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In present time market is full of so many android TV boxes and all the manufacturers of these TV boxes would claim themselves as the best in this domain. Although, you can get the best TV watching experience only with few of theseDual Core Android TV Box Blu-ray 3D HD Player and you can do it only if you chose your TV box wisely. I do not understand this selection is not easy for many people. That¡¯s why I am sharing few tips in this article that can help you in its wiser selection.

Multiple connectivity option: When you select a Dual Core Android TV Box for your entertainment, then make sure you buy it only if you get a number of connectivity option with your devices and with internet. That means you should be able to connect it with internet using Wi-Fi, Lan and USB dongle as well. Other than this, you should also get HDMI and other connectivity option for your TV as well.

Latest android version TV Box Blu-ray 3D: If you have some older version of it, then also you will not get any issue with it. But if you are paying for a new one, then it is a good idea to buy one that comes with most advanced version of android. This latest version will give you an assurance of compatibility with all the latest apps and you will be able to get the best entertainment with it.

Picture quality: Buying a TV Box Blu-ray 3D with poor picture quality is of no use and if you will buy it then you will not get the desired entertainment from it. So, at the time of its purchase I would strongly recommend you to pay attention on the picture quality and if you feel any doubt on it, then prefer not to buy it.

NewNow XBMC Media Stream Android 4.2 Digital Player HDMI M6 Smart TV Box

Good hardware configuration: Without a good hardware configuration any NewNow TV Box may not give you the best performance. That¡¯s why it is necessary that you buy at least a dual core TV box. Along with this, it should have at least 1GB of ram and a lot of storage in it so you can enjoy the best TV watching experience from it.

In addition to all these things, it is also recommend that you pay attention on its brand as well and you buy it from a seller that has good reputation in the market in this field. Also, if possible pay attention on cost as well and buy it after comparing the price from few manufacturers or sellers.

For more information about NewNow TV Box Blu-ray 3D,please go to
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A smart TV box is a digital media receiver that can access photos, videos, audios and many other contents from the internet from an internet connected apps optimized for the TV. Some advanced smart TV boxes have web browsers, which allow you to surf the web and search for any content that you want. You can also access web content through connected devices in a home network like through your phone or computer. The smart TV box then sends the content to display on a connected HDTV or it can play over an audio system that is connected.

Features that make a good Smart TV box

Simple to connect and set up

You will want a box that easy connect and set up especially if your TV is old.

Easy to use Electronic program guide (EPG)

All smart TV boxes have an EPG. The on-screen menu that allows you to access program listings as well as select channels. You will want a smart TV that has a layout that is simple to navigate and easy to read.

Easy access to smart TV features

Some smart TV boxes allow you to connect to the internet through your broadband to access catch up TV such as BBC iPlayer and stream live TV. This will turn an old TV to a smart TV at an affordable cost.

Flexible viewing

This is another feature of a Android TV box that you should look out for. Some boxes offer PVR (personal video recorder) functionality. This feature is very handy if you want to enjoy flexible viewing. It lets you record your favorite program, pause as well as rewind live TV.

Other features to look out for in a smart TV box include:

Good content; ensure that the smart TV box you choose offers the services you want and that they are accessible

It should have either cabled or wireless internet connection if not Wi-Fi

It should have the ability to connect to the home network. Some smart TV boxes will allow you to connect wireless to other devices like phone and computer.


When you go out shopping for an HDMI M6 Smart TV Box, do not settle for a cheap one. Most cheap products end up being expensive in the long run. Also, make sure that the manufacturer of the box you choose is reputable. You can ask a friend to recommend to you the best smart TV box in the market to avoid making mistakes.

NewNow XBMC Media Stream Android 4.2 Digital Player HDMI M6 Smart TV Box

For more information about NewNow Smart TV Box,please go to
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Tags Accessories | Audio | box | home | Internet | tv
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A media streamer is a network connected device that can play media from a home network or hard drive and can also stream the content from the internet. In general, the media that you play music, images or videos are stored outside the media player and this device will play the file from its source wirelessly. This means that you can stream from online sites such as YouTube, Amazon and Hulu or you can connect to your home network that consist of a computer, tablet, hard drive or the media server.

Media streamers come in different quality and sizes and each person has their own preference. It is therefore important to know the features to look for when choosing an Internet TV box. These features to consider include:


It may sound elementary but the connectivity comes first. Without good connectivity, there will be little hope of transmitting video successfully from the streaming device to the TV. Most video streamers in the market include HDMI connectivity. Some models have audio connections and component connections. You will also find a range of models that enable wireless video streaming.

Being able to support different file formats is also very important. This is because there are so many video file formats and codes. Therefore, choose a media streamer that is able to handle the most popular video formats. This is the best way to make sure that your video library is supported.

The network support that is included in the Home Audio Accessories of your choice is also very important. Network support is quite different from connectivity. A good media streamer has an Ethernet port to enable you connect to the network. The media streamers in the market today also provide a wireless network support to give users hands-free operation.


Choose a media streamer that is easy to use and navigate with a natural interface. The media streamer should also have a user friendly and customizable navigation bars and menus. Also, ensure that the remote of the media streamer you choose responds easily. You do not want a remote control that fails to change a video when you want to. An easy network set-up is also important.

You may also consider choosing a NewNow media streamer that supports popular online services and subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix. The unit should also provide content availability for the online sites

Availability of on demand movie subscription sites is an added advantage.

For more information about TV Box,please go to
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Tags 3D | android | blu-ray | box | core | dual | HD | Player | tv
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NewNow is Comming up with a New Dual Core Android TV Box Blu-ray 3D HD Player

I have been using battery bank and USB drives from NewNow since a long time and if rumors are true, then they are going to launch a TV box as well. Well at this time I do not have any confirmed news or information for the same, but on the basis of leaked information I can say that it will have following features in their TV box.

Android OS: If I can trust on the leaked information then I can say that it will be an Android TV box. That means this NewNow TV box will have android as its operating system and this will give you liberty to have multiple apps as well that can allow you to enhance your TV watching experience in a great manner. Talking about android version, I cannot give you any exact information for the same but I am hoping that this TV box will have latest version in it.

Blu ¨CRay, HD, 3D: With the current information that I have with me, I can say it will be a Dual Core Android TV Box Blu-ray 3D HD Player. That means it will allow the viewers to watch the TV in high definition, blu-ray and 3D as well. Other that this, I am also very much sure that it will have recording capacity in it and people will be able to record their programs easily using this TV box.

High processing speed: As we said it will be a smart TV Box but it can do it all only with great processing power, so I am sure that it will have a dual core processor in it. Other than this, it will also have some good ram in it and this high processing speed and ram will allow users to get the best TV experience from this TV box with no extra problem.

Affordable budget: Along with all the other great things I am also very much sure and confident that this TV Box Blu-ray 3D from NewNow will come in affordable budget only. Here, I can say this because I have used other products from them and I got them all in a nice budget. So, I have a solid reason to believe this and now I am just hoping that we will get it as per expectation.

Other than these common features it may have so many other features as well, but I cannot share that information with you as I don¡¯t have it with me. But this is an assurance that as soon as I will get more details about this TV Box Blu-ray 3D, I will share the details with you without any delay.

For more information about TV Box,please go to
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Tags Cables | circuit | flexible | FPC | printed | tv
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Related links: TV cables,FPC cables, flexible printed circuit

It's reported in Taizhou, China that New Century launches their latest super huge TV , with a 1467.2mm high and 2526mm wide big screen. In addition to its huge bulk, it has a 3840¡Á2160 resolution.

According to the R&D general manager of New Century Optronics Company, Mr. Cao's representation, frequently-seen common household televison is generally 32 inch, 42 inch or even 55 inch wide. However, this super huge TV they developed and manufactured is not only the largest in its bulk, but also is remarkable for its integration of advanced technologies.

New Century, undoubtedly, is a very promising up-rising star among the optronics industry. Since they produced their first televison in 2008, they are capable of producing more than 6 million televisons, more than 6 million computers (all kinds of tablets) annually. Now they become a large-scale enterprise group. As the production is getting larger in the past few years, New Century start to aim at worldwide technical problems. In this way, New Century make every effort to gain high-end product marketing shares.

" Last year, over 150 technical developers were summoned, working together with all dedication, eventually, the largest LCD TV has come into being!", said Mr. Cao, with pride.
" This big model of TV will be used in video and telephone conferences. We might put it installed in some high-class villas as well." added Mr. Cao.

Although this screen is the biggest, its resolution and definition is the same as some delicate small LCD screen. Only few electromagnetic waves come from driving circuit.
This TV is non-radiative. On account of the flexible printed circuit that's been put by advancedFPC manufacturer, electomagnetic waves are successfully prevented from leaking outside. Faults like screen flicker will not occur when FPC safeguards the TV's operation stably. Users will not feel any visual fatigue this way. FPC is designed to be of high reliability£¬high density£¬ high stability and durability, moreover, FPC is light in weight£¬thin in thickness and small in size.

"When we participated in the American CES Exhibition, it's astonishing that many customers expressed their purchase on site," siad Mr. Cao. " However, screen of such kind is still our short-run production. We plan to increase the production soon," added Mr. Cao.

For more information about FFC cables, FPC cables, LVDS screen cables, electrical enclosures, log on
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Tags boxes | fm | transmisores | tv
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Cuando se sac¨® el saco negro de ¡°CQC¡± muchos apostaban a que Pergolini no pod¨ªa vivir sin hacer televisi¨®n. Cuando muchos desafiaban a que se iba a quedar con Rock & Pop, Mario peg¨® un portazo y decidi¨® poner en marcha su ¨²ltima creaci¨®n: Vorterix Rock. Aquel joven rebelde que cambi¨® el rumbo de la televisi¨®n con ¡°La Tev¨¦ Ataca¡± es uno de los pocos que mantiene su palabra y que decidi¨® poner en marcha una innovaci¨®n en el mundo audiovisual que incluye una costosa plataforma virtual que soporta a 400 mil usuarios ¨²nicos y tv boxes en alta definici¨®n en streaming con m¨¢s de 500 mil. El concepto es el que viene manteniendo Pergolini desde sus comienzos: difusi¨®n al g¨¦nero del rock.
¿C¨®mo te sent¨ªs personal y profesionalmente? Se te nota c¨®modo fuera de la tele hace ya un tiempo. Contame tus sensaciones.
La verdad que bien. Haberme ido de la tele fue mi decisi¨®n y con este año de Vorterix, estamos contentos, nos fue bien, la radio ya es una de las 3 ¨® 4 de mayor repercusi¨®n. No ponemos medici¨®n pero lo sabemos de alguna forma por mediciones privadas que hacemos. En Internet, lejos somos el stream m¨¢s escuchado del pa¨ªs. Es casi como tener un canal.
Me imagino tambi¨¦n la responsabilidad, ¿no?
S¨ª, lo que pasa es que al no tener c¨®digos televisivos, es mucho m¨¢s relajado. Hemos crecido mucho al desarrollar nosotros mismos tecnolog¨ªas para celulares. Dentro de poco, vamos a estar saliendo en Smart Tv con la aplicaci¨®n y ya ni siquiera vas a necesitar una computadora. Van a poder verlos en HD, sin sat¨¦lite, sin cable, sin TDA, sin nada.
¿C¨®mo hacen para tener esos avances tecnol¨®gicos? En ese aspecto sacan ventaja¡­
Bueno, primero es que yo soy muy inquieto tecnol¨®gicamente, me gusta la tecnolog¨ªa y el proyecto este fue encarado, m¨¢s que nada, desde un lado tecnol¨®gico. Entonces ah¨ª siempre gano un año o dos de ventaja.
¿Por qu¨¦ no est¨¢ dentro de las mediciones de IBOPE?
Porque nuestra mirada est¨¢ en explicarle a nuestros clientes que somos aplicaciones, que estamos en nuevas pantallas. Cuando tenemos un concierto, cuando tenemos programaci¨®n, le mostramos a la gente cu¨¢nta gente est¨¢ viendo, cu¨¢nta gente est¨¢ escuchando, cu¨¢nto tiempo est¨¢ escuchando, en qu¨¦ resoluci¨®n lo ven¡­ De alguna forma, estoy evangelizando para los pr¨®ximos años. Algunos me dicen: ¡®bueno, pero sigamos con la vieja usanza¡¯. Yo les digo que no, que para m¨ª la radio es como un ¡®commodity¡¯ (NdeR: producto comercial). Adem¨¢s de todo esto, ten¨¦s la radio que es una bocha de gente. Pero nuestra puesta est¨¢ ac¨¢. De seguir as¨ª, dentro de unos años, no va a tener sentido tener radios con antenas, transmisores fm, que salen fortunas.
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Android 4.1 Dual Core TV Box Multimedia Player Mini PC with WiFi/HDMI (CPU RK3066 1.6GHz RAM 1GB NAND Flash 4GB)
android tv box Product Features:
Android TV box is the newest generation of multimedia player and home multimedia center which is the best way for you to enjoy network life
Based on Android 4.1 system in the box which enables many applications
Powered by the latest dual-core RK3066 CPU
Built-in DDRIII 1GB of memory, along with 4GB of NAND-Fast flash storage
Support full HD 1080P video decoding and output
Supports high speed of WiFi for network applications
Supports external devices including USB flash, Micro SD or TF cards
Supports Micro SD/T-Flash memory card & expandable up to 32GB(TF memory card NOT included)
Supports plays Full HD 720P & 1080P HD videos
Mini size, easy to carry
Product Specifications:
OS: Android 4.1
Chipset: RK3066 Cortex-A9 Dual-core ARMv7 Processor
GPU renderer: Mali-400 MP
GPU Version: OpenGl ES 2.0
Memory: DDRIII 1GB
Storage: 4GB NAND Flash
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android tv box 100 Box IPTV HTPC with WiFi/ HDMI/ Bluetooth
Android 4.0 OS TV Box IPTV HTPC with WiFi/ HDMI/ Bluetooth (CPU RK2918 1.0GHz
android tv box 100 Product Features:
Android TV box is the newest generation of multimedia player and home multimedia center which is the best way for you to enjoy network life
Based on Android 4.0 system in the box which enables many applications including web browser, watch HD (1080P) video online, chat on Skype or QQ, and play interactive game on TV
RK2918 CPU provides ultra quick speed
1GB DDRIII for seamlessly multi-task
4GB internal memory plus TF slot to expand storage
Support full HD 1080P video decoding and output
Support the latest HTML5, Flash11.1, etc, network standard
Supports high speed of WiFi for network applications
Supports 2.4GHz wireless mouse, keyboard and flying remotes
Supports external devices including USB flash, USB hard disk, Micro SD or TF cards
Supports Micro SD/T-Flash memory card & expandable up to 32GB(TF memory card NOT included)
Product Specifications:
Language: Support multiple languages
OS: Android 4.0.4
CPU: RK2918 Cortex-A8 ARMv7 processor 1.0GHz
GPU renderer: GC800
GPU Version: Open GL ES 2.0
Storage: 4GB NAND Flash
Date Submitted Wed. May. 22nd, 2013 6:43 AM
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Tags android | box | tv
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IR RC Android 2.3.4 Mini TV Box HD 1080P Network Media Player with WiFi
android tv box Product Features:
Make your TV to be an Android PC
Features Full HD 1080P and Android 2.3 operating system
Two USB ports included, supports keyboard and mouse simultaneously
The high-speed USB 2.0 interface supports "hot plugging"
You can use this player to browse the files stored on your USB host or memory card
It supports portable memory drives, TF card and USB hard disks
Could download any software which you like
Also could enjoy internet video, music, internet chat, view pictures, etc.
For convenience, a remote control is provided
Remote controller powered by 2 x AAA batteries (Battery Not included)
Product Specifications:
Product Type: Network media player (TV box)
Operating System: Android 2.3.4
CPU: Allwinner A10
NAND Flash: 4GB
Expansion Memory: Supports TF card up to 32GB (Micro SD/T-Flash memory card NOT included)
Expansion Storage: Supports USB flash drive up to 32GB via USB 2.0 jack
Network Connection: Built-in WiFi module, support WiFi, IEEE802.11b/g/n
Audio Format: Support MP3, ACC, OGG, WMA, WAV, M4A, APE
Video Format: Support MKV, TS, TP, M2TS, RM/RMVB, BD-ISO, AVI, MPG, VOB, DAT, ASF, TRP, FLV
Video Decoding: Support Mpeg1/2/4,H.264,VC-1,Divx,Xvid,RM8/9/10,VP6
Video Output: Support HDMI 1.3 output, and support 1920*1080P, 720P, 576P, 480P video output
Image Format: Support JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PEG
Date Submitted Fri. May. 10th, 2013 8:30 AM
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Tags 100 | android | box | tv
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720P HD Media Centre R
android tv box 100 Product Features:
Now you can play multimedia files stored on your SD/ MC card directly on TV
Share the download movie together with family member
Instead of watching it yourself on computer monitor
High video decoding up to 720P
Supports file copy, delete, move and rename
Supports USB 2.0 PC connect, and can be used as card reader
You can enjoy your HD multimedia contents on your large HDTV
Supports a wide variety of video, audio and image formats
Easy-to-use button keys and full functional IR remote controller
RC is powered by CR2025 button cell (include)
Mini portable size, easy to use and store
Sockets and ports: USB + YPbPr + AV + SD/ MMC
Supported video format: RM/ RMVB/ MPG/ AVi/ VOB/ DAT
Supported audio format: MP3/ WMA/ WAV
Supported image: BMP/ GIF/ JPG
Memory card slot supports up to 16GB
Host Size (L x W x T): 110 x 80 x 26 mm
RC Size (L x W x T): 140 x 45 x 15 mm
Gross Weight: 420g
Color: BlackM/ RMVB/ AVI/ MPEG4 TV Player with Remote Control
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