repair or a replacement.

4. Variety of products to choose thus meeting different tastes and preferences.

5. An affordable price

6. Friendly atmosphere and relations e.g. free shipping of the Acer battery

Thus, to get optimal results you need to try Acer Aspire product.

ACER Aspire One D255 Laptop Battery

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Acer Aspire One D255 battery is the key feature which defines the Acer Aspire One D255 series laptops. With dynamic performance and high stability, this is one of most capable batteries in the market. A batterys performance is the key determinant for customers considering the purchase of a laptop. After all, who wants a laptop that needs to be frequently charged or connected to an active power outlet as this would completely make the purpose of portability ineffective. Not only does the battery need to sustain a charge for a reasonably long time but it should also be capable of offering support for intensive operations on the laptop. These are the main features that users look for when purchasing portable computing units.

The battery for Acer Aspire One D255 is made from Li-ion composite which enables it to have a longer period of charge sustenance on a single complete charge. In terms of charging capacity, the battery packs in 4800mAh with a voltage rating of 11.1 volts. The arrangement of the cells inside the battery comprise of 6 individual cell unit that work in synergy to provide optimal performance. This battery has not only been designed to ergonomically fit perfectly into the battery compartment but it has also been engineered to provide faster charging times with less power consumption. A built in circuit is provided for ensuring protection, stability and safety during operation which is crucial for preventing serious damage from being inflicted on the system as well as the user. The company has gone a step further in ensuring the performance and reliability of the battery for Acer Aspire One D255 by using high quality A grade cells. Such measures have not only enhanced the performance potential of the battery but have also implemented the required protective precautions for the safety of the device.

The Acer Aspire One D255 adapter perfectly complements the impeccable performance of its battery by offering feasible charging support through compatible power connection methods. This adapter is universally compatible with various power outlets and this makes it an effective component especially in cases where users have the need to travel frequently or have the need to be on the move a lot. During travelling, the most inconvenience is experienced when users have to frequently charge their laptops and the lack of compatible outlets worsens their problems. With a DC output of 19V-1.58A-30W, the adapter supports the fast charging capability of the battery. In terms of design and feasibility of storage, the simple structure of the adapter makes it snug enough to be stored conveniently without the requirement of a lot of space. This saves up on a lot of usable space during travelling and also provides the handy tool with which users can charge their laptop easily.

The Acer laptop battery, however, requires certain care to ensure the sustenance of its high performance potential. When not in use, the battery should be removed from the compartment and stored in a cool, dry and safe place. This will prevent the battery from internal damages due to other storage without use. Additionally, there is no need for the battery to be discharged completely every time. It should only be done periodically where the battery is completely discharged and then fully charged. This maximizes its capability to provide optimal time on a single charge. It also allows the battery to provide the most benefits during its lifetime of 31 charge cycles.
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Brand new high quality 5200mAh Acer Aspire One D255 battery Black. We offer a complete line of replacement Acer batteries and compatible replacements for almost all laptop models. All of our replacement Acer laptop batteries are made with high quality safe parts and are guaranteed to meet or even exceed the original manufacturers specifications.