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Date Submitted Wed. Apr. 16th, 2014 11:17 AM
Revision 1
Helper johansonkatherine
Tags bookmarks | conversion | jpeg | pdf | to | XML
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This code shows how java developers can change color space of PDF document from RGB color to CMYK and vice versa by using Aspose.PDF for Java Library. The following methods have been implemented in the Operator class for changing colors. Use it to change some specific RGB/CMYK colors to CMYK/RGB color space, keeping the remaining PDF document as it is.

com.aspose.pdf.Operator.SetRGBColorStroke.getCMYKColor(new double[3], new double[4])
com.aspose.pdf.Operator.SetRGBColor.getCMYKColor(new double[3], new double[4])
com.aspose.pdf.Operator.SetCMYKColorStroke.getRGBColor(new double[4], new double[3])
com.aspose.pdf.Operator.SetCMYKColor.getRGBColor(new double[4], new double[3])
Date Submitted Mon. Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:48 PM
Revision 1
Helper jdenton
Tags GD | gif | images | jpeg | PHP | png | Resize
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The resize_image function allows you to resize a GIF, JPEG or PNG file to any dimension you wish and put an optional black border around the image. Here's an explanation of the arguements:

$image_path: The complete path to the image to be resized

$max_width: Maximum width of the resized image. Leave 0 if you want to specify only the height and have the width auto-scale.

$max_height: Maximum height of the resized image. Leave 0 if you want to specify only the width and have the height auto-scale.

$file_prefix: This will prepend a string onto the resized image filename. If you want to create a thumbnail image and keep the original, set $file_prefix = 'thumb'.

$dir: Allows you to save the resized image to a sub directory under the $image_path directory. If you want to save thumbnail images to images/thumbs, set $dir = 'thumbs'.

$border: boolean, 1 = border, 0 = no border

$mime: Image mime type. (image/jpeg, image/gif, image/png)