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Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 31st, 2013 2:44 AM
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January of this year to 11 months, the machinery industry to achieve a slow recovery , moderate growth and steady development . According to the China Machinery Industry Federation expects 2013 operating speed mechanical industrial economy will be higher than in 2012 . Among them, 12% higher than expected sales growth , profit growth is expected to be greater than sales growth , export growth is expected in the amount of about 5 %. 2014 , the machinery industry is expected to maintain steady growth trend.

11 months before the steady growth of the machinery industry

Into the fourth quarter, the mechanical industrial added value growth for three consecutive months already higher than the national industrial growth . January - November , machinery industrial added value growth of 10.7 %, higher than the national industry a hundred points , which in November was 13.9 percent , 3.9 percentage points higher than the national industry .

January to 11 March, the National Bureau of Statistics released 64 kinds of major industrial products, machinery production to achieve an increase of 40 kinds of products , accounting for 52.5% ; production fell 24 kinds of products , accounting for 37.5% .

Mechanical products price index is still low levels. Since the beginning of this year , the price index of industrial machinery continue to follow the trend of last year's downturn . From January 2012 to November of this year , industrial machinery month price index and the price index has accumulated 22 consecutive months below 100 %. Machinery Industrial price index in November was 98.8 percent, up 0.2 percentage points higher than in October ; January - November cumulative 98.6% , and unchanged from January to October .

Accumulated investment growth stabilized, November fluctuations . January - November , the machinery industry investment in fixed assets totaled 3.65 trillion yuan , an increase of 17.45% , a slight decrease of 0.29 percentage points higher than in January - October ( 17.74% ) , the situation was stabilized . November machinery industry investment grew 15.85 percent , down 10.47 percentage points from the October increase ( 26.32% ) , volatile.

Still lower than the country's foreign trade import and export growth . January to October , total imports and exports machinery industry $ 550 billion , an increase of 1.88% , an increase of 0.9 percentage points from January to September . Compared with the country's foreign trade in January - October import and export of machinery industry growth rate of 1.88% , 5.72 percentage points lower than the national foreign trade . Among them, the export growth rate of 4.62 percent , 3.18 percent lower than the national foreign trade ; import growth fell 1.34 percent , 8.64 percentage points lower than the national foreign trade .

Affected by the decline in imports , the trade surplus continued to widen. January - October , machinery industry total $ 59.36 billion trade surplus ( last year was $ 53.99 billion ) , the surplus is growing rapidly. Among them, agricultural machinery , engineering, office paper , petrochemical , heavy , electrical , machine parts and other seven industries total $ 97.821 billion surplus , internal combustion engines , instrumentation , heavy , food packaging machinery , automobiles, other six industries total $ 38.463 billion deficit .

Machinery industry will remain stable next year the main tone

China Machinery Industry Federation expects overall demand in 2014 will remain tight in the machinery industry , the development of the industry will remain " stable ," the main tone .

From the economic environment, in 2014 , China will continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy , the use of Forced mechanism continue to adjust the industrial structure. Machinery industry will continue to face domestic run , the situation of weak foreign demand , the growth pressures facing the industry is still large . But from a policy of continuity and stability perspective, mechanical industrial economic operation in 2014 still have the basic conditions remain generally stable , the overall trend in 2013 will continue running smoothly . Meanwhile , industrialization, information technology , urbanization, agricultural modernization to further promote the creation of new consumption and investment demand , expanding international and domestic market space.

From the mechanical industry itself , the impact of its development favorable and unfavorable factors coexist.

Favorable factors: financial costs and interest expenses which dropped significantly increase corporate macroeconomic environment has improved , which is conducive to enterprise financial cost control . Accounts receivable increase sales growth , though still more than the same period , but has ended up settling . This shows that the loan recovery , though still difficult , but the risk of excessive growth are under control. Inventory ( especially finished goods inventory ) increase of less than sales growth over the same period , has been reduced to a low level , indicating that "to stock " has achieved remarkable results . This created the conditions for future economic recovery machinery industry .

Unfavorable factors: domestic demand is still insufficient. Product price index this year has been sluggish . Key enterprises in January - October , despite the growth in cumulative orders , but the increase was only 8.58% , indicating that the weak recovery in the domestic market . Export situation is not optimistic , the overall trend is still weak , January - October total export growth of only 4.62 percent . Weakened by the impact of investment-led , heavy engineering , machine tool industry will continue to face market demand situation, the more driven by the automotive industry, the pattern has not changed.

The machine together is expected in 2014 , the machinery industry in the conventional power generation equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, heavy machinery, general machine tools and other sub-sectors will continue to be in demand slump ; high-end machine tools, robots and automated production lines demand will rise ; construction machinery market will has warmed up, the ups and downs gradually return to normal ; automobile and farm machinery sales growth will gradually decline , but large-scale high-end market will more prosperous agricultural products .

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Electrical Rotary Joint

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
Date Submitted Sun. Dec. 29th, 2013 2:27 PM
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The color-coded lead wires of miniature slip rings are provided on both the rotor and stator to allow simplified electrical connections. Meanwhile,the gold-gold contact ensures the resistance very low. JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer in industrial slip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your needs. We have also collaborated with Consortium of Industry including Military Industry and Universities in China.

Pan Cake Slip Rings http://www.electricslipring.com/
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The through bore slip rings is specially designed for through bore hydraulic or pneumatic
rotating shaft installation, different configures of circuits and Amps meet your demand totally Option: Gold plated rings; Flange is optional; Advanced multi-contacting ensures reliable operation with low friction.

JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer in industrial slip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your needs. We have also collaborated with Consortium of Industry including Military Industry and Universities in China.

See the official website: Through Hole Slip Rings http://www.electricslipring.com
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Fiber optic slip ring is an advanced technology fiber optic communications industry , to meet the needs of unrestricted rotation transmission fiber channel 360 , with fast transfer rates , large transmission capacity , little affected by the environment , anti-electromagnetic interference , etc., in harsh environments durable no contact , no friction , long life, up to 10 million turn over fiber signal transmission , no leaks , no electromagnetic interference ; may be several hundreds of kilometers long-distance transmission network applications , in some fields can replace multiple power signal transmission, can be used as stand-alone devices , can also be composed of photoelectric composite slip ring , its modular product interface meets the requirements of the communication standard , very easy to install and use . Due to small size, stable performance, high precision , application of fiber slip ring can be compressed space occupied by the whole system to a certain extent , improve space utilization , but also promote the upgrading of the whole system . Its with pressure compensation , good sealing performance , can provide optoelectronic integrated rotary connector .

Slip rings , multi- use in being versatile, high-performance , high-precision , high-end multi- continuous rotation exercise our powers of industrial electrical equipment or sophisticated electronic equipment , such as: aerospace equipment , radar, communications equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment , metallurgical equipment , mining equipment, cable equipment, play equipment , display devices, smart cameras, chemical reactors, crystal furnace , wire stranding machines , windmills , robotic , robotics , shield, revolving door, meter, model aircraft, special vehicles, special ships, etc. . Slip ring provides reliable energy and signal transmission solutions for complex mechanical and electrical equipment for these sports . You can also say : slip ring , is a sign of advanced intelligent sports equipment.
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December 11 , undertaken by China North Industries Group North Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, CASE wheel loaders armor modification project successfully passed the acceptance , after the modified loader full protection of troops sent .

Acceptance Group heard a CASE wheel loaders armor modification research report on the work carried out for the appearance of modified vehicles , electrical appliances and other tests , its operating performance was real vehicle test and inspection and acceptance of all technical documents, including the size of the pattern , test reports, quality records and other relevant information. The Group believes that : After design , engineering , prototype vehicle prototype , batch conversion , etc., completed the development of the content of the contract , to the technical specifications of the contract ; through the appearance of modified vehicles , appliances, operating performance and other on-site inspection , its performance to meet the technical requirements ; accordance with the quality management system requirements for the completion of each stage of the assessment , the whole process controlled , relevant technical documents traceability records have provided complete and meet the standardization requirements. Acceptance Group agreed that the project approved.

CASE wheel loaders material modification project is the first hospital in the project on a turnkey basis for heavy construction machinery carried armor modifications, changes in leaps and bounds from providing components to provide vehicle protection program design, engineering modification, maintenance and support services package enhance the technical status of the material hospital , market position , forming a new economic growth point. The success of the project , breaking the blockade of the West of protection technology , to fill the gap and meet the needs of the armed forces , has important significance.

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The so-called slip ring , is responsible for the rotator connectivity , energy and transport electrical components of the signal. According to the transmission medium to differentiate , into slip ring slip ring , slip ring fluid , smooth ring . Also referred to as the popular "spin connectivity " or " spin pass ."
Slip ring is usually installed in the center of rotation of equipment, mainly by both rotating and stationary parts. Rotating structure and the rotating part of the connection device along the rotational movement , called " rotor" , the energy of the fixed structure connected to a stationary part of the device , is called " the stator ."
So how do you choose the right model it according to their needs ? We must understand the types of slip rings , can generally be divided into cap- Series ( hat can generally be used by outside diameter divided : ¢ 22mm, ¢ 12.5mm, ¢ 7.9mm), separated from the stator and the rotor separate series , hollow shaft series ( hollow shaft inside diameter can be used generally divided into : ¢ 12mm, ¢ 25mm, ¢ 38mm, ¢ 50mm), high current series , there are restrictions on the height of the disc series , high-frequency series , fiber optic line, high-speed series, mercury series slip rings and so on. Which hat with hollow shaft series most widely used. In addition, we also understand some important technical parameters such as: channel number , rated current , rated voltage, speed , Humidity , protection, insulation resistance, dynamic resistance , torque , with these parameters can provide the product according to the manufacturer select the appropriate product model , if not the same model parameters, can tell manufacturers to customize their requirements right products . For example : I am looking for a ten- channel , six passing power current, rated current is 25A, four passing signal is a video signal monitor , rated voltage of 380V, the rotation speed of 250 rev / min , requiring length 2000mm, slip ring requirements inside diameter ¢ 38mm, outer diameter ¢ 90mm, mounted indoor use. Slip ring manufacturers can customize the appropriate slip ring provided under these conditions .
Date Submitted Tue. Dec. 17th, 2013 2:42 AM
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Today, the domestic industry, the slip ring field , grain production slip ring Pei quality and life are in the leading position, but Division I is an extremely innovative and pioneering spirit of the High-Tech Enterprise , never satisfied with the existing state and stop forward . Here, in order to further improve and enhance the life of the slip ring and use its best efforts to reach the world level, our R & D center has experienced continuous exploration and specializes in up to a year , and finally the successful completion of a comprehensive in March 25, 2012 the slip ring major process improvement projects, namely the core critical Tonghuan finish processing and control of new technology . Our quality department through repeated testing and validation , use and improve the life of the brass ring slip ring reached a higher level, almost 2-3 times more than the same product in the same industry life ( Figure ) . This significant improvement not only further consolidate the strong position of China as a crystal Peiindustrial slip rings leader , it is marked Pei Jing slip ring towards the ranks of the world level .

Industry Tonghuan finish

Jing Pei Tonghuan finish

" Excellence, innovation ; full participation, customer satisfaction" is crystal Pei has been struggling with the forward momentum . The brass ring finish to further improve our commitment to provide customers with one of the most powerful witness quality slip rings . We are constantly improving the production process and management model , to become the most trusted and most reliable slip ring supplier. Pei Jing customers choose , they choose a high -quality conductive slip ring , choose a cost-effective service , while also choose the most effective quality assurance.
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Macroeconomic factors affecting machinery and equipment industry :
Increase in accounts receivable and bad debt rate increased problems caused by aggressive sales in 2014 are expected to basic relief, but the problem of high ownership will make the industry in the next two to three years remain under pressure
2014 GDP and M2 remained stable , macro-level industry opportunities hard to find , but the opportunity exists plate in subdivision
Urbanization will be a new emphasis on the development of small towns and small cities is expected to increase infrastructure investment efforts and promote the growth of earthmoving machinery
Development of the logistics industry, the construction of the new logistics parks and industrial upgrading existing parks are pushing up demand for forklifts
Concrete Machinery excessive trapped in troubled tenure , in 2014 hardly a surprise performance
With the slowdown in demand for coal in coal machinery industry entered a stable period , the pursuit of business growth you need to change on their own
Change can bring a breakthrough :
In addition to the macro , the company 's own strategic plan will determine the company's ability to stand out from the industry
To expand their business in different areas where we can be optimistic about the blue ocean areas and can give full play to their advantages of the company into the field
Overseas Market Development focuses on changes in market positioning, the transition from the low-end market to rely on cheap price and quality of both the mid-market
After restricting the development of the market in the short term profitability of the market and consumption habits and other factors affected the market and not quickly improved, but to enhance the customer experience and market share have great help, in the long run , it is the future trend
Picking logic:
Choose a clear breakdown of the short-term sector growth companies , recommend the Chinese Dragon (3339 HK)
Choose the initiative to expand their business in the field of long-term efforts to improve product quality and brand image, and actively carry out post- market business of the company, recommended Trinity International

collector rings slip ring connector Capsule Slip Rings
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The mercury slip rings are used for ant kind of rotating objects of signals like micro voltage,
current,EMF,thermo couple,strain gauge,audio,video,high frequency etc and electric power connections.

The JINPAT rotating electrical connectors are using the special insulation, sealing, and conductive technologies. The out case material is the aluminum alloy or stainless steel. They are used for any kind of rotating objects of signals like micro voltage, current, EMF, thermo couple, strain gauge, audio, video, high frequency etc and electric power connections. All types can fill CE RoHS liquid metal, please contact us for details.

Main Application
# Spinning LED sign board
# Wind Turbines
# Electro plating line
# Power connection
# Resistors cutting machine
# Speed dome camera
# Package machine
# Heating roller
# Laminating
# Wind machine
# Rotary stage
# Cable wheel
# Circa knitting machine
# Coloring device
# Robots
# Rotary lamp box
# Medical Equipments
# Index table for signal and power connection

# NON C Mercury Slip Ring CE RoHS Meets Liquid Metal
# Very low electrical noise
# Very low contact resistance (Less than 1mΩ)
# No maintenance and better reliability then traditional Slip rings
# Suitable for signal and power transfer of rotating devices or instruments

About us

JINPAT Electronics is a leading manufacturer in industrialslip rings. We commit ourselves to the development, designing and manufacturing of different types of high quality slip rings for a vast variety of applications. We provide standard products as well as customized products according to your needs. We have also collaborated with Consortium of Industry including Military Industry and Universities in China.
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Between winter months , gradually cold weather covering everything works continue possibilities. Most projects have been suspended, until the next spring when the outbreak . But eighteen convening of the Third Plenary Session , as well as downstream investment growth again raised the industry's confidence. In fact, all the recent dynamic show that the construction machinery industry is moving toward warmer on the road, coming into the warm breezes , is when the period of construction machinery resurgence .

October excavator industry marketing chain pairs up with

Industry data show that in October 2013 excavator industry sales 7537 units, up 23.7% , growth of 8.9%. 1-10 month cumulative sales of 97,935 units excavators , down 6.6% , compared with a decline of 8.4% 1-9 months narrowed 1.8 percentage points. From the product structure , Oct. big dig , digging , digging a small rose 57 percent , respectively , 15.6%, 30.2%. January to October , an increase of 3.1% in small dug , dug , dug a large drop of 4.0% year on year and 36.8% . Geographically, October excavator exports grew by 17.2% , domestic sales grew by 26.5% . Eastern and western regions , respectively, which achieved 40.9% and 29.1% growth , the central region rose 9.6%. January-October exports fell 0.3 percent excavators , domestic sales fell 6.3%. Flat year on year in the eastern , central, western , respectively, year on year decline of 12.6% and 6.5% respectively . Industry experts expect the excavator industry is expected to achieve annual sales of 115,000 units. It is reported that in September , the main products of construction machinery industry grew 11.16 percent of total sales , sales of construction machinery products has shown a steady upward trend.

October manufacturing PMI rose to 51.4% in 18 -month high

Reporters recently learned from the National Statistics website , in October 2013 , China 's manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 51.4 percent, up 0.3 percentage point rise for four consecutive months , for the 18 months since a new high . National Bureau of Investigation Services , Senior Statistician Zhao Qing River, said that China's manufacturing economy continued steady for the better , but the production and operation of small and micro enterprises still faced with many difficulties , to effectively implement the State Council to promote small and micro enterprise development measures further reinforce the stability of the economy to the good foundation.

Three quarters of macroeconomic market recovery

Recently, the Bureau of Statistics released data show that three quarters of China's GDP grew by 7.8% , growth of 2.2% ; September above-scale industrial added value increased 10.2% from January to September the national scale industrial added value increased by 9.6% the growth rate accelerated 0.3 percentage points over the first half . Three quarters of macroeconomic rebound quickly , to achieve annual economic growth target laid a good foundation.

Construction machinery industry fundamentals have not improved annual results sharply probability. However, the steady growth of national policy on the development impact of the construction machinery industry is gradually emerging , long-term stable macroeconomic environment is to be expected , the construction machinery industry will gradually become stable development. In fact, our recent high-speed rail , highways, railways, urban rail transit and municipal construction and other fields positive constant , demand for construction machinery provided some support. Expected future construction machinery market not continue to fall gradually modest recovery will be the development trend .

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