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Date Submitted Sat. May. 23rd, 2015 3:15 AM
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There are a lot of properties that needs to be considered when purchasing and external power bank. Emergency power outages from your phone or tablet can leave with a lot of unfinished businesses. For that reason, you need an external battery for cell phone whenever you are not close to the main power supply.

Everyone deserves a complete and dependable service from their devices. Sudden death of batteries can deny you that. You can solve that problem by picking the best Portable USB Power Supply for any of your devices. You just have to consider the following:

Battery Capacity

There is a wide range of portable power banks makes. Different brands are built with varying features and battery capacities. For that reason, your device dictates the type external battery pack you are supposed to buy. A more convenient one should be able to produce a high charge that can keep any of your mobile devices running for days during power emergencies, field trips or camping.

For instance, on top of just your cell phone, you may require external power bank for your tablet, camera and palmtops too. Examples of Power bank series with great charging capacities include:

- Anker Astro Pro (14400mAH)

- New Trent iCarrier (12000mAH)

- Energizer XP XP18000A (18000mAH)

- MonoPrice External Battery Pack 9283 (5000mAH)


Portability is a major issue every time someone is buying a Battery for Cell Phone. A good purchase should be pocket sized, light weight and easy to carry around everywhere you go. Some super models have been designed to fit exactly on your device as it charges making it appear as a single device.

Devices charged

If your power bank can keep all your mini devices with power during outages or whenever you can¡¯t access main power source, then it is a right pick. You should spend your money on the right external power pack that can juice up all your phones, tablets and camera at the same time. If it is able to do this for long hours then that¡¯s a double check. This however depends on charge capacity of the power pack.


Portable Power Banks vary in prices depending on their brands and features. In most cases, the higher the battery capacity, the higher the price. If you are looking for an external power pack that can sustain several devices for long period of time, then expect to pay a little higher. An example is Energizer XP XP18000A (18000mAH) that costs $140 on Amazon as compared to MonoPrice External Battery Pack 6915 (1400mAH) that costs just $8.

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Date Submitted Mon. May. 18th, 2015 3:50 AM
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Just the other day I got myself an iPhone 5. I must say, it was the best feeling I ever had. Finally had something crossed off my bucket list. With the much I spent on it however, I was constantly worried of how I would protect it from damage, given that I am such a clutz. As I was doing my research, I stumbled upon the Battery Case for iPhone 5.

This case protects my phone from damage when it slips from my hands and falls to the ground accidentally. It also enhanced my phone¡¯s aesthetic look and feel a great deal. I thought I would compromise on the looks when I got this but that was not the case. As I bought my case, I realize that there are some things that one ought to make to be able to get the best.

Compare the prices

You will find that there are very many seller from whom you can get an external battery for iPhone 5. They however, due to competition do not sell them at the same price. Some price them highly than others. As such, if you are looking to get the iPhone 5 Battery Pack at the best price, you should do a price comparison of the prices in the different retail shops available to you. And when you get the shop selling it at a price that you feel is fair, consider other factors - not the price alone. These factors include:

After sales services like packaging and shipping.
Find a seller offering discounts

When you are looking for an iPhone 5 battery pack, you should look for shops that will provide you with discounts. These discounts are very important as they will help you to save some money on your purchase. Money that you can invest in some other accessories. If you are buying in bulk, you will really feel the impact of the seemingly little discount.

Consider aftersales services when making an online purchase

Ensure that the site you will purchase a Battery for iPhone 5 from will provide you with after sales services that include shipping and packaging to help you save some money. If you do not do this, you may end up catering for these costs yourself which will inflate the overall cost of getting the battery pack.

At times, the shops that provide you with the lowest prices do not cater for these services. You should therefore confirm with them before you buy, lest cheap might be expensive in the long run.

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Date Submitted Fri. May. 15th, 2015 6:05 AM
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Owning an iPhone is more fun and enjoyable in the current times. This is because it comes with a lot of quality and great features as well as other additional accessories such as a state-of-the art plus case that is sturdy and fits flawlessly for these brands of phones. The iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case is now seen as the modern and most trending type of a quality, classy and perfect case that offers the best fittings for all. It is simple and very much easier to fit and operate. It looks smart and very strong to offer all the opportunity to enjoy great operations all the time.

Extends the battery life

There have been great competitions from manufacturers, focusing on who will eventually come up with the most quality and perfect case. The iPhone 6 has seen some major improvements and the introduction of waterproof modern and elegant type of a battery cases. This iPhone Plus Case is said to work excellently and it simply extends the batter life of iPhone 6 and still make it waterproof to a great depth of at least 1.2 meters which can be translated to 4 feet- 30 minutes. The introduction of this quality phone sent many phone manufacturers back to their offices and perfectly brainstorm on the quality cases that should fit the modern designed phones. They have now launched a quality battery case for iPhone 6 plus which also protects the phone from dust and other small particles.

Quality features of the case

They come attached with quality other features such as:

Perfectly built-in screen protector.
Highly developed sealable parts.
Highly functioning Touch ID.
Design to protect the phone against shock and hard drops. Its drop-protect is perfect for up to 4 feet.
Doubles the battery life to ensure users enjoy for longer hours.
Easier to fit and protect the phone

This Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus is one of the most perfect makes in the market. It is safer and much easier to carry the phone in the pockets because the case fits simply without occupying much space and making the phone look stylish. In fact, it is an elegant, classy and quality make that take the lead as one of the most appealing one in the market. It does not limit the function of the phone and users can always enjoy great operations as they admire the new model case. This has been highly voted as the best make of the century because it is light and smart for all iPhone 6 users.

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Many car owners have one time or another experienced bizarre and weird car situations. One is the stalling in the middle of nowhere as the battery starters for cars to jumpstart your car simply refuses to badge. From this, two main situations arise and that includes calling in a toll service provider or convincing the next polite vehicle owner coming your way to simply allow you to plug in and use the battery to jumpstart action in your car. These situations though common and frustrating dent need to be and there are various ways to do this, and that is investing in battery starters for cars. However just how do you go about choosing the ideal car start power battery for your car

Heavy duty inculcated clamps

Often cars misbehave in the oddest of weather and that includes during raining or snowing periods. These on to top the accumulated dust that sis usually present under the hood means that making good contact is made difficult. Ensuring that you choose heavy duty insulated contacts means that you will get the needed contact without much fuss and at the same time uphold safety and avoid shock

Car Start Power Battery type

Different cars have different voltage capacity. His directly means that they need different power levels to jump start the car battery. To purchase the right car battery starter, its imperative to actually choose one that matches a starter batter that matches the needs of your car for safety purposes, for durability and for it to generate enough car start power

Jump starter battery power

In choosing a starter batter unit, be sure to look at the amps generated by your car and the battery and ensure that they actually match. This is mainly due to the way the battery starter work. the basis of it is to gather and cramp enough amps to enable to get the more power it has. Having more power simply means that an almost empty battery can be feed in a short while and simply get the needed peak and cranking power that effectively starts the battery

Jump start car battery Weight

The next thing that is important when considering what jump start car battery to purchase is the weight. Though advanced technology has allowed for smaller and more portable battery starters, weight still plays a major role in the choice due to capacity issue. However due to compressor features being availed, it is not much dependent on the price is willing to spend to either eliminate or include in built or alternative power outlets.

Finally in choosing the ideal car power starter battery, best look at one that is easy to charge to avoid frustrating occurrences that render its investment useless.

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Apple¡¯s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have attracted many buyers around the globe since being unveiled late last year. Shortly after hitting the stores, the two have also hit sidewalks and floors on a number of occasions, as shock-struck new buyers accidentally drop them. However, you can avoid the worry by simply investing in some of the best protection. The phones¡¯ new, svelte and sexy looks demand some respect and that¡¯s why you need to have one of the following cases:

Toffee Flip Wallet
One of the main reasons why I recommend this case for iPhone 6 Plus is because of the quality of materials and thoughtful design used in making it. It is suitable for anyone looking out for an iPhone 6¡¯s wallet-style case at a pocket friendly price of $50. It has a genuine leather exterior in black, brown or red. I like the hard shell on the inside which keeps your phone in place and intact. It has all the other usual and important cut-outs for easier access, and there is a blue dot lining or blue check. You will also find three slots for ID and credit cards, and a pouch for your cash.

Encase Flexi-shield Glitter Gel best cases for iPhone 6
I call this a budget option case for your gold iPhone as it cheaply available in stores for $10 only. It is made from a gel-like material that is translucent, thus it is very easy to fit and doesn¡¯t cramp the style of your iPhone. Although I found its back panel having a glittery effect, it is not over the top all the same. It has a lid on the front to protect the screen, and you will see that the cut-outs are also defined. You should however not expect rugged-drop protection with this case, as it¡¯s slim.

Inner-Exile Hydra Self-Heating Case ($30)
I once thought that LG¡¯s Flex phone self-heating coating was interesting, until I came across the iPhone best cases. It is a minimalist, transparent and svelte case that allows the iPhone 6 Plus design to shine through. It also boasts of a self heating coating capability, which is essential as transparent cases may be prone to getting light scratches. Although light scratches disappear at room temperature, you can also speed up this process with by simply touching it with warm hands.

With any of these cases protecting your iPhone, you can be sure that it¡¯s going to last longer. You will also have the confidence of carrying it wherever you go, without too many worries.

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You've worked so hard and finally managed to buy a phone you desired so much, the iPhone 6. Now what next? Well, if I were you I would guard it jealously. You can¡¯t just afford to lose it or see it spoil easily. You can¡¯t lock it in a safe either, simply buy the best case for iPhone 6 that will protect it against dust and in case it falls or accidently gets knocked on against other objects. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, it also alongside other manufacturers got busy designing its case to save the owners horrified looks as they accidentally drop them. The cases are designed not only to work as protectors but to add style to this wonderful gadget. You've probably come across the fashionable slim designs such as the Pelican, Spigen, Elago, Rokform, Adidas, speck, ECL USA and the NGP from incipio which is rumoured to be the best.

Check the latest cases for iPhone 6

The best way to alleviate this worry is to choose the best among the cases for iPhone 6. Apparently, they are now flooded in the market and maybe the number even exceeds the available phones for sale. A recent update of newest cases for this Apple phone include, vessel, Innexerile, Encase and Kenu all from Toffee.

I didn't mention that toffees¡¯ flip wallet designs are made of quality waterproof materials and will suit anyone who loves wallet-style case phone cover. They are made of genuine leather of different colors, black, brown or red. The design was thoughtful, and inside is a hard shell that guarantees maximum safety for your phone.

As you would expect, all the cut-outs for easy access are present plus three slots for ID and Credit cards and a large porch for cash. The case for iPhone 6 remains firmly closed with the aid of an elastic closure whereas, a clever magnet holds the flap back for you. You will only part with $50 for this marvelous phone case.

Best cases from apple

You can also get a case for iPhone 6 direct from apple Company. The available options include leather and a silicone Cases. Get the leather Case in black, soft pink, red, midnight blue and olive brown at only ¡ê35. The silicone cases are available in black, white, green, blue, pink and red at ¡ê25. One fascinating thing about these covers is that they are extremely light and do not add weight to the iPhone. The screen is fully protected by the lip of the case placed above the iPhone screen.

Other phone battery cases for iPhone 6 to choose from include, the EC ultra slim case from EC technology which will amaze you as it lights up the transparent case from the iPhone¡¯s LED flash light. If you don¡¯t want your gadget to ring, just turn off the sound and the lights at the edges of the phone will alert even in the dark.


Get a case for iPhone 6 to protect the gorgeous Apple design and add the much needed grip to it. Whether you want one that only covers the sides and leaves both the back and the screen naked, the Rhino shield crash guard will do that.

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For those individuals who need the Best Android TV Box for Xbmc in the market, they need to understand the best options that you would get when making their choices from the available dealers. With correct information, they will often be in a position to make an informed choice. The following is an expert guide when buying the android box:

First, it is important that you do start by doing personal research over the internet on the market whenever you need to be in a position to make your decision. When you do visit these websites, you will understand the information that you will use when thinking about making your final choice of the available brands that you can buy. How should one do this? When you do read the reviews of those customers who have bought these best android TV box in the past, they will give you information on what to do whenever you are making your choice in the whole of market.

Personal research will always make you understand the Xbmc Android TV that you can buy when looking for the available options you would need from the whole of market. Never should you buy one when you have no information on what to do when making your choice.

It is also important that you know the available models in the market when you need to download them for your TV. With the information that you would have, you will always know what to do whenever you are getting the best from the market. When you have the information, you should be able to make that perfect choice of the android TV that you do have when getting them from the whole of market.

When buying Android TV Xbmc, you must know the best research on the features and cost before you can buy one if you are thinking about getting one from the whole of market. For the individuals who may not have information on what to do, they should always remember to seek help from the computer experts when thinking about making that perfect choice. With their experience, they will always help you make that perfect choice whenever you need the best options of android TV from the whole of market.

In conclusion, when you follow this procedure, you will always know what to do whenever you are making that perfect choice when getting them.

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