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With the rapid growth of the national economy, China's energy supply and demand have become increasingly prominent, there is a serious power supply shortage began situation, energy is an urgent problem. In the energy shortage situation, as the lighting electricity consumption has become one big social focus, lighting accounts for about 10% of the electricity generating capacity.
Status led strip light: Excessive lighting, control inconvenience
Emergence of LED lighting products, in large part to ease the power shortage and high energy consumption problem. With LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED fluorescent

For example, compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting products, low power consumption, long life, fast response, good driving performance, energy efficient, environmental protection and other advantages. LED lighting is certainly a revolutionary alternative to traditional lighting, however, rely solely on their own energy-saving lighting products and energy waste can not solve the problem.
It can be said, LED lighting, energy-saving, but not smart. In the lighting industry, smart is more important than energy-efficient lighting fixtures are not the biggest energy itself, but excessive lighting. In addition to increasing energy burden of excessive lighting, but also produce light pollution, changing light environment impact on people's daily lives. Thus, LED lighting is not the most critical what kind of LED light source

, But to solve the problem of excessive lighting. Solve excessive lighting, intelligent very important. The intelligent control is mainly reflected in the existing lighting control is relatively backward, basically manual control or timing control. Wireless intelligent lighting control system Shun Zhou self-developed technology will change this situation.

Best LED lighting change: energy conservation, environmental protection

"Energy saving" five "plan" clearly, to green lighting energy-saving projects, contract energy management projects, such as the promotion of energy conservation as a key project. On the one hand, the phasing out of incandescent lamps for general lighting and other inefficient lighting products. On the other hand, the positive development of energy-saving led tape industry. Accelerate the transformation of urban road lighting systems, control excessive decoration and lighting. The contract energy management can reduce the financial pressure on energy-saving, led tapecan guide the development of energy service companies to strengthen the technical and service innovation, brand building and personnel training, improve the financing capacity, continuing to explore and improve the business model.

"" Five "Green Lighting Plan City" is made to promote urban lighting information platform construction, promote efficient lighting products to accelerate energy-saving urban lighting, urban lighting and actively carry out new products, new technologies and new methods of pilot demonstration.

The "Internet of Things" five "development plan" and 193 smart city pilot announced the list, to speed up the development of intelligent lighting. In LED lighting, based on the things you can use technology to achieve intelligent control, power smart city construction.

"Semiconductor Lighting Technology Development" five "special plan" expect to 2015, the mainland's semiconductor lighting industry scale reached 500 billion yuan to build 50 "Ten thousand ten cities" pilot demonstration cities.
"Twelve Five" plan, energy saving, green lighting, networking, smart city, city of ten thousand are regarded as development priorities. Release of these policies are promoting the development of LED lighting market and guide to intelligent LED lighting for LED intelligent lighting

Realization laid a strong foundation for the development.

Breakthrough LED lighting: on-demand lighting, intelligent management
Demand lighting, intelligent management is the core function of intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting and inseparable networking technology to develop and mature. The current mainstream technology into wireless ZigBee, cable 485 and power line carrier PLC, which cable wiring trouble, power line carrier vulnerable to interference, wireless intelligent lighting is the best choice.

Wireless smart lighting means, based on ZigBee, GPRS, WSN and other advanced wireless networking technology, the use of a uniform B / S software monitoring platform, combined with GIS geographic information system, without changing the source, without increasing the routing case, you can remotely LED lights, high pressure sodium lamp, solar street lamps, such as single switch, dimming, detection, alarm and control loop to achieve energy-saving street lighting, networking and intelligent.
Shun Zhou technology uses wireless intelligent lighting control systems, LED lamps can

Second, based on their energy-saving of about 25%, and can extend lamp life, improving lighting rate, reduce labor and maintenance costs, but also to directly or indirectly improve the social, economic and environmental effectiveness. Each luminaire is installed on a single lamp wireless controller, the control device can be achieved on a single lamp remote lights, turn off the lights, dimming, lighting can read current, voltage, power, temperature and other data, and through focus Manager uploaded to the cloud platform for statistical analysis, once found fault, it will alarm. Fewer people in the rest of the night came from the car, through every lamp is lit, adjust the brightness and other ways to achieve energy can also customize the whole night light mode, night light mode, mode and other personalized holiday lighting mode. The system also can automatically determine the time of sunrise and sunset throughout the year based on latitude and longitude, and thus reasonably light switch, to avoid open as early as late clearance and other waste of electricity phenomenon. The system also has the scalability and openness, support for access to sensors, meters and other equipment, but also with the smart city cloud platform seamlessly.

Service capabilities as a leader in the field of wireless smart lighting, after nearly 10 years of sedimentation and development, Shun Zhou ZigBee technology with the core technical capabilities, hardware and software design capabilities and express response, almost all major domestic and foreign manufacturers of flexible led strip energy service providers, system integrators, municipal management units have extensive business cooperation and exchanges....
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led bulb manufacturing process includes the following processes: stick lamp beads, lamp beads welding, wear welding current source, test, plus thermal grease and fixed aluminum plates, plastic parts fitted cuffs, fitted cuffs, lampshades and loaded aging aircraft, pressure cuffs and packaging, product testing received ten steps.
Posted lamp beads. 1, the amount of thermal grease to be able to cover the heat lamp bead prevail; 2, note polarity paste lamp beads, do not stick anti; 3, when pressed paste lamp beads lamp beads, lamp beads with the aluminum plate heat good contact; 4, the operator must wear a wrist strap.
Welding lamp beads. 1, Smooth Weld joints phenomenon. 2, the iron must be grounded. 3, the operator must wear a wrist strap.
Wear a welding current source. 1, the polarity is correct, smooth solder joints without Weld; 2, soldering iron must be well grounded; 3, the operator must wear a wrist strap.
Testing. Test items include: current, power, power factor.
Plus thermal grease and fixed aluminum plate. 1, playing thermal grease to evenly. 2, there is no fixed aluminum plate to place flowers Rose hit phenomenon.
Fitted cuffs plastic parts. 1, when the constant current source can not be placed inside plastic cuffs can be a constant current source as for the light crust, but between the current source and the shell to use the Green Paper shell isolated to prevent short circuits; 2, Luo mouth plastic parts Luo teeth should be coated with glue and then the amount of smt-168 and the lamp housing and tighten.
Fitted cuffs. 1, with the contact portion of the tooth Luo Luo lead length with teeth as long and galvanized 1/3 on the tight cuffs; 2, Rodin and Rodin contact portions of equal length and galvanized pressed.
Mounted shade and aging aircraft. 1, according to the input voltage requirements of powered two hours into the next step without exception; 2, according to the input voltage requirements energized two hours abnormal maintenance treatment.
Pressure cuffs and packaging. 1, Luo mouth clean with alcohol after compaction can play package labeling.
Product testing day. 1, sampling Quantity: Production

led tape
flexible led strip
Date Submitted Tue. Jun. 17th, 2014 6:47 AM
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According to the Russian Federation, the National Bureau of Statistics, 2012 LED lighting production increased nearly 1.5 times. According to plan, the next few years will be built new capacity LED lamps, LED lamps can be expected to produce in Russia will continue to grow.

LED lamps on imports, according to the conditions of Russia's accession to the WTO, tariffs LED lamps will gradually decrease to zero tariffs by 2015. This will not only reduce the average price of imported LED lamps, and will lead to increased imports. However, according to the express company's commentary analyst estimates, however, with the increase in Russian domestic production, import dependence LED lighting market will be gradually reduced.

Review the company's experts predict faster in the coming years, with the improvement of LED lighting penetration, in kind, said the market will continue to maintain a high growth rate, on the contrary, the average market price will fall, resulting in the value of the form market growth will be lower representation.
flexible led strip led tape
Date Submitted Mon. Jun. 16th, 2014 2:32 AM
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Nokia to showcase two new oled screen, can be folded like a book, as the product is by Nokia with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) have jointly developed.

Both flexible OLED screen size of 5.9 inches, with a resolution of 1280 720 pixel density of 249ppi. Where a panel can be folded in the middle, you can bend the other, a two, you can still display the video when folded.

It is understood that by folding the special production techniques OLED screen, the color filter, TFT and OLED integration between the sealant layer and the flexible substrate. Although the two panels can be folded like paper exactly the same, but the minimum bend radius of curvature of the folded portion is very small, only 2 mm and 4 mm, respectively, and can be bent repeatedly over 100,000 times.

Samsung and LG have launched products with flexible OLED screen. The rumors, Apple also plans to use a flexible OLED screen on iWatch, making the wearer more comfortable and look more stylish.

Although, the current OLED panels can not be folded like paper, but it has been very amazing folding radius, and can be folded over 100,000 times. Although Apple has not been used in OLED technology, but rumors of iWatch will use OLED screen. Apple patents mentioned in many foldable OLED screen using the phone, but the patent has not been able to become a reality.

flexible led strip led tape led strip light
Date Submitted Wed. Jun. 11th, 2014 2:50 AM
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LED lighting market in the Red Sea to ferret out opportunities to take full advantage of two natural advantages of energy-saving and dimming of LED, LED lighting applications tap new blue ocean, focusing more segments of the market, such as LED plant lighting, intelligent control, etc. towards a more humane, personalized, artistic and intelligent direction, and this is a big way.

In particular, some cities require a relatively high consumers of life, family environment for the lighting system is also put forward new demands, they want the lighting system can easily realize the timer switch, adjustable brightness of lighting and other functions, but also for different light intensity at different times to set the environment for accurate and rational management, energy efficiency, in order to improve the quality of the environment, to ensure a comfortable and healthy life. At this time, intelligent lighting will be shipped and students.

Intelligent lighting with light brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, light soft-start, timing control, scene settings and other functions, and achieve a personalized, comfortable, secondary energy saving, safe and efficient requirements, and LED intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting is the best selection. The sensor technology, intelligent control technology, wireless communication technology and organic LED lighting combine to make more intelligent lighting system. Via Bluetooth, WIFI and other wireless communications technology, between the home network and remote network applications for low-cost interconnection, LED lighting equipment will be connected to the i0S or PC Android systems and other portable devices will be able to LED lighting equipment for remote real-time control capabilities further meet the different individual needs of different levels of lighting groups.

In the future, as long as companies can pinpoint their location, including brand positioning, market positioning, product positioning, as long as the LED in a particular area, even spare parts, the stronger will be able to survive so special.

flexible led strip led tape led strip light
Date Submitted Tue. Jun. 10th, 2014 2:51 AM
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Back in the 1990s, smart lighting industry had already entered the Chinese market, but the market is limited by consumer awareness, market environment, product price, promotion efforts and other aspects, has been in the slow development of the situation. Therefore, at present, the development of the intelligent lighting is still in the exploratory stage.

Although under repeated stimulation of things, now people's lives are gradually entering the era of intelligent, but look at the lighting industry, intelligent lighting are still many problems throughout, not just no clear criteria, the technical price, service , or there is a certain degree of problem applications.

The intelligent lighting applications focused on commercial

, Although the development process of intelligent lighting in China for over 10 years, but has not been large-scale application, at present, the application of intelligent lighting is mainly concentrated in the high-end business hotel, exhibition venues, municipal engineering and other fields.

China is still relatively common intelligent lighting undoubtedly municipal engineering, especially in Shanghai. Shanghai many lighting and road lighting are used in the specification and demonstration of intelligent lighting control.

The current status of the popularity of the European Intelligent Lighting
In Europe, energy or universal building intelligent lighting is very high, and the latest release of a European law "in 2014, all new commercial buildings must have an energy-saving building automation systems," the law of energy conservation systems simultaneously also includes intelligent lighting. After two years of clear requirements and energy efficiency in Europe is to achieve more than 20%. Europe is also in progress, and in 2021 required that all should reach zero energy residential home.

From this data we can see that the current smart lighting penetration rate in Europe in terms of commercial lighting is already quite high, and we can also learn a very important message that "the government push." Thus, in terms of the popularity of smart lighting, and promote the role of government is not to be underestimated, Xiao Bian also hope that the Government intensify its efforts to accelerate the popularity of smart lighting, energy saving has been to achieve better results.


In addition to these reasons, there is a reason for consumption concept. The so-called "eat belly full 70s, 80s eat taste, eating quality 90s", this sentence not only reflects the changing eating habits of people, but also extends to the intelligent lighting market. Rational consumption after 70 to 80 value quality, like impulse spending, to 90 after excessive consumption, this different concept of consumption, the market economy is showing strong control, heralded the advent of the era of diversification of consumption, while showing the intelligent lighting market vitality.

led strip light flexible led strip led tape
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LED drive power market and the downstream industry, especially closely related to the development of high-power LED lights, but with the continuous improvement of the performance parameters of LED, LED lighting market gradually rise, more extensive applications, especially in 2011, the industry attention Meanwhile shift from outdoor indoor commercial lighting applications for LED drive power also have different needs.
Although the majority of LED lighting fault occurs on the power supply, but it does not blindly blame the power companies. This also shows that the reliability of the power LED is also closely related to their field of application. Application of LED products will gradually shift from civilian-led government projects led lighting, LED applications will gradually broken down.

Although known as single LED life of up to 100,000 hours on the argument has burst, but the LED driver power supply does not keep up with the current actual life of the LED. According to Taiwan's technology focus dimming Donglin Group (HEP), chairman of Hongda Sheng explained, LED drive power has dozens of components, each small part as long as the problem will affect the overall electrical drive, thereby affecting the entire fixture life. For now, some of the better life of the LED drive power can reach 2-3 ten thousand hours, HEP has been able to achieve, and the modulation of the current HEP has 50,000 hours of LED drive power in the experimental stage with the whole extension of the use of LED lights life, must be expected to mature within the next three years the product launch.

So for LED power companies, in order to reduce a power failure, in addition to people in various fields and industries adequate interaction, but how to make better use of their own advantages, intensive, play a role in segments, and also in 2012 worth next careful planning. In the four municipalities Lighting Technology Forum held recently in Tianjin, Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society vice president, Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University, Professor Liu also stressed Muqing, LED lighting applications in the function should be to achieve product is compatible, interchangeable, modular realization , normalization and standardization.

Do not need to bother to bring any solid-state lighting complexity, easy to use products will obviously be more loved by the users, and will bring a lot of intelligent modular and convenient to the user, is the main trend of the future LED lighting systems. With the development of technology and the market matures, industry standards is imperative, sophisticated standards is essential to protect the healthy development of LED industry, and constant voltage constant current integrated modular products will become mainstream products will also be gradually increase the effectiveness of intelligent control.

led strip light flexible led strip led tape
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Recently, with the European and American market demand for LED candle light, bulb light rapid amplification, the domestic many packaging companies into the field, a booming.
As a major component of the filament LED bulbs, at present the choice of materials is very extensive, I only to sapphire filament stents in this area are analyzed.
A, the processing technology.
Processing technology of basic categories can be divided into two steps: grinding and polishing and cutting
Grinding and polishing process steps of: cutting - molding - section - grinding and polishing.The earliest to enter the sapphire filament scaffold with substrate polishing technology research and production of taixing city cheng photoelectric technology co., LTD., the company early use of sapphire edge leather for production, greatly solve the waste where long crystal manufacturers.
On cutting process, the current mainstream of cutting process has two forms: laser scribing lobes and diamond wire cutting, these two kinds of processing each have advantages and disadvantages: laser scribing lobes way biggest advantage is high yield, narrow seam, can increase the rate of discharge, the disadvantage is that the edge serrated;Diamond wire cutting edge is smooth, but seam width, discharging rate is low, and no laser scribing uniform width tolerance, and in order to solve the problem of strength, still have to undertake secondary annealing.In the long run, to solve large-scale production, is mainly by laser cutting, laser more mature companies in China are now a suzhou delong laser.
Second, sapphire, characteristics of the filament.
Filament scaffold with sapphire and sapphire processing after grinding, polishing and cutting, in the process of annealing process, can meet the demand of LED bulb light series of physics, features below:
1, excellent heat transfer performance.
Sapphire filament stand high temperature of 2050 , with excellent heat transfer performance, no matter how internal temperature changes, will not cause deformation and fracture because of the heat bilges cold shrink.
2, improve the brightness.
Sapphire filament stents using polishing processing, improve the transmittance, after the examination, transmittance can reach more than 85%, far more than other materials.
3, the intensity is big, small volume.
Sapphire in single crystal material hardness is second only to diamond, and greater intensity, 30 (long) (wide) * 0.4 * 0.8 (thick) in mm sapphire filament scaffold compressive load of up to 150 g, very big, improves the yield of the client process, because of greater intensity, so the volume can be made smaller and can even be 30 (long) (wide) * 0.4 * 0.6 (thick) mm, other materials is insurmountable.
4, long lamp life.
The main material of the LED chip as the sapphire, if the sapphire filament scaffold, the combination of the two parts better, physical properties, can greatly increase the life of the bulb, according to the theory of short board, if because the life of a filament affect the service life of the bulb, it will cause for 2 yuan bulbs filament stent LED to 25 yuan scrap.The sapphire filament will overcome the short board.
Three, sapphire, the prospect of the filament scaffold.
At present, used in the sapphire filament scaffold material, the quality of the sapphire material is the most superiority, the core of focus on the price.
Sapphire filament after several links of processing, combined with the high cost of materials, relatively more expensive compared with other materials, but we believe that this relatively expensive material will not affect the sapphire in LED filament, the application of specific reasons are as follows:
1, sapphire, filament support the original price of 1.2 yuan/article, with the improvement of the processing technology is now down to 0.6 yuan, down by almost half, this price is completely can meet the expectations of packaging enterprises;
2, especially cant be ignored is the sapphire filament support costs accounted for in the LED bulb light.At present the sapphire filament in the bulb cost of weaker than about 1/2, 1/3, and sapphire filament Support account for less than a third of the cost of the filament, in other words, according to the current price is calculated, even if the sapphire filament scaffold not a penny, the light bulb cost but also decline 2 yuan, therefore, the price of LED bulbs and eventually does not depend on the filament scaffold;
3, sapphire, the price of the material not expected will rise sharply as imagined.Many people think that with sapphire applied in the field of mobile phones, the material price will be high, actually otherwise: first of all, sapphire, light silk is the long sapphire crystal sapphire material used the from of the enterprise, this kind of material with the capacity expansion of numerous sapphire manufacturer, the supply will be more and more, even considering the sapphire market turning, also wont lead to the rise of materials;Secondly, numerous influx of sapphire filament manufacturers, will lead to price on small profit margins, as long as the existence of a large number of production enterprises, will not have to worry about the rise in materials.
Therefore, we think, in a relatively long period of time, the sapphire material as first choice of filament scaffold, irreplaceable.
Fourth, think about the development of the industry.
Many of the industry in China are dying on the herd, we worry about now is the herd will enter the sapphire filament stent industry.
According to investigation, at present is engaged in production of sapphire filament supports not only the taixing cheng photoelectric, Harbin rhett, wuxi yuan well-known enterprises such as light, and many have cut before, crystal, piezoelectric crystals have flooded in, on the premise of do not have access to customer trust, take the initiative to play up the price war, lead to market confusion.
In fact, a rational packaging companies in choosing suppliers, must consider the two factors are stable ability to process and continuous delivery of the goods, if only because the price of these small plant is to turn to their purchase, will be planted blooper.
flexible led stripled strips led strip​​​
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Recently, the research focused on a joint investment institutions to build photovoltaic , Kingsun , China Aviation Optical and other LED stocks , focusing on the development of its LED business. Data show Kingsun May rose by more than 15% , the joint construction of photovoltaic rose over 6 percent , China Aviation Optical rose nearly 4 %. The industry believes that agencies intensive visit LED enterprises , coupled with China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole to pick up , LED functional lighting market quick start , indeed ushered in a sweet development of LED lighting .

CSA Research data show that the first quarter of 2014 , many LED companies pioneering force channels , full orders , capacity utilization , performance of listed companies generally optimistic , the average increase in profits of more than 27%. A quarter , LED overall profit
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Before we are ready for the new purchase LED bulbs, learn some knowledge about the LED, you can choose suitable LED lights.

The LED is the meaning of light-emitting diodes (leds).LED lights after several years of development, prices have been falling in the consumer market, but have to say, the LED is still much more expensive than the ordinary energy-saving lamps, mentioning, however, the service life of LED lights a lot longer than energy-saving lamps, it can be used for 100000 hours, 100 times more than ordinary light bulbs.The LED is only about one over ten of the energy-saving lamp of energy consumption.It is because of the LED lamps and lanterns has so many advantages, so it's price is high, but still popular.

The color temperature,

Color temperature can be divided into warm and cool colors, color temperature of LED lamp also is divided into the two.If you choose LED lights for bedrooms and living areas, so suggest you choose warm color leds.The color of light with color close, let a person feel very warm, feel very comfortable.And the LED lights that cool color moves is most suited to be used for kitchen and basement, because these places need bright light, we are working to find things or convenience.Another toilet this place is very interesting, you can choose according to his own personality and furniture to decorate the LED lamp is tonal, warm color makes you more relaxed in the bathroom, and cool color can give you a sense of "efficiency", how to choice is yours.

Second, color rendering index

The abbreviation of CRI, color rendering index.Look is not very tall?Actually very simple, it is used to display the color of the light source.Exactly how the layout of the little elder brother is listed here one by one, the kiss can ask "degrees niang" or "Google".About the color of the LED lights, can be accurate to buy, let you of the LED lights become part of your home is the most harmonious.

Third, lumen

The data should be the most familiar people, shows how bright the light bulb.So if the higher lumens, the greater the power consumption?Is not the case, so it requires everyone in the choice of LED light bulbs, be sure to take a closer look at the power consumption of the lumen value with numerical ratios, it can choose to high brightness, low consumption of products.If you accidentally encounter such a good product, you just bought!

With the advent of the era of the LED, LED lights are more and more popular, there are two points to share with you.First is LED lights can be cooperated lamplight controller to change the light and shade or color, the second is compared to the LED energy-saving lamps more safe, because it is not like energy-saving lamps "gas" to shine, so it is of the highest degree of safety theory.The most important thing is that it is very save electricity, if average household use, its power consumption compared with the whole family consumption, almost negligible, so you might as well try when the choose and buy the light bulb LED lamps.

led strips led strip light flexible led strip
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