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Date Submitted Tue. Jan. 7th, 2014 6:19 AM
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The motor brushes (except for squirrel-cage motor outside) conduction current sliding contact body. In DC, it also bears on the armature winding induction alternating EMF commutation (rectifier) task. Practice has proved that: the reliability of the motor is running, largely depends on the performance of the brush.

In operation, the brush should meet the following requirements:

Commutator or collector rings surface can be generated by the cuprous oxide, copper oxide, i.e., carbon graphite particles such as moisture absorption of the oxide film.

Brushes on the commutator or collector ring wear is small, and their long service life.

Electrical and mechanical losses brush small loss.

Does not soften thebrushless slip ring work, does not melt under the face does not appear on the motor hazardous sparks.

Brush work noise.

Brushes can meet these requirements, does not depend on the brush itself, but also depend on the factor structure of the motor, installation and adjustment of operating conditions, such as brush slip ring
Date Submitted Sat. Jan. 4th, 2014 7:14 AM
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Slip ring is also called slip ring , slip ring , slip ring , slip ring and so on. It can be used in any desired continuous rotation while they need from a fixed to a rotating electromechanical system power and signal transmission in .

Slip ring can improve system performance and simplify the system structure , prevent the wire strain caused during the rotation .

Use collector rings slip ring : collector ring plays input / output current and commutation role in the motor , slip ring directly affects the degree of wear and motor life .
The following section applies is collecting ring areas:
Defense and military :
Mainly used in tanks, various armored vehicles, turret rotation systems, weapons targeting systems , radar, missile systems slip ring is used for the seeker , the missile inertial platform systems, missile systems is a key element indispensable , requirements , small size, high accuracy, high reliability, high speed and low contact resistance , and after the harsh environment testing with high stability .
Space exploration : spatial precision in the junction with the collector ring and the ship hull ship battery flap , the state of play in the rotation of the spacecraft and the control signal transmission function , the relative rotation of the two spacecraft to achieve a signal , and the current transfer mechanism function , can provide a steady stream of energy for the entire spacecraft. In addition, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Space Systems Engineering Department photovoltaic expertise in the research room space projects have varying demands on gravity collector slip ring.
Wind power : With the recent state funding to increase energy, environmental protection equipment , and support policies , wind power equipment industry will enter a stage of rapid development. Domestic wind power equipment manufacturer with nearly 50 , and a relatively small slip ring specializing in the production of wind power companies , the competitive pressure is relatively small .
Aviation and aerospace fields : mainly used helicopter tail rotor , inertial navigation system rotating spindle , satellite from rotating system , the spacecraft door systems, optical fire control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, avionics , etc.
Industrial areas: mainly used in the test and measurement systems ( precision rotary tables , centrifuges, analyzers , etc. ) , robotics , automotive manufacturing equipment, automation equipment, engineering machinery and equipment.
Ships areas: mainly used in propulsion and so on.
Electronics : mainly used in semiconductor processing equipment.
Medical devices : mainly used for spiral CT .
Entertainment facilities: mainly used carousel, Ferris wheel rotation .
Date Submitted Sun. Dec. 29th, 2013 2:25 PM
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Syntax Master jjanedan
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The compact size and gold to gold contact make our LPC capsule slip rings very suitable for small system to transfer signal and data as well as power. 1 circuit to 125 circuits are available.
This unit can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. It is also called a rotary electrical
interface, commutation, collector, swivel or an electrical rotary joint. It can improve electromechanical capability, simplify system design, eliminate possible damage while rotation.The LPC-36T slip ring capsule is a standard, off-the-shelf unit that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplifying electrical connections. Using a 90¡ã V-groove ring design for each ring, the LPC-36T provides smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise than competitive slip rings..

¡ô 36 circuits models
¡ô 7mm through hoe size
¡ô 2 amps ,240VAC/DC per circuit.
¡ô Speeds up to 200 rpm continuous
¡ô Gold-Gold contacts
¡ô Compatible with data bus protocols
¡ô Sealed units are also available
¡ô Flexible, color-coded, silver-plated, Teflon®, insulated lead wires
¡ô Also available with 5 and 10 amps power rings combined with 2 ampsrings.
¡ô Precision ball bearings meet or exceed life requirements for most
commercial applications

¡ô Low torque minimize system torque budget
¡ô Tight packaging to fit in the most demanding space.
¡ô Smooth running
¡ô Low electrical noise
¡ô Quick shipment as per your urgent requirement
¡ô 360¡ãcontinuous rotation
¡ô High protection
Capsule Slip Rings
Date Submitted Sat. Dec. 21st, 2013 2:52 AM
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December 11 , undertaken by China North Industries Group North Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, CASE wheel loaders armor modification project successfully passed the acceptance , after the modified loader full protection of troops sent .

Acceptance Group heard a CASE wheel loaders armor modification research report on the work carried out for the appearance of modified vehicles , electrical appliances and other tests , its operating performance was real vehicle test and inspection and acceptance of all technical documents, including the size of the pattern , test reports, quality records and other relevant information. The Group believes that : After design , engineering , prototype vehicle prototype , batch conversion , etc., completed the development of the content of the contract , to the technical specifications of the contract ; through the appearance of modified vehicles , appliances, operating performance and other on-site inspection , its performance to meet the technical requirements ; accordance with the quality management system requirements for the completion of each stage of the assessment , the whole process controlled , relevant technical documents traceability records have provided complete and meet the standardization requirements. Acceptance Group agreed that the project approved.

CASE wheel loaders material modification project is the first hospital in the project on a turnkey basis for heavy construction machinery carried armor modifications, changes in leaps and bounds from providing components to provide vehicle protection program design, engineering modification, maintenance and support services package enhance the technical status of the material hospital , market position , forming a new economic growth point. The success of the project , breaking the blockade of the West of protection technology , to fill the gap and meet the needs of the armed forces , has important significance.

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Date Submitted Mon. Dec. 16th, 2013 6:58 AM
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Syntax Master jjanedan
Tags power | ring | slip | Wind
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Wind Applications sliding electrical contact connector slip ring an electrically conductive slip ring class wind power slip ring which is also known as collector rings , the rotary joint , the rotary electrical interface, slip rings , set the convergence ring , the ring coil commutator , the adapter , in order to achieve a relative rotation of two bodies , precision of data transmission signals and the power transmission apparatus. Particularly suitable for applications in the infinite continuous rotation , but also to achieve a fixed position and rotation position of the wind data slip ring power supply or device.

Wind power slip ring , slip ring is used on fans , some of Capsule Slip ring can also be called into wind power slip ring , because they use the fan above , but it shaped like a hat . Wind power slip ring now require a relatively high because of small wind turbines for the whole weight was very strict, and the market to judge one fan fan grades based on their inclusion , the heavier the weight of the fan low-grade, not widely , but the lighter weight of the fan, can be used in front of the conference center as well as other scenic tourist area inside the pavilion , as the light weight, it is very easy to install , and beautiful by many customers.

Wind Turbine Slip Rings
Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 10th, 2013 5:16 AM
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Tags Capsule | collector | Connector | ring | rings | Sli | slip
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Macroeconomic factors affecting machinery and equipment industry :
Increase in accounts receivable and bad debt rate increased problems caused by aggressive sales in 2014 are expected to basic relief, but the problem of high ownership will make the industry in the next two to three years remain under pressure
2014 GDP and M2 remained stable , macro-level industry opportunities hard to find , but the opportunity exists plate in subdivision
Urbanization will be a new emphasis on the development of small towns and small cities is expected to increase infrastructure investment efforts and promote the growth of earthmoving machinery
Development of the logistics industry, the construction of the new logistics parks and industrial upgrading existing parks are pushing up demand for forklifts
Concrete Machinery excessive trapped in troubled tenure , in 2014 hardly a surprise performance
With the slowdown in demand for coal in coal machinery industry entered a stable period , the pursuit of business growth you need to change on their own
Change can bring a breakthrough :
In addition to the macro , the company 's own strategic plan will determine the company's ability to stand out from the industry
To expand their business in different areas where we can be optimistic about the blue ocean areas and can give full play to their advantages of the company into the field
Overseas Market Development focuses on changes in market positioning, the transition from the low-end market to rely on cheap price and quality of both the mid-market
After restricting the development of the market in the short term profitability of the market and consumption habits and other factors affected the market and not quickly improved, but to enhance the customer experience and market share have great help, in the long run , it is the future trend
Picking logic:
Choose a clear breakdown of the short-term sector growth companies , recommend the Chinese Dragon (3339 HK)
Choose the initiative to expand their business in the field of long-term efforts to improve product quality and brand image, and actively carry out post- market business of the company, recommended Trinity International

collector rings slip ring connector Capsule Slip Rings
Date Submitted Mon. Nov. 18th, 2013 3:13 AM
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Syntax Master jjanedan
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Between winter months , gradually cold weather covering everything works continue possibilities. Most projects have been suspended, until the next spring when the outbreak . But eighteen convening of the Third Plenary Session , as well as downstream investment growth again raised the industry's confidence. In fact, all the recent dynamic show that the construction machinery industry is moving toward warmer on the road, coming into the warm breezes , is when the period of construction machinery resurgence .

October excavator industry marketing chain pairs up with

Industry data show that in October 2013 excavator industry sales 7537 units, up 23.7% , growth of 8.9%. 1-10 month cumulative sales of 97,935 units excavators , down 6.6% , compared with a decline of 8.4% 1-9 months narrowed 1.8 percentage points. From the product structure , Oct. big dig , digging , digging a small rose 57 percent , respectively , 15.6%, 30.2%. January to October , an increase of 3.1% in small dug , dug , dug a large drop of 4.0% year on year and 36.8% . Geographically, October excavator exports grew by 17.2% , domestic sales grew by 26.5% . Eastern and western regions , respectively, which achieved 40.9% and 29.1% growth , the central region rose 9.6%. January-October exports fell 0.3 percent excavators , domestic sales fell 6.3%. Flat year on year in the eastern , central, western , respectively, year on year decline of 12.6% and 6.5% respectively . Industry experts expect the excavator industry is expected to achieve annual sales of 115,000 units. It is reported that in September , the main products of construction machinery industry grew 11.16 percent of total sales , sales of construction machinery products has shown a steady upward trend.

October manufacturing PMI rose to 51.4% in 18 -month high

Reporters recently learned from the National Statistics website , in October 2013 , China 's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 51.4 percent, up 0.3 percentage point rise for four consecutive months , for the 18 months since a new high . National Bureau of Investigation Services , Senior Statistician Zhao Qing River, said that China's manufacturing economy continued steady for the better , but the production and operation of small and micro enterprises still faced with many difficulties , to effectively implement the State Council to promote small and micro enterprise development measures further reinforce the stability of the economy to the good foundation.

Three quarters of macroeconomic market recovery

Recently, the Bureau of Statistics released data show that three quarters of China's GDP grew by 7.8% , growth of 2.2% ; September above-scale industrial added value increased 10.2% from January to September the national scale industrial added value increased by 9.6% the growth rate accelerated 0.3 percentage points over the first half . Three quarters of macroeconomic rebound quickly , to achieve annual economic growth target laid a good foundation.

Construction machinery industry fundamentals have not improved annual results sharply probability. However, the steady growth of national policy on the development impact of the construction machinery industry is gradually emerging , long-term stable macroeconomic environment is to be expected , the construction machinery industry will gradually become stable development. In fact, our recent high-speed rail , highways, railways, urban rail transit and municipal construction and other fields positive constant , demand for construction machinery provided some support. Expected future construction machinery market not continue to fall gradually modest recovery will be the development trend .

Wind Turbine Slip Rings ethernet slip ring Customized Slip Rings
Date Submitted Thu. Nov. 14th, 2013 7:56 AM
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Nowadays, in the field of domestic slip ring industry, JINPAT takes a leading position in the quality and lifetime of slip rings£¬but JINPAT is a high-tech company with great innovation and research ability and never satisfy with present status and stop. Therefore, in order to improve the quality and lifetime of slip ring and make it achieve the world-class level, JINPAT started the project of improving the process and control technology of surface finish of copper ring. With more than one year¡¯s hard work of R&D, we finally completed the project successfully on March 25, 2012. Through repeated trial by QA, the lifetime of sip ring with improving copper ring is nearly two or three times of other companies¡¯ products in China. The great improvement not only consolidates the leading position in the slip ring field in China, but also indicates that the slip ring produced by JINPAT which achieves world first-class quality.
¡°Innovating and improving, employees¡¯ participation as well as pursuit of customers¡¯ satisfaction¡± drives JINPAT to work hard to improve the quality of slip rings. The success of new technology of surface finish witnessed the solution of JINPAT to provide our customers with the most reliable and durable slip rings at favorable price. Trust JINPAT and use slip rings from us. You will get high quality slip rings and good service beyond your expectation.
Customized Slip Rings
Coax Rotary Joint
Date Submitted Thu. Nov. 14th, 2013 2:16 AM
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Tags Assembly | bor | Connector | ring | slip | through
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China 's construction machinery industry since April 2011 sales growth inflection point , it has been nearly three months of continuous decline .

August 2013 excavator industry sales 6,317 units, up 10.1% MoM in July fell 1.9%. August China's construction machinery market index has rebounded slightly.

September , construction machinery industry total product sales grew 11.16% , sales of construction machinery products has shown a steady upward trend.

October excavator industry sales 7,537 units, an increase of 23.7 percent, an increase of 8.9% over September .

Construction machinery sales seem to be getting better , the industry is no longer a luxury to pick up in 2013 in the second half of 2014, sales development will bring optimism to the market.

Machinery industry in 2013 , three quarterly : overall performance in the doldrums

Performance of listed companies in the machinery industry downturn . Three quarters of 2013 , listed companies in the machinery industry achieved a total revenue 632.464 billion yuan , down 5.85% ; realized 31.757 billion yuan net profit attributable to parent company , down 26.26% ; industry listed company's overall gross profit margin was 19.36% , down 0.68 percentage points ; margin was 5.02%, ROE of 4.76% .

2013 , China's economy to achieve a slow recovery , slow recovery in manufacturing-related fields , we believe that the strong cyclical machinery industry sub-sector opportunities is not strong , the proposed focus less affected by economic cycles of the plate as well as individual stocks with growth potential .

Plate : Focus benefit from upstream exploration capital spending continues to grow, demand is relatively stable , and benefit from the development of unconventional oil and gas drilling mechanical energy sector ; clear benefit of railway investment , institutional reform trucks, etc. Bidding EMU started with trading opportunities for railway equipment sector ; military spending and stable , by the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the situation in the aerospace industry sector benefited . From the perspective of risk-averse , avoiding large affected by economic cycles , performance continued to decline in construction machinery , marine vessels , mining machinery, energy, chemical, common base plate gives the machine .
slip ring assembly slip ring connector Through bore Slip Rings Pan Cake Slip Rings
Date Submitted Thu. Nov. 7th, 2013 4:13 AM
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Tags fiber | joint | optic | ring | rotary | slip
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Conductive slip ring Item recommendation:

1 fiber optic slip ring
LPFO optical slip ring
Fiber Optic Rotary Joint is often a slip ring slip ring in certainly one of the standard mixture of conductive slip ring , which could possibly be multi -mode fiber channel , single channel , or mixed . The solution can attain two reasonably rotating mechanism with the photoelectric signal ( information or photos, and so forth. ) from the transmission , is widely utilized in security , military , marine and electrical equipment.

2.A series Mercury Slip Ring
Mercury slip ring using a particular sealing, insulation and electric technology is produced to have great conductive properties of mercury as a carrier , the conductive ring structure is compact , tough , no maintenance . Mercury slip ring single-channel current can attain 7500A or higher. Its operating life generally can reach 100 million turn more than , but by the working temperature , speed and use a larger impact on the atmosphere .

Slip ring misunderstanding:

Explosive electrical equipment waterproof great deal of people assume , explosion -proof slip ring has been able , because of its shell to stop potentially explosive gas in to the interior , the sealing performance need to be excellent , to stop rainwater from getting into the installation inside the outdoor open air use need to be no difficulty . In fact, this is confusing explosion -proof inside the form of slip ring and shell protection grade two ideas. Explosion -proof slip ring in line with their several principles into various proof type . Explosion-proof slip ring possessing to withstand an internal explosion of an explosive gas mixture stress and avoid internal explosion explosive mixture surrounding the enclosure housing the electrical transmission equipment . Obviously , the proof enclosure rating performance has nothing at all to accomplish with all the national typical of its enclosure rating no special specifications, as long as the motor and low-voltage electrical enclosure protection class requirements is usually, but its shell material and mechanical strength have been strict requirements.

It could be observed , not all slip ring to stop explosion of gas or water in to the interior , such proof can not be mounted directly around the slip ring outside open spaces, water can not wash the casing. The reality is, the device is completely waterproof enclosure class of its selection , ordinarily applied outdoors can avert rain water proofslip ring housing degree of protection ought to reach IPX5 ( ie, capable to withstand ** from all directions with no water ) , so the Obtain proof slip ring must also proposed enclosure rating specifications, an additional point to note will be the proof for outdoor slip ring ought to be corrosion-resistant .
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